Starting Rental Business

Rental Business Opportunities

Rental opportunities for business range from props to limos including camping equipment, canoes and kayaks, office furniture and equipment, musical instruments, movie props, recreational vehicles, construction equipment, portable hot tubs, various tools, and even small watercraft. Practically, you can rent just about anything as long as there's great demand for it.

After determining the need of your market, you must look for a good location. Research the type of training involved in your rental business and make sure that you hire the right people as your staff. You may also need to purchase product, liability, and property insurance. Find out what else is required in your business through the information here.

  • Start a Gas Cylinder Rental Business
    A trademark of an excellent entrepreneur is being able to come up with fresh and innovative products. Still, in these uncertain times, it is often better for entrepreneurs to stick to tried-and-tested manufactured goods. Gas cylinders are of immense necessity, which is why its rental business is in demand in the market today.

  • Getting Started Owner-Occupied Rental Business
    With a lot of people wanting to rent a place near their workplace, there are more homeowners or property owners who want to get started with their owner-occupied rental business. There are a lot of benefits when you live with your tenants. Basically, all your rules will be followed and most likely, you will only get tenants who can abide by them and will not mess with you.

  • Yard Sign Rental Business
    Yard sign rental business is among the most in demand businesses these days because it is very lucrative.

  • Starting a Wedding Rental Business
    Make every wedding a memory that can never be forgotten is a negotiation that will further your business once you plan of starting a wedding rental business.

  • Starting a Boat Rental Business
    Renting different types of boats such as motorized and runabout water vehicles can be a very profitable business venture. If you live near the sea, starting boat rental business might be your first option.

  • Starting a Portable Sign Rental Business
    Sign rental business is concerned with the promotional aspect of a certain business. This is preferred by a lot of entrepreneurs because of its unlimited use. Just in case you are planning to enter in this kind of business, you have to be aware of some of the information that governs this venture.

  • Renting Coffee Machines
    A typical coffee machine can be costly depending on the need of the business in serving the clientele with coffee drinks.

  • Renting a Food Truck
    Are you having hard time in searching for the right food trucks and you would like to know some tips in renting a food truck?

  • How Does Rent to Buy Work
    It is not uncommon that many houses for sell remain in the market for an indefinite period of time because of lack of buyers.

  • Leasing Used Vehicle
    The Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that although new vehicle dealerships market also the used ones, those used vehicle businesses which are independent are focusing only on the formerly owned or the leased vehicle. The Bureau further conveys that the commonness of the new vehicles that are well-manufactured leads to supply of used but quality-present vehicles that are being marketed by those dealers of used vehicle.

  • Dairy Farm for Lease
    Knowing how to effectively lease a dairy farm can give you an edge in your business.

  • How To Rent Shares
    Knowing how to rent shares is one of the focus of renters as well as the owner of the timeshare property. Renting the timeshare property is the best way to do if you are not able to use it for a vacation.

  • How Much Does a Tour Bus Cost
    Would you like to have your very own tour bus company someday because you have passion for traveling? Then the first thing you need to know is the amount of the tour bus because this will give you an idea on how much money you need for the business startup.

  • How Much Do Limos Cost to Rent
    If you have a very special occasion to attend to and you would like to appear very elegant and luxurious, then you no longer have any other choice than to rent a limousine. If you would like to know the amount of money you need to spend for the rent, this article can help you.

  • How to Start a Vacation Rental Business
    If you have background about real estate, starting a vacation rental business is a good idea. This business opportunity offers residual income to expand business and at the same time acquire more property.

  • How to Start a Video Game Rental Business
    Video game rental businesses have flourished tremendously since the creation of Pac-Man and Pong. Modern technology, such as video game rentals, influenced many entrepreneurs to engage in business.

  • Starting a Car Rental Company
    If you are one of those who are very much curious and interested in establishing your own car rental company, you have two options to select from. First option is for you to enter or purchase one of the franchise programs where you are going to choose and buy cars individually for the benefit of your business.

  • Office Rent Costs
    Office rent costs vary depending on several factors such as the location, classification of the building as well as the amenities included.

  • Starting a Tool Rental Business
    If you are looking for a profitable business, a tool rental is the best option. Most households seek this kind of service because tools at home can be damaged at some point of time.

