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There are numerous varieties of food franchises we see everywhere. You can get a franchise of a high-end full-service restaurant, a fast-food chain, or even a vending machine. The forecast of National Restaurant Association says that restaurant revenues reached $558 billion in 2008 and expected to grow at 4% every year.

Moreover, research indicates that 83% of consumers want quick service eateries and healthier eating options, 70% want a cuisine that’s not easily duplicated in home kitchens, and 62% says that they’re looking for establishments that are "environmentally friendly",

So don’t take the risk of guessing the right food franchise to startup. Browse through our helpful articles now.

  • Piccadilly Cafeteria Franchise Information
    Business franchising is proven to be an ideal business route that guarantees rapid growth and becoming a franchisor can be one’s automatic ticket to success especially in these challenging times.

  • Oberweis Dairy Franchise Information
    Oberweis Dairy offers premium quality ice cream, sundaes, scoops, shakes and many more. This also provides fresh farm milk on glass bottles and many other dairy products to their loyal and valued customers who definitely love their products.

  • How to Get Schakolad Chocolate Factory Franchise?
    Searching for the most ideal factory franchise? Let this Schakolad Chocolate Factory Franchise information give you amazing business idea to get started with.

  • How to Franchise Siomai Business
    For entrepreneurs, there is nothing wrong in trying new ways to have a business. If you are planning to franchise a siomai business, there are some things that you need to keep in mind. You need to know your business inside and out. The directions given to every franchisee will need to be precise. Business owners are used to running their organization on instinct, making it hard for them to list all the tiny but crucial responsibilities they accomplish daily.

  • Adobo Republic Franchise
    Getting a franchise business is now a popular way of starting a business instead of getting started from scratch. Just like having Adobo Republic franchise, the capital is already fixed and the profits will only differ on how you would handle the franchise.

  • All Aboard Restaurant Franchise Info
    There are lots of things that you need to know if you are interested in All Aboard Restaurant franchise opportunities.

  • Adeetyas Kitchen System Franchise
    Making money through getting a franchise at Adeetyas Kitchen System is very fast and easy. Since it provides reliable support and training, you don’t need to worry about daily operations.

  • Abbott's Frozen Custard Franchise
    If there are businesses that come with consistent high demands, expect that deserts are one of those. This is simply because every person has a sweet tooth. As of now, one of the leading companies in providing sweets is Abbott's Frozen Custard.

  • Abbas Waffle Franchise Information
    Abbas Waffle House is the leading pioneer in the selling of waffles in Istanbul, Turkey. The main business franchise was once located where the Dukkan Burgers stands today. Abbas creates waffles out of everything and anything, which attract consumers.

  • Aamchi Mumbai Vada Pav Franchise Opportunity
    Aamchi Mumbai Vada Pav Franchise is one of the best options for those who want to generate income through snack food carts and services. If you live in India, you already know this food's popularity, especially on the west coast.

  • Aavin Milk Franchise
    One of the booming franchise businesses these days is Aavin Milk Franchise. The demand for Aavin milk products is continuously increasing today.

  • Little Scoops Ice Cream Franchise
    Little Scoops are ice cream retail stores and parlor cafes offering franchise to interested individuals. Likewise, they also provide services during birthday parties, family entertainment and special events that have ice cream parlor motif.

  • Amul Ice Cream Franchise
    With the recent boom in India's ice cream industry, investing in your own Amul Ice Cream franchise will be the most logical thing to do.

  • Panera Bread Franchise
    The Panera bread franchise specializes in cafe style bakeries which live long into the tradition of bringing fresh baked produce to neighborhoods and cities throughout the country, offering the unique opportunity of the business to any interested franchise applicant.

  • Indian Food Franchise
    There are several people that have inkling for Indian Cuisine; luckily there are several available Indian Food Franchises to choose from for those interested entrepreneurs.

  • Opening a Wawa Franchise
    Some people are very particular about what they eat, and that is, making sure that they eat fresh food. That becomes the reason for Wawa, a store that offers fresh foods, to open up a business.

