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Offline and online Food and beverage are one of the most profitable and fastest growing businesses today. If you have a restaurant in a good location, may consider yourself a very lucky entrepreneur.

Most people who have experience in cooking and has been an employee for a decade wanted to set-up their own Restaurant Business. Especially if they have enough money to use as start-up capital, they tend to try having a food center or a small restaurant. But not all people with experience in food and cooking are to be blessed with success. You may end up as a loser if you don’t learn how to manage your own Restaurant.

  • Opening a Kebab Shop
    Opening a kebab shop is complex, yet the rewards are lucrative. You should be aware of the most important things you need to consider. Please do your part and start it by knowing where to start.

  • Turn a Home Brew Kombucha Hobby into a Business
    Do you want to start your own kombucha drink business? Here is a complete guide to starting a kombucha drink business with NO money and no know-how experience.

  • What Type of Business is a Restaurant
    Some restaurant owners think this type of business relates to manufacturing and merchandising.

  • Build Your Own Corporate Catering Business
    Catering is considered as a profitable business venture, it has also highest potentials for growth and expansion. It is also fun and financially rewarding, it requires passion in cooking and consistency as well.

  • Starting a F&B Business in Singapore
    The rich and vibrant food and beverage industry in Singapore is one of the many good reasons why this is frequently visited by tourists and investors all over the world. Singapore boasts its diverse, rich and vibrant culinary scene that both tourists and locals can enjoy. You might be one of those many individuals who might be thinking about starting an F&B business in Singapore.

  • Common Problems in Running Restaurant Business
    Based on a lot of experts, the food industry is such a high-risk business proposition. There are lots of details that need to get perfected. Even based on a study, sixty percent of restaurant businesses have failed in the first year.

  • Open a Ramen Shop
    Opening a Ramen shop is a worthwhile challenge and is a successful journey to consider. This cannot simply be made with spirits or tastes.

  • How to Open a Deli Sandwich Shop
    A deli business provides affordable sandwiches and salads. It offers take-out items and tends to be more casual than a conventional restaurant. Some deli shops also offer breakfast to increase their profits.

  • What You Need to Know About Running a Dive Bar
    Also called neighborhood bars, dive bars are casual pubs or bars where residents gather to hang out and drink. It?s a drinking establishment with a rundown atmosphere and appearance. Drinks are of low quality and cheap but often have high alcohol content. Dive bars don?t have an attractive atmosphere, so many people often go to these places to drink or eat inexpensively.

  • How to Start a French Fry Truck Business
    Starting a french fry truck business requires ingenuity, research, and start-up capital. According to business experts, establishing the said business can be challenging but if you devote enough time in thinking about the best steps and business strategies, you will be surprised to learn that your french fry truck business is already generating desirable profit.

  • Opening Small Restaurant
    It is a great idea to start your own restaurant because this will pave the way for you to experience financial stability. But of course, you should have the basic knowledge in the restaurant business to make your dreams come true.

  • How to Cost a Recipe
    Cooking is one thing that is surely enjoyed by many people. This is the main reason why there are a lot of restaurants no matter where you go. This is because most people do not just want to earn money but they simply find pleasure in cooking different delicacies.

  • What is a Good Name for a Restaurant
    Having your own name is like having your own identity. If people will want to be addressed by their own names, businesses also need to have their own unique names to make them different from others, something that will serve as the trademark of your restaurant.

  • Starting a Take-out Restaurant
    People at these times are already very busy with the work that they have. Because of this, they do not have the time to dine in some restaurants.

  • Restaurant Renovations
    Applying some restaurant renovations to your business is a good idea to change the image of your restaurant to the eye of the customers. Are you looking for some restaurant renovation ideas for your business?

  • How to Clean a Restaurant
    Owning a restaurant comes with a lot of responsibility. Aside from seeing to it that your customers are satisfied with the dishes that you are offering, high quality service is also expected. This service encompasses a lot of things, from the customer-personnel relation up to the total outlook of the restaurant.

  • How to Budget for a Restaurant
    Budgeting is very vital for a restaurant especially on its first year. As the owner, it’s your main task to learn some useful ways on how to budget for a restaurant for stability and continuity of service to your valued customers.

