Private Jet Rental Cost

It is no more a status symbol to hire a charter plane, if you are running out of time and willing to afford thousands of dollars then you can fly from Chicago to New York. Are you looking for a private jet charter to rent? Typically a private jet will cost you 8000 – 20000 USD to fly between major cities of US; price also depends with the return booking.

The standing joke for private jet charter service is that, if you have to ask how much their service is, you probably can’t afford it.

Renting a private jet for personal and company travels used to be a status symbol. Only gazillioners with gazillion bucks can fly using a privately owned jet. The trend nowadays is slowly shifting from the super elite to the corporate masses. It is true that not everyone can afford to fly private jets, but companies who offer private jet charter services are expanding their market horizon.

Benefits of private jet charter service

The benefits of flying on private jets include personalized service from staff and flight crew, no long lines at the check-in or check-out counters, 24/7 service including holidays (weather permitting,) and the least possible threat from terrorists (unless you let one in with your entourage, which you probably won’t.)

SOP for private jet charter is that you book the service before hand, but there are now charter services that specialize in short notice flights; they are just bit more costly, but it solves your jet availability problem.

Private jets of course, cater to a more luxurious flying atmosphere than the standard commercial flights. You have basically, the whole jet to yourself. Some corporate passengers even conduct business meeting while in flight. The private jet charter services also offer one more thing that commercial airlines cannot: discretion. You don’t need a ticket that punches in your time of departure or destination. Plus, since you have the entire jet to yourself, you won’t need to go to the airport hours before your flight. Some companies may even create a personalized or corporate travel agenda so that you or your colleagues will never miss a flight.

Rates of private jet charter service

Rates of private jet charter service depends on multiple variables like destination, number of hours used, and special pre-board requests (i.e. champagne stacked cooler, flower arrangements.) Some rates may go up or down the set prices depending on outside variables like catering, crew expenses, ground handling, landing fees, taxes for domestic flights, US custom immigration taxes, and the likes. The greatest variable so far is the type of jet you may want to use. There are but 3: Citation, Gulfstream or Lear.

The Citation Jet is perhaps the most economical of the 3 jets. It can carry up to 6 passengers. It’s a great way to travel for those impromptu business meetings. On an average, a private Citation jet charter service may cost you around $1,860 per hour.

The Lear Jet can carry up to 8 passengers. You are assured of a safe comfortable flight even for those long journeys. On an average, private Lear jet charter service may cost you around $2,650 per hour.

The Gulfstream jet boasts of its capacity to fly you comfortably even around the globe. It’s fast, it’s luxurious and it can carry up to 15 passengers. On an average, private Gulfstream jet charter service may cost you around $5,000 per hour.

If you are a frequent traveler and you favor one private jet charter Service Company more than the others, be sure to ask for frequent flyer discounts.


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