  • How to Start a Rental House Business
    The kind of business that talks about security and long term stability is the rental house and apartment industry.

  • Starting an Equipment Rental Business
    If you take good care of your business then your clients will also take good care of the business relationship. In a rental business for equipment like yours, you should be able to project a good impression on your clients to be able to maintain a good business relationship with them.

  • Starting a Movie Rental Business
    If you are thinking of a business that can help augment your income, starting a movie rental business could be the right choice. However, you need to ensure that you should be competitive in the industry.

  • How to Start a Book Rental Business
    At times people cannot always afford to purchase the book they wish to read and that is what makes the book rental business ideal as it is a cheap alternative to experiencing expensive books without purchase.

  • Starting a Canoe Rental Business
    Searching for ideas on staring your canoe rental business? We will provide you with detailed steps and interesting tips on how to jumpstart your business.

  • How to Start a Bike Rental Business
    If you want to start a bike rental business, you will need a comprehensive plan. Make sure that you stick to your plan and secure the needed licenses or permits from the concerned agencies.

  • Starting a Scooter Rental Store
    One of the big hits in the business industry nowadays is the scooter rental business. It is a very lucrative kind of venture since most people find scooters to be fun and easy to ride on. You can observe that a lot of people in vacation spots use scooter as their means of transportation, especially the female species.

  • How to Start a Party Rental Business
    If you want to start a party rental business, you must find out the local licensing requirements. Aside from that, you should also determine the restrictions when it comes to rentals. Begin with a solid plan so you can have a guide during startup.

  • Starting an ATV Rental Business
    The lure of riding an ATV is sure great because it gives an exhilarating experience to people. The fun of riding in this kind of vehicle is just plain joy.

  • How to Open a Kiosk Rental Business
    Most of you would like to open your retail outlet. Having your kiosk is a blessing for this is a quick way to earn an income.

  • How Much does it Cost to Rent a Moving Truck
    Once or many in our lifetimes, the event for a relocation will happen and when it does the question that will pop up in your mind is how much does it cost to rent a moving truck?

  • Starting a General Rental Center
    A general rental center provides rental services to almost all types of occasions. It can operate nation-wide or just in a local state.

  • Iridium Phone Rental Business
    An iridium phone is a satellite phone that gives the user the capability to make phone calls even in areas where there are no telecommunications service provider.

  • How to Start a Bounce House Rental Business
    Starting a bounce house rental business involves several things that need to be considered such as the place on where you should operate your business and the brand of the bounce house itself.

  • Start a Horse Rental Business
    Starting a horse rental business involves several things that must be put into consideration in order to successfully operate the business.

  • Starting a Camera Equipment Rental Business
    If you want to start a camera equipment rental business, you will need to study the market closely. This is the first step to creating a detailed plan that you can use to secure startup capital.

  • Starting Horse Trailer Rental Business
    If you want to start a horse trailer rental business, you will need to find a reputed seller or manufacturer of the trailers. You need to purchase several trailers to meet with the specific needs of your customers.

  • Starting a Cabin Rental Business
    If we are going to scale the difficulty level of starting a cabin rental business, it will be in a moderate level. However, don’t be discouraged by this idea that it is not that easy to start this kind of business. You just have to have the right gears in starting up the engine, as usually quoted by optimists.

  • Start a Portable Toilet Rental Business
    What are the necessary requirements to start a portable toilet rental business? Is this a lucrative business? What is the correct disposal for this kind of business?

  • Renting Virtual Office Space
    Virtual office spaces are used to reduce the high-cost of maintaining or leasing a traditional office space.

  • Starting an Antique Car Rental Business
    If you want to enter the rental business, you will need to create a business plan. Many companies are now offering car rental and there is a possibility to create a niche with the antique cars.

  • Start an Arcade Game Rental Business
    If you want to start an arcade game rental business, you will need to study the market thoroughly. After this, you can now develop a business plan. Secure the needed financing and licensing.

  • How to Start a Truck Rental Business
    A modern person can easily transport his things in and out of his house without buying a new car or truck. A business man who needs to deliver his goods to a client from other state or city can now transport his goods without bothering of owning a delivery truck.

  • How to Start a Boiler Rental Business
    If you want to start a boiler rental business, you will need to create a business plan. This will serve as your roadmap to success. Make sure that you find an ideal location for the business and lease it out to cut down the overheads.