  • Restaurant Quality Control
    Are you a restaurant owner, and do you want your business to perform well and orderly by learning the basics of restaurant quality control?

  • Restaurant Business Objectives
    If you want to start a restaurant business, there is a need to work out a business plan. It is important that you develop the objectives prior to start up and it should reflect on the business plan.

  • Restaurant Business Success
    Do you want to get some tips on how to achieve restaurant business success? Running a restaurant business is not easy to deal with and few restaurateurs prevails because of lack of management expertise and insufficient innovative ideas to satisfy the customers; hence, allow us to guide you on your restaurant business with some pointers that we have arranged for you.

  • Designing a Restaurant Kitchen
    Running a restaurant business is a lucrative endeavor. Yet, there are many things that can affect the success of the business.

  • How Profitable Are Restaurants
    A restaurant business is one of the lucrative ventures that entrepreneurs are investing. However, it is not that easy as what you think to make the business profitable.

  • How to Make a Restaurant Successful
    A restaurant is just one of a type of business that you can choose to operate to earn your income.

  • How to Set Up Restaurant Kitchen
    When planning to open a restaurant, there’s a lot of things to consider if you want your business to be always on top among the others, yet this takes loads of effort and creativity, especially in setting up a restaurant kitchen.

  • How to Increase Restaurant Sale
    Increasing the restaurant sale is the continuous task of every restaurateur. As much as possible there should be no empty seats as it would affect your profit margin.

  • How to Price Restaurant Food
    Are you in the restaurant business and you wanted to learn the proper ways on how to price restaurant food correctly?

  • How to Decorate a Restaurant
    If you want to launch a restaurant in your area, you need to decide on the decor in advance. Even if you serve the best tasting foods, you can’t attract customers with a dull place.

  • How to Get a Job at a Restaurant
    Seeking for a job is somewhat a frustrating task. You have to prepare some important things including your documents and yourself as well.

  • How to Evaluate a Restaurant?
    The operational standing of a food business is determined using evaluating it.

  • How to Make a Restaurant Profitable
    Unknowingly, restaurants can be as profitable as what you have expected. What you need is to adapt some tactics whether in your menu or in the staffs that you have.

  • How to Advertise Restaurants
    Advertising your restaurant is possible in several ways. Advertising can be in print media, online and providing coupons to customers.

  • How Do Restaurants Make Money
    In order for you have a better outcome out of your business, particularly as restaurant business, better to consider different factors and techniques that are known to be helpful in accumulation for your income.

  • How Restaurant Kitchens Work
    A restaurant’s most essential area is the kitchen. This is the heart of the whole restaurant. If you want your restaurant kitchen to be functioning well, it should have the best staff and energetic people so that it would function well.

  • How to Improve Restaurant Service
    Food chains like restaurants are very promising venture at this time. Since all of the people nowadays are getting busy, they do not have anymore time for their meal preparation.

  • How to Find Restaurant Investors
    Finding restaurant investors is quite a difficult task for people who want to open a restaurant business.

  • How to Run a Restaurant for Dummies
    Are you planning to open up your own restaurant and be famous in your community with your mouth-watering foods and menus, yet you lack some ideas on how to run a restaurant?

  • How to Sue a Restaurant
    Have you encountered a problem with a restaurant lately due to poor service and you’re planning to file a legal action but you don’t know yet how to sue a restaurant?

  • How to Open Restaurant in California
    Are you a restaurant owner and you’re intending of opening up a branch to other states but you lack on idea on how to open restaurants in California?

  • How to Serve In a Restaurant
    Serving food in a restaurant may seem easy. But like other jobs, this also requires proper training and experience.

  • How to Open a Restaurant in UK
    Restaurant in UK is one of the best business ventures that most people desire to establish. This type of business is considered as one of the universal industries that provide secure income for the near future.

  • How to Build Restaurant Booth
    Restaurants are one of the most profitable food businesses that provide high income. However, planning to build a restaurant is not that easy.

  • How to Price a Restaurant for Sale
    Determining the value of a restaurant for sale is difficult and intangible. The different variables make the process tricky.

  • How to Operate a Restaurant
    Do you want to know how to operate a restaurant? If you already own a business, then you might probably be thinking that running a restaurant would be easy.Businesses however, are run in different ways.

