How to Start Holiday Cottages Business

The cottage business is not only a fresh air to common Americans tired of working week in and week out but also an attraction to tourist as well. Truly it’s a venture that is both a leisure and profitable.

This holiday cottage business guide will equip you how you can start right.

Here are a few steps on how you can get your holiday cottage started.

  • Develop a sensible cottage business plan.
    If it’s worth doing, its worth doing it right the first time. Failing to plan is planning to fail. Write down idea you think that should be included in your plan then consult a business consultant regarding this. Be ready and open to suggestions and revisions to your plan.
  • Get the necessary cottage business licenses and permits you need to run your business.
    Set an appointment with a business lawyer. Have him list down the necessary documents you need to start right. Ask him about the budget you need to pay for all of these.
  • Invest on the type and size of cottage for your business.
    Start with a real estate broker. Ask him if has recommendations that will fit your business needs. Surely he will offer you several possible locations however pick the ones that are applicable to your business plan. If you are planning a summer cottage for example, make sure it’s consistent with what you need.
  • Find a way to finance it and hire a reliable contractor.
    List down possible options how you can finance your business venture. You write down options like bank loans, self financing, borrowing other people’s money or finding a financer. Then hire a contractor to model your cottage to the specifications you require.
  • Hire a management staff.
    Hire extra help for stuff like cottage cleanliness and maintenance. Hire people who can do bookings and advertise for you. In short, you delegate work load to people who can do a better job.
  • List down services and facilities your cottage offers to your clients.
    Describe your add-on services and extra facilities your clients can avail and use that cottage business competitors don’t offer. If your cottage is nearby a manmade lake, fishing and other water activities could become a catch on. Maybe your cottage is near a vegetable farm or a butterfly garden so make these locations accessible to them by paving a trail to that area for easier access or having ready transportation to that place.
  • Develop a contract of terms.
    Again consult with your business lawyer on how you can develop a contract for your cottage use. This should include length of stay, the number of occupants who can use the cottage at a given time and even pet policies. Within it also include the agreement of payment terms and other rules and regulations you want your clients to adhere to.
  • Advertise your business online and include mapping directions.
    Have a website that describes not only your services and facilities but mapping directions to your cottage as well.


  • estella said on October 14, 2010
    Hi, WE(Me & my Hubby)recently bought a piece of land which is 15 thousand square feet. We wanted to start a holiday cottage but have no idea how to do it and where to start.The one side of the land is bordered by a lake which is beautiful.This land is in shillong, Meghalaya, India. Kindly help Regards, Estella
  • nkotanyi edgar said on October 21, 2010
    i am planning to construct a project proposal of designing a business plan to build the cottages . the number will be between 10 and 13 cottages. I live in Rwanda Kigali and the cottage location will be in Rwanda, too. The size of the land is 6 hectares. I would love to get tips on how i could start this project. thank you. best regards, Nkotanyi Edgar.
  • Girish said on January 7, 2011
    Dear Friends, I have got 4000 sq ft land in Pollachi, Tamilnadu India which is in the foot fall of the mountain and we can get good mountain view I like to start my cottage business with 6 cottages ... I have basic understanding ...please help me with ideas how do I do it... what type of cottage I can built (cost effective). how to maintain, how to market, what are the risk involved. Thank you and appreciate your valuable inputs to be. Thank you, Girish
  • kishore cruz said on February 8, 2011
    Hi I'm kishore and I'm planning to begin this business with a minimal number of cottages, and would like to know essential details and risk factors involved in this. My property is located on the river side of kerala in India and have a vast area of more than 20000 sq.ft. I'm looking for building Eco friendly cottages, I would appreciate your thought on this and would welcome any plans in bringing my business upfront.:) Regards, Kishore Cruz
  • sundaram said on January 8, 2012
    hi i am sundar and i would like to start a business by building some 10-15 cottages i got a total area of land measuring 7 hectares . one side of the land is bordered with sea and the location is beautiful . it a coconut garden . the land is at port blair andaman. i would like to get some tips on how i could start this project . thanks and regards, sundaram .my contact no 9932084567
  • Arun said on March 2, 2012
    @Sundaram Hi i am in India, my suggestion is to start good cottages, and after that start doing marketing worldwide from website, i mean create a website and in that you can add more facilities, offers to attract the visitors from their, i am web promoter i can do marketing worldwide Ur business.. if u r interest contact us
  • Aaron Magembe said on April 29, 2013
    Hi there, I am a Tanzanian Entrepreneur based in Mwanza. I have 11,600 square meters piece of land in a very allure view land with bamboo and coconut trees. I would like to start business by building 12-18 cottages using bamboo trees and stones as materials for constructions. I would like to get some idea on how to start. Anybody who is also interesting to enter into partnership with this business is welcome too by contact:
  • Andile Khumbuza said on June 5, 2014
    I bought a peace of land at Damet. I can build 10 room. please help me with a cottage business plan because I dnt have idea how to do it. I will appreciate to find your respond From Andile Khumbuza
  • Dinesh said on July 22, 2014
    Hi, i'm dinesh and want to start a cottage business. i have four acre land near Delhi NCR (about 50 to 60 km). I have some ideas but can you please tell me about legal process. Bcz this is agriculture land. And please also guide for finance.
  • Abhay said on January 25, 2016
    Hi, I am Abhay and want to start a Holiday Homes Business in Alibaug. my area is around 4000 Sq. Ft. please share if you can share your business plan with me.
  • TEWANA said on March 28, 2017
  • Jitendra said on April 23, 2017
    I want to start cottages in forest of Nagzira. Need business consultant


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