  • Office Space Rental Rates
    If you want to rent out an office space, you should be aware of the prevailing rates in the market. Today, you can find offices at $3 per square foot a month while other charge on an annual basis.

  • Open an Office Equipment Rental Business
    If you want to start an office equipment rental business, you have to create a business plan. This can guide you from startup to the opening of the business. Purchase the needed inventory and decide on the right rates to offer.

  • Popcorn Machine Rental Business
    If you want to start a popcorn machine rental business, you will have to create a detailed business plan. Find a great location for the business and secure a business license.

  • How to Start Air Conditioning Rental Business
    If you want to start an air conditioning rental business, you will need to start with a plan. You can begin surfing the web for suppliers or manufacturers of quality air conditioning units.

  • Open a Chocolate Fountain Rental Business
    Chocolate fountain is also known as chocolate fondue where pieces of food are dipped into. Chocolate fountains put more life into a food buffet and they come in different forms, sizes, and shapes.

  • Start a Breast Pump Rental Business
    A breast pump is a tool that helps mothers in extracting breast milk. There a several reasons on why you should start a breast pump rental business.

  • Starting a Medical Equipment Rental Business
    Many medical clinics and hospitals that are yet starting have difficulty purchasing equipment outright. That is why many resorts to leasing medical equipment. Do you have a medical distribution business?

  • Start a Steam Cleaner Rental Business
    Would people invest on cleaning machines that cost thousands and are only needed less than twice a year? No, chances are they’d probably rent one.

  • How to Start Espresso Machine Rental Business
    If you want to start an espresso machine rental business, you need to begin with a plan. You can also use this to secure funding from possible lenders. Find the right location and get the espresso machines you need.

  • Open an Office Furniture Rental Business
    If you want to open a furniture rental business, there are some things that you need to look into. Home furniture rental is quite common and another great idea is office furniture rental.

  • Starting a Doppler Rental Business
    If you want to start a Doppler rental business, you should know how to use the device. Purchase quality equipment or devices, ultrasound lotion, and other essentials.

  • Renting a Building for Business
    If you want to start a new business, you don’t need a very large capital. In fact, for small scale business you can begin by renting or leasing the space.

  • Average Tux Rental Cost
    If you want to attend a party or any formal occasion, you will need to have a tuxedo. What if you don’t have one or yours is already shabby? Well, you don’t have to purchase a new one because you have another option – that is to rent out a tuxedo.

  • Starting a Linen Rental Company
    If you want to start a linen rental company, you have to begin with a detailed business plan. After that, you can now secure the needed financing.

  • How to Open a Tux Rental Shop
    If you want to open a tux rental shop, you need a business plan. This will serve as your guide in addressing the different aspects of the business. Apply for a business license, lease out the business space, purchase equipment/supplies, and the needed inventory.

  • How to Start Wheelchair Van Rental Business
    If you want to start a wheelchair van rental business, you have to begin with a business plan. This will guide you through the different aspects of the business.

  • Photobooth Rental Business
    If you want to start a photo booth rental business, you will need a detailed business plan. This is your chance to earn great profits. Find an ideal business location and purchase the needed equipment, particularly the photo booths.

  • Open an Electric Wheelchair Rental Business
    Electronic wheelchairs are wheelchairs that use gears and belts. They are used by elderly people or those who have disabilities.

  • How to Open a Facility Rental Business
    Do you have a spacious facility in a good location? You can turn that into a good source of income. Starting a facility rental business can be very lucrative if you know the right things to do.

  • Starting a DVD Rental Business
    DVDs are known for its audio and video quality as well as its great storage capacity. These are the reasons why there is continuous growth in DVD production as well as the entire home entertainment industry.

  • Start a Copy Machine Rental Business
    Most small offices don’t necessarily have enough money needed to purchase all equipment at the start. This is why renting a copy machine is typically a good option for them.

  • How to Start Bingo Equipment Rental Business
    In starting bingo equipment rental business, it is important that you have the needed materials, in this case bingo equipment. The financial aspect is not that much of a worry.