  • How to Make a Restaurant Menu
    Are you opening a restaurant and making your own menu? A restaurant menu’s layout and presentation is as important as the flavor of the dishes you serve. First, you should organize your menu to help dinners choose easily, know what type of meat is in a dish or which dishes meet their budget.

  • How to Market a Restaurant
    Marketing a new business is a tough task and marketing a restaurant is not an exemption. There are different factors to consider in order advertising your restaurant effectively.

  • How to Name a Restaurant
    The most important aspect of your restaurant is its name. It is that one thing that would definitely be on your customer’s mind. That is why it is essential that you choose carefully the name of your restaurant.

  • How to Promote a Restaurant
    There is nothing more fulfilling than owning your own restaurant. It makes you feel like you have achieved something in your life.

  • How to Become a Restaurant Manager
    Becoming a restaurant manager entails various responsibilities. It is required for an individual to be organized and have some knowledge about the job.

  • How to Design a Restaurant
    Most people, especially the working ones, depend on restaurants more than eating at their own home. This is a result of their hectic schedule. Eating now in restaurants has been considered as one of the breaks from the busy schedule that they have. Thus, it has become as one of their ways of relaxation, entertainment, and of course, nourishment.

  • How to Manage a Restaurant
    Managing a restaurant is very exciting, but it can also be challenging. It is exciting in a way that you will learn everyday on how to improve your skills as restaurant manager. It is challenging because the learning methods in this case will be dynamic and changes with the demands of your customers.

  • How to Run a Restaurant Business
    Restaurant business is a huge business and a really profitable one if you know what to do.

  • How to Start Your Own Restaurant
    Food is an all time pleasure and need for the people. Starting a restaurant business is surely and appetizing lie of interest.

  • Fast Food Point of Sale Systems
    Using fast food point of sale systems is very important to ensure an efficient and smooth flow of business. The POS system can help in taking the customer’s order quickly and at the same time fast handling of orders.

  • Restaurants Going Out Of Business
    Many businesses have collapsed during the economic downturn. In like manner, there are lots of restaurants going out of business because they are also affected by the recession.

  • Restaurant Business Structure
    Have you ever wondered why restaurants need to have a certain structure? Well, that is to other than for the checks and balances to be produced in a very organized manner and for the business to prosper.

  • Marketing Plan for Restaurant Business
    Running a restaurant is a big challenge to those business people getting into this kind of business venture. It is not just about serving food and all. You need the perfect plan to make your visions for your business be realized.

  • Selling Restaurant Business
    There are several different reasons why one might wish to trade their restaurant. Possibilities may consist of inability to run the restaurant any longer, or financial issues, or it is just that one wish to attempt on other types of business. If you are one of those who want to sell their restaurant, there are two methods that you need to be aware of in order for you to succeed in accomplishing your goal.

  • Average Restaurant Start Up Costs
    The main reason why most restaurants fail is because they never really have enough money to finance their restaurants. More or less, a hundred restaurants close from operation because they are bankrupt or they fail to continue the cycle of their budget.

  • How to Start a Pizza Restaurant Business
    Pizza is one of the most favorite foods across the USA because of its ever tasty and delicious properties. To earn more money before this year ends, you can venture into starting up your own pizza restaurant business.

  • Starting a Hamburger Restaurant
    One very good option when starting your own business is to establish a hamburger restaurant.

  • Requirements to Open a Restaurant
    A restaurant business is among the businesses that have to comply with certain extra requirements. Compliance is crucial as a failure to do so could cost penalties or worse cause the business to be closed temporarily or permanently.

  • Best Place to Open a Restaurant
    The feasibility study will let you know if the location is appropriate for establishing restaurant.

  • Cost to Open a Restaurant
    There are many factors to consider when one decides to open his or her own restaurant and these factors vary according to what the would-be restaurant owner would want to accomplish.

  • How to Open a Mexican Grill Restaurant
    The food industry has many variations. There are these French restaurants, Grecian, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, and the famous Mexican restaurants. Anywhere you go, there is a Mexican food being sold in the streets, in malls, and they also have these festive restaurants.