  • Top Fast Food Franchises
    Among all the available franchises in the market, fast food franchises remain as one of the most popular. Everyone needs to get a bite to eat and that is why entrepreneurs usually venture to fast food franchises as their initial business.

  • Food Cart Franchise in Philippines
    Nowadays, food cart franchises are known to be the most popular franchise in the Philippines and it is simple to operate and start up too.

  • Food Franchises in India
    Food franchising business has been becoming known to almost all country, particularly in India.

  • Cost of Chick-fil-A Franchise
    Chick-fil-A is a popular business, is all about boneless chicken. It continues to grow and to give way for many entrepreneurs, especially around the United States and Canada, to have a piece of business coming from them.

  • Health Food Franchises
    Organic food franchising arises from a market place put up by more people buying organic developed products and services.

  • Hooters Franchise Information
    The Hooters franchise is a business all about chicken and theme sports bar. It has gained its international popularity since its first opening in 1983, with a lot of branches not only in the US, but also in other parts of the world.

  • Jamba Juice Franchise Information
    The Jamba brand stands for products that are fun, healthy, energizing, and nutritious.

  • Dunkin Donuts Franchise Cost
    Dunkin donuts is one of the leading coffee and donut sellers in the world since 1950.

  • How much is a KFC Franchise
    KFC or Kentucky Fried Chicken is a popular fast food chain that has molded itself into a popular franchise tycoon as it is well known in the country and throughout the world as a profitable restaurant franchise option.

  • How to Franchise Jollibee
    Whether you in the Philippines or abroad, the fast food chain Jollibee is already well known internationally as one of the most popular food chains in the world, reaping profits for its franchise owners everywhere.

  • Huddle House Franchise Opportunity
    The Huddle house is a family style diner that makes for a great franchise opportunity for any interested entrepreneur that wants to go for financial independence.

  • Kona Ice Franchise
    The Kona Ice franchise offers a mobile tropical flavored ice experience to interested entrepreneurs, popular among kids and adults everywhere.

  • Popeyes Franchise Cost
    Franchises have always been a very popular business option for entrepreneurs and have various costs depending on the franchiser, business owner and several other factors.

  • IHOP Franchise Opportunities
    The IHOP franchise is a popular restaurant franchise that boasts of a 50 year American heritage of great food and excellent service.

  • Subway Franchise Income
    Food franchise such as the Subway franchise usually makes a considerable amount of income because of the credibility and reputation of the restaurant chain.

  • Buying a Burger King Franchise
    Burger King is a franchise company which specializes in selling hamburgers and different kinds of sandwiches. If you want to start a business and you want to be in the fast food industry, Burger King may be the right franchise to start by you.

  • Red Robin Franchise Information
    If you are planning to start your very own business and you want it to be in the food service industry, Red Robin franchise might be the best option there is for you.

  • Smoothie King Franchise Business
    If you want to start a business and if you are into healthy food options then Smoothie King is the right franchise company for you. Smoothie King is popular for its wide array of healthy smoothies.

  • Yogurtland Franchise Information
    Yogurtland is a popular franchise option for those who are interested in selling fresh yogurt to their customers.

  • Taco Cabana Franchise Information
    The Taco Cabana is a restaurant that serves Mexican Style food and is known for its excellent service of fresh and handmade food products that is served in the traditional Mexican way, a perfect franchise opportunity for Mexican food lovers everywhere.

  • Shipley Donuts Franchise Information
    Shipley donuts is a company which sells food at its highest quality. One of the goals of Shipley Donuts is to really provide foods to customers with consistency when it comes to quality.

  • Dixie Lee Franchise Businesscc
    Dixie Lee Fried Chicken is a popular fast food chain that has several restaurants nationally and internationally making it an ideal franchise option.

  • Food Cart Franchising Business
    The food cart type of franchise is a popular option for young entrepreneurs because of its mobility and its overall low start-up costs.

