Service Business Ideas

Unique Ideas for Starting a Service Business

In last 5 years, the service industry has gone too far surpassing other fields of businesses. Big IT service companies play a major role in world's economy especially in India, US, Mexico, and the Philippines.

But for small entrepreneurs, technical and highly skilled people, starting a service business is a good career path. Imagine staying at home and waiting for your regular customers to call you because they wanted to have a massage service, or has a broken faucet, is really relaxing. A service business is the best business for small entrepreneurs as it requires a skillset and low capital. Spend some time here browsing our list for some good service business ideas and opportunities.

  • How Much Are Business Broker Fees
    Business owners who are planning to sell their companies usually consider the fee structure as an important aspect when selecting a broker to work with.

  • Starting an Airtime Distribution Business
    An airtime distribution business requires a certain amount of money to sustain its needs. This is also one way to start the cellular business by adding prepaid services and selling prepaid airtime around the community.

  • How to Get Contracts for Cleaning Foreclosed Homes
    Getting contracts for cleaning foreclosed homes is not that hard as what some people believed in. With the help of simple yet effective ways, this activity turns out to be a pleasurable thing to do. To ensure success, people have to stick with these simple ways.

  • Business Rates for Livery Yard
    Starting a livery yard business is a very difficult and challenging task. There are lots of requirements and things that are needed to be done by owners in order to be successful.

  • Selling Billboard Space
    Billboards can bring generous income. That is why if you own a billboard it is a good idea if you start selling billboard space. It is very easy to find clients who want to rent billboard space.

  • How to Improve Guest Service
    Once you are handling a business that offers hospitality services such as hotel, resort, restaurant, and lodging house, your top priority is on how to maintain and increase your clientele through an excellent customer service.

  • Bartering for Services
    Years ago, bartering has been the sole means of getting new products. And now, even after a hundred of years, bartering is still one of the best means of earning additional income, especially now that the economy is facing some difficulties. Bartering for services is one of the best ways to get the money that you will need.

  • DME Billing Services Business
    If you want to start a durable medical equipment billing service, you should know a great deal about the market and the industry. You will also need qualified and skilled employees before you take on any billing tasks.

  • How to Find Vendors
    If you want to find a vendor, there is a need to invest effort and time. You have to use the web to look for the right companies or you can consult with the local agencies like the Chamber of Commerce.

  • How Does SEO Work
    SEO has something to do in making your website a useful one. It is an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization. It deals on the ranking, indexing of your sites in Google, Bing and others.

  • How Would You Define Superior Customer Service
    If you want to excel in the business market, you must be able to provide the best customer service. The only way to define superior customer service is to ask your clients directly.

  • How to Trade in the Forex Market
    Forex market is a good place to invest in, especially with the transactions being done 24-hours a day. But before venturing to this, it is important that you have the general idea of how things and transactions go in the forex market, what is its difference from stock market and how to trade in the forex market.

  • How to Find Mortgage Broker
    Having a good mortgage broker can save you lots of money and time. Try to learn about the basics of finding a good mortgage broker by spending your time for research about them.

  • How Services Differ From Goods
    Production of goods and services is the concern of economy. The production and distribution identifies how services differ from goods.

  • How to Provide Excellent Customer Service
    When providing customer service, the most popular axiom which is very applicable and must always be followed is “the customer is always right”. You must have heard this millions of times, especially if you have been with a company that honors above all else the proper customer service. And you know that even if the customer is wrong and you are right, you have no power to contradict them in a rude way.

  • How to Start a Dating Service
    If you are going to look on the market status right now, you will probably notice that there are already loads of dating services present in the public now. This is because dating services is where all the fun can be found. It can get really exciting but still, there are complexities that you are about to meet once you are in this field of business.

  • How to Calculate Debt Service
    Debt service is the amount owed by the borrower as payment for the principal amount and interest of the debt. Monthly mortgage payment is one of the many types of debt service.

  • How to Service Lawn Mower
    A lawn mower service is a profitable business. Yet, it is important to ensure that the lawn mower is in good condition so that your business will not be compromised.

  • How to Deliver Customer Service
    In every business or organization the bottom line of attracting customers is by providing exceptional customer service. There are many ways on how to deliver customer service.

  • How Customer Service Works
    The role of customer service in business is very important due to the fact that it is one of the bases of customers on how great a company is in providing them the satisfaction they need. The need for customer service representatives has skyrocketed these years because of the fact the needs of clients and customers are also rising.