  • What You Need to Start a Restaurant
    If you are thinking of a business to invest, you have to be careful in choosing what business to start.

  • Permits Needed to Open a Restaurant
    : If you want to open a restaurant, there are some things that you should comply with in order to operate a legitimate business. You will need the following - business license, food handler’s permit, liquor license, sign permit, music license, and fire certificates.

  • How to Open a Franchise Restaurant
    If you want to open a franchise restaurant, you will have to look for the perfect opportunity in your local area. Pick a popular and established company so that you will no longer find it hard to promote the new business.

  • How to Open a Restaurant with No Money
    If you want to open a restaurant but have financial constraints, there are ways to secure the needed capital. Firstly, you will need to create a business plan. You can use to apply for business loans.

  • Start a Burger Restaurant
    If you want to start a burger restaurant, you need to study the existing competition. You need to have a new idea to make the restaurant a different one. Start with a business plan and make sure that you get the appropriate licenses and permits.

  • Restaurant Business Valuation
    If you want to determine if you still have a profitable business, you can make use of restaurant business valuation.

  • Good Name for a Restaurant
    A restaurant?s name can be just plain and simple. It could simply be after its site. The location can highlight tourist spots in the vicinity.

  • Food Hygiene in Your Restaurant
    If you want to start a restaurant business or any other establishment that sells food, you need to give importance to food hygiene. With so many responsibilities to care for, you will need a guide and your roadmap to success would be a business plan.

  • Buying a Restaurant
    If you are buying a restaurant, you will have to find out about the advantages and disadvantages. These things are very important considerations to ensure the success of your new business. With the right business opportunity, you can instantly have a restaurant that will allow you to earn money after purchase.

  • Start a Restaurant Supply Business
    If you love to cook and you want to flaunt it to other people, there are options in which you can do it. One is opening a business that is related to your fascination. Opening a restaurant supply business can be very fulfilling for someone who has a fondness for kitchen and cooking.

  • Start a Basque Restaurant
    Start a Basque restaurant and see for yourself the joy and excitement of serving hearty and delicious dishes and wines of the South of France and Northern Spain.

  • Tips on Scheduling Restaurant Employees
    Tips on scheduling restaurant employees can help you in this daunting task. It will make your workload much lighter and much easier to handle. This article includes effective way in scheduling the employees properly.

  • Starting Your Own American Restaurant
    Perhaps you are looking for tips and techniques on starting up an American restaurant. Maybe you are hesitant to engage in this venture because you have little or no experience in the restaurant and catering industry.

  • Starting Your Own Pasta Restaurant
    Are you pondering on opening your very own pasta restaurant? You are in for one of the most lucrative ventures in the whole of the United States. According to the National Restaurant Association, the projected sales for 2009 will reach $566.0 billion, of which, $377.9 billion is for eating places

  • How to Start Your Own Gourmet Restaurant
    Are you planning to open your own gourmet restaurant? You should know that a restaurant, in general, is more than just cooking and serving food and drinks. There are expenses to manage, workers to hire, resources and schedules to coordinate, and customer expectations to meet.

  • How to Start a Pub Restaurant
    Are you looking for a chance to run a pub restaurant? The surge of travelers, backpackers and tourists visiting places all over the world poses one great opportunity to become an entrepreneur. We offer you valuable fundamental knowledge on this kind of business.

  • Starting Your Own BBQ Restaurant
    Perhaps you are pondering on engaging in the profitable business of grills and barbecues. We would like to tell you are into a promising venture that will help you financially. One of the things to consider is, of course, the quality and taste of your food offerings aside from the ambiance, price rates, and the variety of choices available.

  • Restaurant Business Insurance
    Whatever business you are in, it is a must that you should consider getting insurance. Restaurants, for example, need three types of insurance in order for their proprietors to feel assured that they are protected from losses they might incur from circumstances beyond their control.

  • Starting a Romantic Restaurant
    Setting up a restaurant is difficult but setting up a romantic restaurant requires a lot of hard work and innovation. Almost every couple would like to have a romantic meal once in a while and this is where you can cash into a niche market to make sure that you have a lot of customers almost everyday.

  • Starting a German Restaurant
    Has it always been your dream to start your very own German restaurant business? Are you still deciding on what kind of restaurant you want to open? Are you having second thoughts starting your own business?