  • How to Open an Iridium Rental Store
    Do you want to stay connected to your work or loved ones when you travel around? Most people would love that too. That’s why they usually rent a satellite phone that features clear voice quality, robust reliability, reasonable per minute rates, data capability, and must-have accessories.

  • Starting a Conference Room Rental Business
    Do you have extra space that you can rent out? Most businesses and companies today are utilizing every office space they have. Therefore, most of them are looking for a conference room they could use.

  • Start your Own Halloween Costume Rental Business
    Are you looking for a fantastic business idea? Then you may want to find out the steps in starting a Halloween Costume Rental Business. This type of business will rent costumes to community groups or individuals for festivals, holidays, performances, and special events.

  • How to Start a Log Splitter Rental Business
    Are you dedicated to provide customers with high-quality log splitters to produce their firewood? As with any other business, you must understand the importance of a structured business plan.

  • Start a Game Server Renting Business
    Do you love to play video games or watch others play? Then a gaming business is perfect for you. Usually, game servers are developed in a standard component form found in a lot of games having multiplayer options.

  • Starting a Breast Pump Rental Business
    Do you think that breast milk is better than formula milk? Most moms believe this. That's why no matter how busy they are, they find ways to breastfeed their baby.

  • Start a Carpet Shampoo Machine Rental Business
    If you want to start a carpet shampoo machine rental business, you’ve come to the right place. You have to learn about the machine first and its 2 types. After that, you can now decide which machine to use.

  • How to Start a Multimedia Projector Rental Business
    If you want to start a multimedia projector rental business, you must study the existing competition first. Determine the products and devices that you need to offer. Study the pricing of relevant businesses so that you can also offer the right price.

  • How to Start a Baby Car Seat Rental Business
    If you want to start a baby car rental business, you need to create a business plan. This is necessary so that you will have a guide in managing your business. You should also know the various designs, sizes, and types of baby car seats so that you can purchase the needed ones.

  • Starting a Handyman Renting Business
    If you are starting a handyman renting business, you will have to possess the skills of a great handyman. It is important that you provide efficient services so that your customers will refer you to other people. The market for this kind of business is huge.

  • Start Your Own Commercial Vehicle Rental Business
    If you want to start your own commercial vehicle rental business, you will need to conduct a thorough market research so that you can gather pertinent information. After that, you can now make your own business plan.

  • Starting a Bed Rental & Leasing Business
    There can be numerous least invested business opportunities to start with as smaller initiative. Starting bed rental and leasing business is funny, so is it challenging when required to manage. No doubt such business options are lucrative and best to make fortunes. These types of business opportunities have taken market into grip.

  • How to Start a Barge Rental Business
    How to start a barge rental business doesn’t have to be complicated as long as you are prepared with the rigors of the business.

  • How to Start a Musical Instrument Rental Business
    Musical instruments are costly, and people would instead rent than purchase these products when they need to use them.

  • How to Start a Baby Furniture Rental & Leasing Business
    The good thing about a baby furniture rental and leasing business is that you can start at home. With a carefully developed business plan, you can succeed in this kind of business especially if you live in a place that is a popular vacation destination.

  • How to Start Tent Rental Business
    If you want to start a tent rental business, one of the best options is franchising. Once you find a large company that offers tent rental franchising opportunities, you don't need to start from scratch.

  • Start an Audio Equipment & Supplies Rental Business
    Starting an audio equipment and supplies rental business is no joke. You have options, but you must ensure you pick the right one. Consider some factors so that you can make the right decision.

  • Starting Artificial Flowers & Trees Rental Business
    If you want to start your own artificial flowers and trees rental business, you need to identify the services that are not yet offered by your competitors.

  • Starting Apartment Rental Agency
    Starting an apartment rental agency business requires you to be very patient, persuasive, and knowledgeable of the important legalities in terms of collecting the dues for the apartment rentals.

  • Renting Projectors for Business Use
    A projector, despite being a handy tool during data presentations, is not a practical thing to buy. Since, most often, you are going to use it just once.

  • How to Start Rental Property Business
    Know the basics of starting your own rental property business. From financing, to selecting the appropriate rental property, choosing a location, determining the right rents, to advertising—having it started well is the best place where you need to be.

  • How to Start a Car Rental Business?
    Is your location a tourist destination, near the airport, a busy commercial center or terminal where people need a vehicle to get them to places for leisure or business purposes? A car rental business is an ideal venture you can start.