  • Marketing Job Agencies
    Launching any company or business opens a new door of opportunities. Every business should have marketing department that would handle the business advertisement and promotions.

  • Where to Find Day Laborers
    The reality that there are many unemployed in the United States cannot be denied. And some of these out-of-work people try to find easy cash as day laborers.

  • Tanning Salon Ideas
    Starting a tanning salon business is expensive yet an ideal endeavor for part-time and home business. There are many things to consider before you can start such business as well as in running the business.

  • How to do Social Service
    If you are interested in helping others and do social service, you must do it willingly.

  • How to Get Truck License
    One of the most important things that every driver must always bring with them on their journey is the driver’s license.

  • Power Plant Maintenance Costs
    Power plant maintenance costs pertain to the expenses incurred in carrying out the procedures of power plant maintenance. The procedure requires technical knowledge and would cost big amount of money.

  • How Drop Shipping Works
    The age of Internet technology has given birth to a new way of doing business as a venture dealing with the supply and demand market. One of these business operation innovations is called drop shipping. Though as seen in the superficial level, drop shipping offers no different look in delivering the products to the consumers.

  • Starting BBQ Catering Service
    Almost every barbecue lovers are hoping that their barbecues should taste good. They prefer that it should be prepared by BBQ makers which are known for their good tasting barbecues.

  • Dirt Removal Service
    Dirt removal service is now becoming a useful business in our society especially nowadays that we don’t have a lot of time cleaning our surrounding.

  • How to Start a Landscape Design Business
    If you love working outdoors and possess creativity and imagination, starting a landscape design business is the right choice.

  • How to Start Hair Salon Business
    Styling hair is one of those things that many girls are getting interested to.

  • How to Start a Landscaping Business
    Landscaping business is a fast growing as well as a very lucrative profession.

  • Start Your Own SEO Training Center
    The Internet is experiencing fast-paced expansion resulting from the urgent need of SEO specialists. Are you pondering about taking advantage of this need to produce SEO specialists by starting a SEO training center? Here is couple of tips to help you to succeed in this in-demand line of business.

  • Home Theater Installation Service Business
    The home theater installation service business industry is continuing to flourish these days.

  • How to Start a Paper Re-writing/Editing Service Business
    Perhaps you want to provide re-writing and editing services to college/university students, book authors or to just about anyone who needs your skills. You may have observed that writing service companies have swarmed online offering editing, copywriting, ghostwriting, indexing, among other things.

  • Party-time Gypsy Taxi Service Business
    You might be thinking that running a taxi service business is quite complicated and entails a lot of initial cash-out. But a party-time gypsy taxi services business isn’t an ordinary taxi service business at all. It offers special services to a niche market.

  • Student Van Shuttle Service Business
    You might be asking about the earning potential of a student van shuttle service business. With all those campus-based shuttles for free or at minimum fees, how could a business compete effectively and profitably? But there is income in this venture, and there is room for expansion.

  • Starting an Engineering Firm
    You might be excited about joining the construction industry as an independent builder. Sure, it can give you both personal and financial freedom. But how do you deal with the hard realities of being on your own?

  • Starting Building Pest Control Services
    Pests bring diseases and destroy properties. That is why commercial establishments employ pest control services to keep infestations away. If there is a demand for such service in your place, you can start a business exterminating destructive insects from buildings.

  • How to Become a Tax Preparer
    Individuals usually hire tax preparers to make sure they are properly filing their tax returns. If you have the necessary training and relevant experience, you can offer your services as a tax preparer.

  • Waste Management and Remediation Services
    Green is in and so are services for waste management and remediation. While commercial-scale operations could cost millions to start, there are actually some businesses in line with garbage disposal and recycling that you can start as a home-based business.

  • The Business of Selling Websites
    Are you a Web site developer or an owner wanting to sell a Web site? Or perhaps somebody wanting to act as broker for people looking to sell Web sites. If you are looking for some tips on how to auction Web sites, then you have landed on the right page.

  • MySpace Layout Services Business
    Do you have a suspicion you can actually make money by perking up Web pages of MySpace users? You might feel that way because you use MySpace yourself and you have the skill and the tools to brighten up Web pages.