  • How to Open Big City Burrito Franchise
    The Big city burrito opens its doors to the franchising world offering entrepreneurs the opportunity to cater gourmet burritos to the local community of their choice.

  • Backyard Burgers Franchise Information
    Backyard Burgers serves one of kind homemade grilled burgers that are made to order.

  • Buying a Cookies in Bloom Franchise
    Starting a business of your own today may be complicated and full of hassles.

  • Starting a Breadsmith Franchise
    Breadsmith is a franchise company that deals with the production and selling of high quality bread.

  • Coyote Canyon Franchise Information
    Cayote Canyon is a popular all you can eat steak buffet that has a variety of the worlds best steaks, chicken and burgers, all within a low price concept that is sure to get your appetite satisfied.

  • Starting a Camille's Sidewalk Cafe
    The Camille's sidewalk cafe is a hop and trendy restaurant franchise that offers an extensive menu consisting of gourmet pizzas, sandwiches, salads, paninis, wraps and a wide variety of smoothies and coffee.

  • How to Open Carvel Ice Cream Franchise Store
    The Carvel Ice Cream Company began in 1934 and has since established itself as the number one ice cream brand in New York City.

  • Start a Bear Rock Cafe Franchise
    This article discusses Bear Rock Cafe as a good franchise opportunity. Moreover, this also provides a brief overview on the support one will get when he or she decides to start a Bear Rock Cafe.

  • Open an Amato's Franchise
    The Amato’s Real Italian restaurant offers only the best of authentic Italian cuisine with the equally inviting Italian dining experience.

  • Atlanta Bread Company Franchise Information
    This article provides the basic information on Atlanta Bread Franchise Information.

  • Become a Philly Pretzel Franchisee
    Pretzels are popular among all Americans, ranking third among most preferred snacks.

  • Open Bar-B-Cutie Franchise
    Bar-B-Cutie is well known for its famous Baby Back Ribs and has been the world’s best barbeque since 1950. For almost 58 years into the business, it has since expanded from its main branch in Nashville Tennessee through the franchising.

  • Ziiing Frozen Yogurt Franchise Opportunity
    The Ziering Frozen Yogurt franchise is a frozen yogurt shop that serves frozen yogurts manufactured at the site with the selection of several wet and dry toppings, syrups, and sauces.

  • Owning a Repicci's Italian Ice Franchise
    Repicci's Italian Ice is a healthy alternative to ice cream since it has no fat, no dairy and no cholesterol. The franchise is very popular across the country.

  • Starting a Native New Yorker Franchise
    Starting a Native New Yorker franchise is definitely an excellent choice for you who wish to be a successful entrepreneur. Just be dedicated and things will work well for you.

  • Froots Franchise Info
    Smoothies are seen in almost every place and to be different is indeed very important to attract more customers as possible.

  • Mixstirs Franchise Opportunity
    Mixstirs offers beverages, real fruit juices to be specific, that are directed towards to anyone especially to health conscious individuals.

  • Open Freddy’s Frozen Custard Franchise
    With many food chains mushrooming almost everywhere, food industry is indeed a very profitable business to enter.

  • Big Apple Bagels Franchise Info
    Big Apple Bagels has been the No.1 destination for many American consumers since it has started operations in 1993. Its unique taste and approach in its product has made it one of the most successful bakery franchises not only in the US but in other parts of the world.

  • How to Start Blendz Franchise
    Wanting to run your own food business without the hustle on building up its name? Then, franchising Blendz will sure to provide you with the business that you wanted from having an established name in the business, low capital investment, operational and management expertise and even training program for you to get the business started.

  • Owning A Western Sizzlin Franchise
    Western Sizzlin is a popular restaurant that serves their specialty steak together with other entrees in a buffet style. The restaurant is known in all sides of the country.

  • Paciugo Italian Gelato Franchise Info
    Paciugo Italian Gelato is the best Italian gelato making company where you can establish a franchising commitment with.