  • Dumpster Rental Services
    Individuals, businesses and industries all go through the process of cleaning out trash one time or another. If you have a dumpster rental business, you can cater to this highly needed service. Learn from our guide the basics of what you need to know to start a dumpster rental service.

  • Starting a Low-Cost Cars/Bikes/Mopeds/Scooters (Buy/Sell/Rent) for Campus Kids
    Are you eyeing some ventures that provide flexibility and six-figure gross revenue each year? Engage yourself in the business of providing inexpensive vehicles for campus kids.

  • Starting Your Own Video and Game Rentals/Sales/Exchange Shop
    Are you planning to take advantage of the flourishing game and video industry? You might be looking at establishing your very own video and game shop.

  • Start Your Own Dorm Stuff Rentals/Sales/Pawn/Re-sales Business
    Owning a business that rents, sells, pawns, or resells dorm items doesn't have to be complicated and starting it doesn't have to be troublesome. We will provide you with tips and guides on how to start this profitable "dorm stuff" rentals/sales/pawn/re-sales business.

  • Starting a Bicycle Rental Business
    The bicycle rental industry has been a popular venture through these years. It wouldn’t be surprising if you decide to enter into the trade as well. To find out how to make money loaning bikes to other people, scroll through our article as this will serve as a good business startup guide for people like you.

  • How to Start Chalet Rental Business
    Are you interested to venture into a chattel rental business but is quite apprehensive to take the initial step fearing that you are not yet well-equipped with the right knowledge and skills to run this business?

  • Jet Ski Rental Business
    Starting a jet ski rental business entails only three things: location, equipment, and know-how. You might know that "know-how" includes everything from knowledge, operation, marketing, sells, and more. You might find this article on how to start a jet ski rental business a great help.

  • Furniture Rental Store
    Wow, now people can hire furniture for their home when they move to a city for sort duration. A person can try some on rent when he is not sure if he should buy that. Store owners are happy as they see themselves in two businesses out of one shop, few people comeback and ask for buying the stuff because they liked it. This way a furniture rental store also sells few items every month.

  • How to Start a Video Rental Store
    Online DVD rental business could never wipe out the store business because we want a movie to watch now, we want to test a copy on the store and make sure it's a good. It's always better to have a store near by our home where we can walk in and select the movie we want.

  • Renting a Moving Container
    Using a moving container is a convenient way of storing and managing things especially when people are moving out or an extra storage space is needed at home or in the office.

  • Finding Apartments for Rent
    We all don't have our own houses to live, we move out from place to place and look for apartment to rent very often. Are you also looking for a house, studio, condo, 1 bedroom, 2 bedrooms or 3 bedrooms to rent? Find here how to lease or rent an apartment with an affordable price.

  • Starting an Apartment Rental Business
    Renting an apartment or a house is one of the profitable businesses these days; apartment and house owners are looking for real estate agents who can manage their property for them. You can start making money by renting your own or managing others houses and apartments.

  • Starting a Boat House Rental Business
    House-boating is a fun and exciting way to spend vacations. Gone are the times when this kind of activity can only be enjoyed by rich people who actually own a house boat. These days anyone can take in this kind of adventure, anyone who has vacation money and vacation time that is.

  • Private Jet Rental Cost
    It is no more a status symbol to hire a charter plane, if you are running out of time and willing to afford thousands of dollars then you can fly from Chicago to New York. Are you looking for a private jet charter to rent? Typically a private jet will cost you 8000 – 20000 USD to fly between major cities of US; price also depends with the return booking.

  • Starting a Ski Rental Business
    If you have knowledge or interest towards snow ski then ski rental business will be an ideal venture for you. Everyone on vacation near to Colorado or Europe will like to rent a ski boot, ski jacket, ski pant, ski globe or a complete ski gear. If you have a ski rental shop or want to open one then we have some helpful ski business tips for you.

  • Luxury Yacht Charter Rent
    If you are on a corporate meeting, vacation or partying at Alaska, Florida, Bahamas, San diego, Miami or Greece then you might want to rent a luxury yacht to achieve the pinnacle of fun. Price charged to rent a yacht, bareboat or fishing boat depends on the level of luxury and facilities provided with it.