  • How to Start Your Own Modeling School
    Modeling schools teach insider tips and tricks of what one can expect in the fashion industry. A person may have the looks and figure, but unless one does the course, they won't learn to walk in the industry.

  • How to Start a Monogramming Service
    Do you have a little design experience or know how to use a monogramming machine? For people who are based at home a monogramming business can really pay off well!

  • How to Start a Medical Transcription Business
    One of the biggest problems while starting a home medical transcription business is how to set up your home computer and source your clients. In this really great article, I’ve got a neat set of tips on how you can set up your business with a good client base in few weeks of time!

  • Heavy Duty Tow Trucks Business
    Starting a heavy duty tow truck business can be simple if you have the heart for it plus a little help to give you a boost ahead of the others. This business article will give you that extra help and that extra boost to push you ahead and help you stay ahead from competition.

  • How to Start a Commercial Loan Broker Business
    Being a commercial loan broker is one of the emerging careers today. Starting a commercial loan broker business is quite easy actually as you will serve a middle man for borrowers and lenders.

  • Starting Your Own Money Lending Business
    Venturing into a money lending business is a good idea especially since people need money nowadays. You need to focus on a small market if you want to be competitive. It will be best if you will be starting up small.

  • Start a Corporate Training Business
    Are you interested to start a corporate training business? Are you unsure of what you have to do? Check out this article, and in here you will find a corporate training business guide that you will definitely find helpful in establishing a corporate training center. You’ll be up and running in no time.

  • Starting Your Own Computer Training Center
    Do you want to know the requirements for starting your training center business? Maybe you have heard of a few things but are not sure. Not to worry, for you, we have found the business startup guide that you badly need.

  • How to Start a Chiropodist Business
    What are the tools you need to start your own chiropodist business? The best way to start will be to begin with these simple tips and tricks to set your chiropodist business up and running.

  • How to Start a Collection Agency
    Perhaps you’ve been in the collection industry for years, and you wish to join the market and start your own collection agency. That would not be a problem anymore, since this article has been intended with you in mind, and will provide you with a good business start-up guide to starting your own collection agency business.

  • Starting a Children’s Fitness Camp
    As children grow up, a small window of opportunity is open to plant good habit seeds. We want them to appreciate that value health early on their lives and hope that they will stay on it.

  • Starting a Life Coach Business
    A life coach business is just like any other kind of business but it is rewarding and profitable at the same time. Life coaches are becoming popular nowadays due to the fact that a lot of people need directions and focus on their life.

  • Start Indian Head Massage Business
    Indian massage has been practiced for over 4000 years. Also known as “Champi”, this ancient Hindi method of head massage is based on alternative medicine principles. It said to release blocked energy that builds up in our bodies which later causes health problems.

  • Starting a Health Care Staffing Business
    Are you looking to establish a self-employment venture providing health care professionals to health care providers? There are several ways you can use this basic guide for your benefit.

  • Starting a Motel Business
    Perhaps you are itching to start your own motel business, but you have no idea what to prepare and what to accomplish first before gaining that goal. With this article, you will no longer need to wonder and instead, you can start getting your motel business up and running in no time.

  • Starting a Nursing Home Business
    Perhaps you love to take care of people's welfare and you wish to make that a business, but you don't have any idea how. To add your knowledge, healthcare business is one of the most money making businesses ever.

  • Starting a Laundromat
    Starting a Laundromat is not really expensive and it’s a good idea too. But before you start take a look at what you will need and the start up cost related to starting a Laundromat.

  • Starting a Reputation Management Service
    You probably have heard about how important reputation management is especially with today’s Internet age, with its Web 2.0 phenomenon focusing on social networking, and you wish to take advantage of the opportunity.

  • Starting a Letting Agency
    A letting agency is a term of British origin, which refers to the agency as a facilitator through which an agreement reaches between a property owner and tenant for the rental of a residential property. The agency earns commissions from the process.

  • How to Start Horse Training Business
    A hobby is a wonderful thing. So is a skill. Hot skills are always in demand and if your hobby and your skill converge there is no better thing than that work-wise. If you love horses and have developed the skill of training them, you have just the right opportunity to start a horse training business.

  • Starting a Home Relocation Agency
    Relocation operations are busy businesses. Because people today are always on the move because of age, promotion, change of status, and lifestyle changes, this business went up by 15% last year.