  • About Salsarita's Fresh Cantina Franchise
    Salsarita's Fresh Cantina is a restaurant serving healthy and fresh Mexican foods.

  • Buy Cefiore Franchise
    Cefiore is a frozen yogurt business that has been patronized by so many customers nationwide.

  • Famous Famiglia Franchise Info
    Famous Famiglia is an excellent performing restaurant that is in need for franchisees that have considerable experience in food and beverage business.

  • How To Start Spicy Pickle Franchise
    Spicy Pickle needs a franchisee with enough general business experience, and great marketing skills.

  • Starting Farmer Boys Franchise
    Farmer Boys is wiling to provide the wonderful benefits to franchisees once they commit to the company. In order for a franchisee to qualify for a franchising unit, he must be able to possess the qualities and requirements the company is looking for.

  • Salad Creations Franchise Opportunity
    Salad Creations is a health-oriented restaurant that serves its customers with fresh ingredients. They are accepting franchisees who are financially stable, in order to start up this business efficiently.

  • Culver Franchise Opportunity
    Culver's franchising opportunity can benefit its franchisees with its founded name and reputation that could ultimately gather you more customers in every place across the country.

  • Start Blimpie Franchise
    Blimpie franchise is a business that is known all over the world. Blimpie has been operating for the last 44 years.

  • Owning Cookies By Design/Cookie Bouquet Franchise
    For a very affordable price, one can own Cookies by Design/Cookie Bouquet franchise, given the completion of qualifications and requirements for a franchisee.

  • Owning a Planet Smoothie Franchise
    Promoting a healthier lifestyle, Planet Smoothie is definitely a growing business. Franchising your own Planet Smoothie is one way to boost your entrepreneurial skills.

  • Starting MaggieMoo’s Franchise
    With over 150 stores across the US, MaggieMoo’s ice cream is certainly families’ favorite. Starting your own MaggieMoo’s franchise will never be difficult for they are to provide NexCen University training program for you to learn the technology involved and the franchising system that will guide you through out the business operations.

  • About Scooter’s Coffeehouse Franchise
    With exceptional coffee experience, the Scooter’s Coffeehouse proved why they are the ahead in the competition.

  • Buy Saladworks Franchise
    Are you prepared to deliver a fan-driven and health-conscious dining? Saladworks has a sensational and trailblazing leadership when it comes to fresh salads.

  • Owning a Kilwin's Chocolates Franchise
    Be a part of a nationwide shop that can provide the best ice cream and confectionery your customers will ever enjoy.

  • Great Harvest Franchise Opportunity
    In Great Harvest Franchise the employees, franchisees and the franchisors shares 1 thing the same the core value of the company to have fun, work fast, create strong exciting and bakeries, bake amazing bread and give generously to others.

  • Become Bruster's Real Ice Cream Franchisee
    Own a franchise of one of the fast growing Ice Cream store—the Bruster’s Real Ice Cream. Secure your investments in their two decade experience of running an ice cream store and be the next successful owner of the Bruster’s Real Ice Cream Store.

  • Open Bevinco Bar Franchise
    If you’re considering having a franchise, why not get Bevinco Bar Franchise? They are a world leading franchise that specializes in profit management for eateries and bars.

  • Owning a Marble Slab Creamery Franchise
    Marble Slab Creamery is one of the popular ice cream stores in the country today. Now, you can also be a part of their successful team by being a part of their franchisee family.

  • How to Start Great American Cookie Franchise
    Do you want to sell the best cookies? Great American Cookies put only the fresh-baked and finest goodies in their store. From one recipe and one store to another the company expanded in malls all over the country while developing a complete line of brownies and cookies.

  • Owning a Nrgize Lifestyle Cafe Franchise
    Do you know people who desire great-tasting and quick food options that will not jeopardize their health and lifestyle? There are a lot of people in this category and you can take advantage of this market by establishing a lifestyle cafe near them.

