Owning Cookies By Design/Cookie Bouquet Franchise

For a very affordable price, one can own Cookies by Design/Cookie Bouquet franchise, given the completion of qualifications and requirements for a franchisee.

Cookies by Design was founded in 1983 by Gwen Willhite who serendipitously learned that putting together flowers and cookies will result into a profitable business.

What does Cookies by Design do for business?

Cookies by Design creates cookies and arrange it in such a way to look like a bouquet of flowers. There are several creative designs of bouquets of cookies fit for every occasion and budget. Their products became another way of giving personalized gifts to their client’s loved ones. Each product is personally hand-made by the professional pastry designers and bakers of Cookie by Design. Come 1987, this sweet discovery later established more franchises in different places in United States.

Who is qualified to be Cookies by Design franchisee?

Cookies by design is welcoming interested business-minded individuals across United States to pursue a franchising opportunity with them. A qualified franchisee must have a general business experience. The franchisee will be operating his own franchising business under the name of Cookies by Design that is why they would want to have a person with background knowledge and experience of handling a business. A franchisee must also know several effective marketing skills. Every business needs a feasible marketing plan to grow. If the franchisee is very strategic in terms of advertising, the business will get enough exposure and publicity to acquire as many customers as possible.

Once you’re already a franchisee of Cookies by Design, you are required to employ 5 people to work for your franchise. Cookies by Design do not allow absentee ownership, which means franchisees must the franchise’s operator and owner.

How much will it cost to own a Cookies by Design franchise?

A franchisee must be ready with at least $90,000 up to a maximum of $180,000 as his total investment for the franchise. Upon the contract signing, you are obliged to pay the initial franchising fee of $12,500 up to $35,000. Cookies by Design will get 6% of the franchisee’s sales as its royalty fee.

For how long will the franchising contract last?

The agreement for franchising is valid for 5 years only. But if the franchisee wishes to renew its contract, he is urged to pay a total of 25% of its initial franchising fee.

Is training required from a franchisee?

Training is part of the company’s way of equipping its franchisees with the appropriate business related skills in operating a business under their name. The training consists of thorough hands-on activities that would assist the franchisee for every task he will encounter in the future.

Will the company provide enough support system for its franchisees?

Cookies by Design will provide continuous support for the franchisees. Their assistance for the franchisees is reflected through meetings, newsletters, phone calls, Internet based aids, and on the job visitations.

How will Cookies by Design aid its franchisee in its marketing plan?

Cookies by Design will help the franchisee promote its business through different advertising strategies. Their strategies would come in posters, brochures, fliers, television and radio commercials, Internet based advertisements, and many more.



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