  • How to Start Holiday Cottages Business
    The cottage business is not only a fresh air to common Americans tired of working week in and week out but also an attraction to tourist as well. Truly it’s a venture that is both a leisure and profitable.

  • How to Start an Indoor Rock Climbing Business
    The quest for financial security and well-being is a great motivation for professional excellence. If you have marketable skills and want to make a mark for yourself in the business domain, you can convert even your hobby into a booming enterprise.

  • Starting Your Own Guest House Business
    Maybe you have realized the lucrative nature of a guest house as a business but you have no idea how to start it. No need to worry because this article will be your guide in setting up your own guest house business.

  • How to Start a Private Investigation Business
    With all the attractive opportunities that it brings, perhaps you might have thought about starting a private investigation business. However, you do not know what you have to do in order to get started.

  • Starting a Hamper Service Business
    Starting your own hamper service business is simpler than you think. All you need is a basket, a few items and a ton of colorful ideas that will tickle your soon to be hamper clients.

  • How to Start Laser Hair Removal Business
    Laser hair removal has become a lucrative business nowadays. This is because people prefer the process of removing their bodily hairs due to its painlessness, effectiveness, and expediency.

  • How to Start a Health and Fitness Club
    Perhaps you love to visit health and fitness clubs in order to keep physically fit, and you wish to start your own in order to offer the same enjoyment to other people in your area.

  • How to Start a House Painting Business
    House painting is quite a profitable and satisfying career option if one is looking to earn an honest living. If house painting is what you are interested in, you have clicked upon just the right web page.

  • How to Start a Female Taxi Service
    Experts say that women passengers today feel safer and more comfortable with women taxi drivers compared to male drivers. Today, there are only about 70 women taxi drivers for every 100,000 male drivers.

  • Starting a Face Painting Business
    Why not work on your own hours and be in business at the same time? A face painting business offers you these advantages and also be able to work with kids at the same time!

  • How to Start an Investment Business
    Do you want to capitalize on the investment opportunities to make your financial dreams a reality? Do you want to achieve financial freedom while helping others realize their investment objectives?

  • Starting an Insurance Agency
    Do you want to achieve financial freedom by cashing in on a lucrative business opportunity in the insurance sector? Do you aspire to leverage on your financial skills by starting an insurance agency?

  • Starting a Financial Planning Service
    Have you always dreamed of stepping out of your boss’ shadow? Do you have your own financial planning style? Do you want to share your talent and ideas to your clients and get well compensated for it?

  • How to Start a Fitness Trainer Business
    Are you a fitness trainer looking to start your own fitness training business? Do you often feel that you have the skill to start a fitness trainer business but your not sure how and where to start?

  • Starting a Floatation Therapy Center
    Have you tried floatation therapy and felt really good afterwards? Do you want to share your experience in floatation therapy with others?

  • How to Start a Freelance Copywriting Business
    Starting out any business can be intimidating but starting out your own freelance copywriting business with only your brains as capital can be doubly scary.

  • Starting a Campground Business
    Are you on the verge of starting your own campground business? Curious why some campgrounds do much better than others?

  • How to Start a Building Supply Business
    What are the things that need to be done in order to start a building supply business? This question resounds in every aspiring building supply entrepreneur’s mind as they try to come up with a good building supply business plan to define their goals for the venture.

  • How to Start a Body Piercing Business
    Do you posses training in body piercing? Working in a body piercing shop and want to start your own body piercing business? Doubting whether you really can start that body piercing business?

  • Starting a Bodyguard Business
    Thinking of starting your own business? Don’t know if the bodyguard business is really for you? Interested in breaking the bodyguard business industry? Want to open that bodyguard business but don’t know where to start? I give you some basic steps that might pave your way in opening that bodyguard business.

  • Starting an Architectural Firm
    Whether you are an Architect or not as long as you have interest in Architecture, you could easily create an Architectural Firm Business. This simple guide will help you figure out how to start your own Architectural Firm.

  • Start Your Own Poop-Scooping Business
    Are you planning to start a poop scooping business but don�t know how and where to begin? Poop scooping business is a cheap business to start with but a profitable and enjoyable activity. Just set aside your pride and start with determination.

  • Event Planning Business
    Two of the things you would need in order to start your own event planner business includes: building yourself an army of dependable contacts and acquainting yourself with the different types of events.

