How to Start Horse Training Business

A hobby is a wonderful thing. So is a skill. Hot skills are always in demand and if your hobby and your skill converge there is no better thing than that work-wise. If you love horses and have developed the skill of training them, you have just the right opportunity to start a horse training business.

The world has enough rich patrons who own horses, but do not have the time, skill or perhaps the inclination to train the horses.

These are the right target clientele for a horse training business. This is because such horse owners do have enough monetary resources and also the willingness to spend on the right kind of horse trainer.

If you are interested in becoming a horse trainer business owner, this is just the right place to get all the required info. Just follow these simple tips and see your business soaring:

  • Expertise Required to Start Your Horse Training Business:
    Training a horse is no child’s play. The best of horses have to be ‘broken in’ and trained properly before they can be used for riding or racing. There are various types of horses, ranging from the docile to the wild, raging ones. Being sensitive to the horse type and training the horse accordingly is the name of the game. For instance being aware of the right use of spurs and reins is essential as incorrect usage of these can really mar the training objectives. Breaking in a horse is not an easy task. There are risks involved in it. One has to be careful and skilled in ensuring that the horse is broken in, while preserving one’s personal safety as well.
  • Marketing Horse Training Service:
    It is important that the right clientele is aware of your skill and expertise. The right place to advertise of your services is at polo matches, dressage events of the local derby. One also can get lots of references through word of mouth. If you are good at your job, the world will beat a path to your cabin for your product or service.
  • Equipment needed to Start Horse Training Farm:
    having good quality saddles, reins, spurs, training forks etc are of paramount importance if one wants to become a successful horse trainer. Equipment quality is important as it concerns the safety of the horse as well as the rider. A horse trainer who is gentle and caring with the horses will have greater success in building his brand name. Getting hold of quality equipment providers can help in sourcing good quality equipment at reasonable prices.
  • Knowledge:
    While skills are important, in depth knowledge of horses is an important ingredient of success in horse training. One of the best ways is to read up all you can on horses. Another way is to spend lots of time with horses of different kinds and observe their salient features and finer points of the behavior of horses. After all, it always pays to know all about what you are specializing in.

So keep these points in mind when you plan to start a horse training business. As you grow in experience and provide a better service to clients your fame as a horse trainer will grow and ensure greater and more fulfilling business prospects for you.


  • Shannon said on April 14, 2009
    I was just wondering and maybe you can answer me. But I just got assigned a project and the one question is, Can a horse trainer own their own business? I know that they can but I need backup. If you could please answer this question for me I would really appreciate it so much. Thank you, Shannon
  • Ken Martin said on September 4, 2010
    I used to board horse a many years ago, today I am looking for pack animals I can lease and help pack out Elk meat. If this message strike someones business sense, please contact me.
  • jordan said on September 16, 2011
    I'm only young so cant actually start my own business yet ( 12 y/o ) But i do already have a lot of experience riding all different ages and types of horses and ponies ( i've ridden 2 y/o all the way up to about 26y/o - broken in a few brought on a couple & brought a 6 y/o back into work after having a year off.. i should also mention the had never been schooled until he left me. This is my dream job when i'm older! and i'm being very positive about it happening!:'D
  • Taska Leach said on September 11, 2012
    I am a traveling trainer. I am based out of North Carolina and I travel to several cities in North and South Carolina. I offer top-notch services at reasonable prices. I train primarily show horses and horse show riders. I have a tremendous amount of success as both a trainer of horses and riders and as an exhibitor as well. If you are interested in becoming a true winner, email me and let's get your goals achieved!
  • Jena Thielen said on January 20, 2016
    I have been training for 5 years now and I absolutely love it. my only issue is that I have not gotten my name out there as a business. every client I have had has been very please with my work. I have a mustang mare that I am currently training.


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