  • Start Nestle Toll House Cafe Franchise
    Are you looking for a career change or financial freedom? Understand what you need and decide whether franchising is the right business for you.

  • About Surf City Squeeze Franchise
    With more than a hundred franchise units across the country, Surf City Squeeze has definitely risen from a small store to become one of the top smoothie franchises in the country.

  • Wetzel's Pretzels Franchise Opportunity
    Do you want to own a store that sells soft, chewy pretzel and has ingredients like cheese, ham or pesto, and tomato? Starting your own Wetzel's Pretzels Franchise can achieve this goal. That’s why people around the world go crazy over the pretzel concoctions of this store. We can guide you to learn their business plan here.

  • Famous Dave’s Franchise Information
    Famous Dave’s has always been synonymous with the most delicious barbecues. Want to find out how you can acquire a franchise unit? Read on and we’ve got detailed Famous Dave’s franchise information for you here.

  • About Haagen-Dazs Shoppe Franchise
    Haagen-Dazs has a simple philosophy which is to find the finest and purest ingredients worldwide to put into the best ice cream. Do you want to know all about Haagen-Dazs Shoppe Franchise?

  • How to Start Yogen Fruz Franchise
    With today's health conscious market, you can be sure you won't go wrong as you purchase a Yogen Fruz franchise - the fastest growing franchise for frozen yogurts.

  • Starting Melting Pot Restaurants Franchise
    The Melting Pot Restaurant has attained its success since it was built by its early founders. With today’s enormous growth of this business, you can also share the success by being one of the Melting Pot franchisees.

  • About Beef O’Brady’s Franchise
    Do you want to know more about Beef O’Brady franchise? This is an excellent business opportunity that you should not ignore. After all, who could resist good food and excellent service? If you want to invest in a worthy and profitable venture, franchise Beef O’Brady now and be able to make more money.

  • Owning a Juice It Up! Franchise
    You will be very thankful and proud once you have decided owning a Juice It Up! Franchise. Find out about the many reasons why you have to invest on this business!

  • Starting Schlotzsky's Franchise
    The Original sandwich which started the Schlotzsky's success continues to give enjoyment to people together with the restaurants other delectable products.

  • Open Tropical Smoothie Cafe Franchise
    Tropical Smoothie Cafe is one of the leading cafes in the country today with 275 stores and still counting.

  • Dippin' Dots Franchise Info
    Dippin’ Dots “beaded’ ice cream is truly a unique treat for kids and adults giving them a more flavorful and more enjoyable way of eating this sweet dessert.

  • Robeks Fruit Smoothies & Healthy Eats Franchise Information
    Robeks Fruit Smoothies & Healthy Eats has been a successful business that has a knack of serving healthy food and natural fruit shakes that Americans found delight with.

  • Open a Nathan's Famous Franchise
    Nathan’s Famous Franchise has really become famous for entrepreneurs. After all, they’ve got America’s best selling hot dogs.

  • Become an El Pollo Loco Franchisee
    Looking for information on how to become an El Pollo Loco Franchisee? Included on this article is information about El Pollo and learn more on how this restaurant boosts up all throughout the years.

  • Rocky Mountain Chocolate Franchise Information
    Being one of America's 100 Fastest-Growing Small Public Companies is just the beginning. Rocky Mountain Chocolate continues to extend franchise opportunities and information for interested entrepreneurs.

  • Owning a Pita Pit Franchise
    If you feel like being the boss of your own business and earn huge amount of money, owning a Pita Pit Franchise is the answer. Start grabbing the opportunity made available for you now.

  • Opening a Cinnabon Franchise
    Cinnabon is the world's most popular cinnamon bakery which makes this franchise business an ideal venture for entrepreneurs who want to tap the lucrative market of food industry. In terms of business experience, the Cinnabon is quite lenient: it only requires franchisees to have at least a general experience in business and marketing skills to handle a restaurant chain.