  • Starting an Air Conditioning Installer Business
    Calling all air conditioning repair technicians; it's time to stop making money for the boss and start putting your talents to work for you with your own air conditioning installation service and repair business. And if you are worried about job security and income: don't. Simply pre-market your service and build a customer base prior to leaving your job.

  • Starting an Advertising Agency
    Starting your own advertising agency business is not difficult if you have the right aptitude and the inclination. There are too many options to choose from, start, and run a successful advertising agency.

  • Travel Trailer Business
    Starting your own travel trailer business initially needs to answer a list of questions like: Would you want to become a travel trailer manufacturer? Would you want to be in travel trailer sales? Would you want to sell new or used trailer; maybe even travel trailers of vintage scale? Would you want to go into travel trailer rental instead? Once these questions are cleared up, you can now safely head on to the direction of your choice.

  • How to Start a Plumbing Business
    First of all, you need to decide what kind of plumbing business you wish to engage in, whether it is service-oriented or product-oriented. This article discusses what is essential for a service-oriented plumbing business. Obviously, you would need a plumber for this trade; as well as registering your business and acquiring a license. You would also need to advertise your services.

  • How to Start a VOIP Business
    In order to set up your own VoIP business, the primary step is to choose what kind of line you would like to work on. VoIP service providers can make business in three ways: by directly providing services to corporations and other large companies, by becoming VoIP wholesale carriers, and lastly, by becoming VoIP resellers. Consider your finances for this.

  • Startup Kit for Service Business
    Entrepreneurs who are considering the idea of starting a new business generally have two options: starting a service based business or venture into a selling business.

  • Starting Warehousing and Distribution Service
    Entrepreneurs find that the warehouse and distribution service is a great way to conduct business. However, in order to start a warehousing company, you would need a huge overhead account to buy warehouse property and facilities; people to work in the warehouse industry (most importantly, logistics officers to make sure that operations run as smoothly as possible and machineries to use.

  • Starting a Reiki Business
    Reiki is a type of healing practice developed by Mikao Usui in Japan in the early 1900's. So how do you make a business out of a healing practice? Here are the ways: build up your Reiki experience to qualify yourself as a healer, check up on your competition, and advertise your practice.

  • Starting Building Maintenance Services Business
    Make use of your maintenance experience and start a lucrative business. The building maintenance services business is a rewarding way to earn money. This article also offers tips on starting and running a maintenance services business.

  • Chimney Cleaning Services Business
    These days people are vigilant on chimney sweep as the number of mishaps are increasing. There is a high possibility of chimney chocking due to a bird nest, dead bird, spiders and many more. It's a tedious task to clean a chimney without adequate equipments so people ask professionals to sweep their chimneys.

  • Starting a Clipping Service
    Clipping service is no more new in market, this business is in and around since newspaper started rolling in. It's tedious for an individual or a company to gather all its media stats over the time, here everyone started looking for professionals to do this job. Though clipping business took birth a long back but it took a serious mode when internet came and it's growing over the time as the number of internet users are growing.

  • How to Start a Dry Cleaning Business
    Are you interested in starting your own dry cleaning business? Here are the basic things you need: a place of business, permits and licenses to operate your business, machineries to do most of your work and a great customer relation service.

  • Air Duct Cleaning Service
    Air Duct Cleaning Services will always be in demand as long as there air ducts are being used in many modern homes and businesses. Your main priority would be to: gain technical knowledge on HVAC systems, know your suppliers, buy necessary cleaning equipment and hiring trained help.

  • How to Start a Courier Business?
    The courier service business has more than enough room for new players. Are you dreaming of starting your own courier service business? This article offers tips on starting and running a courier service business.

  • How to Improve Customer Service
    Customers are the highest priority for any company - they can never be compromised on the service. They are the one who gets the business and build the reputation over the time. The industries are having hard time in improving customer care services so we have some tips for entrepreneurs who are looking for improvising their service.

  • Starting a Recruitment Agency
    Every day people have been fired from their day job, employee changing their firms, and human resource departments looking out for trustworthy and efficient workers. These all lead to the rise of recruitment agencies -- learn in and out of this business to make a profitable endeavor.

  • Starting an Aircraft Charter Business
    A person who is rich, busy, and in need of extreme comfort gives an opportunity to innovative entrepreneurs for starting an aircraft charter business. The number of individuals and organizations from this category is increasing with time, so starting a jet charter business can be a smart move for you.