  • Starting a McAlister's Deli Franchise
    McAlister's Deli Franchise was founded in the year 1989 and has been into franchising since 1994. The goal of the founder - Don Newcomb was to come up with a "gourmet deli with Southern charm." The total annual sales of the company were about $200 million while the unit sales were about $1.25 million in a year.

  • Buy a Ben & Jerry's Franchise
    Ben & Jerry's are expanding their franchise network across the country. They are seeking either a single-store or multi-unit operators to share in their growth. If you're interested in this franchise, simply follow the next steps and determine if your qualifications and experience will match for their consideration.

  • Buy a Pretzelmaker/Pretzel Time Franchise
    Pretzelmaker/Pretzel Time has been the leading franchisor that makes a significant difference in all of its franchisees who avail themselves of existing franchise rather than starting from scratch.

  • Steps to Start a Qdoba Mexican Grill Biz
    Do you want to start your own Mexican Grill franchise restaurant? At Qdoba Mexican Grill, you will find a winning system and full support in research, site selection, technology, and advertising.

  • Wingstop Restaurants Franchise Information
    Before potential franchisees can acquire license to operation one Wingstop Franchise, he/she should be able to qualify with the company’s set requirements.

  • Hot Stuff Foods Franchising Info
    What is Hot Stuff Foods and why is it a good business venture for you? Hot Stuff Foods is a leading fast-food chain that serves the nontraditional market. It is franchising business that occupies the number 81 position in the Top 500 franchises in the world, which makes it the best business venture for businessmen who want to have an unconventional business format.

  • Starting a Checkers Drive-In Restaurant
    Do you want to be one of the proud owners of the largest double drive-thru chain of restaurants in the country? This guide will help you to start-up a Checkers Drive-In franchise restaurant.

  • Buffalo Wild Wings Franchise Business
    A great concept started 25 years ago and continued to expand today. Do you think Buffalo Wild Wings Franchising Business is a great investment?

  • Owning a Rita's Italian Ice Franchise Business
    A popular brand with a brand tag of "Ice Custard Happiness" has now grown to be one of the biggest ice businesses not only in the US but also all around the world. Rita's Ice has been the way of life to its employees and millions of its valued clients.

  • Chester's Int'l Franchising Business
    If you want to start a Chester's Int'l Franchising Business, you need to know how much would be the total investment and what type of training you would receive. Why would you choose it over other franchises out there?

  • Starting an Auntie Anne's Hand-Rolled Soft Pretzels Store
    Do you want to start your own Auntie Anne's Hand-Rolled Soft Pretzels store? Begin by picking out a good location and securing your franchise license.

  • How to Start a Smoothie King
    Are you looking for the best franchise? Are you afraid of investing your hard-earned money into something that's unproven? Fortunately, you could never go wrong with a Smoothie King store. Find out how this unique concept was discovered and expanded internationally as well. You will also discover the seven steps to become a Smoothie King franchisee.

  • Becoming a Cold Stone Creamery Franchisee
    If you’re a businessman who has a heart for ice cream, then Cold Stone Creamery may be the best business venture for you. This amazingly unique concept has fast become one of the fastest-growing businesses in the US, which can be contributed to its world-class quality. Cold Stone Creamery is good for people who want to have stability and growth in this kind of industry.

  • Dairy Queen Franchise Business Information
    The Dairy Queen is an internationally recognized catering organization and the best business franchisee you could start with. There are a lot of people who have opened up franchisee and by the way it does work.

  • Having Your Own Hardee's Franchise
    If you want to have a franchise in one of the largest and most experiences restaurant team in the US, then Hardee's is the place to go. Present in every state and has over 3, 200 restaurant chains from east coast to west coast, Hardee's can provide you with what you need in the quick-services restaurant market.

  • How to Start a Baskin-Robbins USA Co. Franchise
    One of the best ways to start a business is through franchise investment in Baskin-Robbins USA Co. Based in North America; the company specializes in ice cream and frozen sweets. To date, the company is planning to expand its business franchise in the US by more than 60 stores opening in strategic places across the continent.


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