  • Starting Your Own Steak Restaurant Business
    Are you thinking about the lucrative nature of operating a steak restaurant business in your area? Do you want to know how to get your own steak restaurant going?

  • How to Start Japanese Restaurant
    Starting a Japanese restaurant can be both rewarding and challenging adventure. A lot of people like Japanese cuisine. Take advantage of this by opening your own Japanese restaurant.

  • Start Your Own Mongolian Restaurant
    Majority of people’s money go to eating at a restaurant. Starting your own Mongolian restaurant can be wise idea because you can take advantage of the huge market. Remember that location and the layout is an important aspect when it comes to the success of your business.

  • Starting a Kosher Restaurant
    Starting a kosher restaurant is unlike any other kind of business. You need to be able to understand about the Jewish religion and tradition in order to get certified.

  • Startup Indonesian Restaurant
    A start up Indonesian restaurant is considered an extra ordinary kind of business. The cuisine is comprises of coconut milk and several spices that offers exciting flavors. Starting an Indonesia restaurant is a good venture because people nowadays are looking for something exotic and extra ordinary.

  • How to Start a Taiwanese Restaurant
    Are you thinking about venturing into a food business but doesn’t know how to take the initial step? How to start a Taiwanese restaurant may be a lot easier than you thought.

  • Starting Your Own Vegetarian Restaurant
    Are you thinking of starting your own vegetarian restaurant but is quite apprehensive thinking about the financial risk associated to this kind of venture? While the proliferation of food chains which offer unhealthy and fatty products is still apparent, there is a gradual but steady shift to healthy foods especially the vegetarian cuisine.

  • Starting a Hostel Business
    You want to take advantage of the growing popularity of hostels, but you don't know how exactly you'll accomplish that. No problem, because we have prepared this article with you in mind.

  • How to Start a Food Business
    Starting a food business makes immense sense for any budding entrepreneur. No matter what the state of the economy is, a well conceptualized and run food business can give enormous returns.

  • How to Start a Korean Restaurant
    If you want to start your own Korean restaurant, this article will help you get started on the right page. Here, you'll find four steps that will push you to predictable success.

  • Starting a Buffet Restaurant
    If you are looking to start your own buffet restaurant, then this article will help you get started. Here, you'll find 4 steps that will add you some valuable information to your success.

  • Starting an Irish Restaurant
    If you are looking to start your own Irish restaurant, then this article will help you. In here, you'll find 7 steps that will propel you to success.

  • Opening a French Restaurant
    The smell of fresh baked bread on the table, the sound of soothing music and the taste of vintage wine - one can say everything is here so French in this restaurant! A table for two or for five, it’s a fabulous place to dine.

  • How to Start a Mexican Restaurant
    Approximately 35% of businesses today come from the foodservice segment. Take McDonald?s for example. Approximately 1 new McDonald?s franchise outlet opens every 8 hours globally. However, despite this fact, studies show that no single food service captures 100% of the market.

  • Starting a Breakfast Cafe Business
    For the brave who dare to answer the calling towards starting up their own breakfast cafe business, hold your horses and read this first. This is not an attempt to derail you from your objective but instead a means to give you a prospective of how business works.

  • Starting a Bistro Restaurant
    Looking to start your dream bistro restaurant business? Having doubts on where to start? Looking for tips or tactics in working that bistro restaurant market? Then look no more!

  • Starting a Greek Food Restaurant
    Interested in opening a Greek food restaurant? Already made that loan but don’t know where to invest? Having doubts if a culture based food center is really for you? If you are then you have come to the right place.

  • Starting a Middle Eastern Restaurant Business
    If you are interested in starting your own Middle Eastern Restaurant Business, be it Persian, Turkish, Lebanese or Mediterranean, we are here to give you a few tips in making that restaurant dream come true.

  • How to Start a Russian Restaurant Biz
    Have you thought about starting your own Russian restaurant? Don’t know where to start? Need some tips and suggestions on the basics of the restaurant industry?

  • Starting a Caribbean Restaurant
    This article is a feature on starting a Caribbean restaurant. It offers tools, guides and tips on how to get started in the restaurant business.

  • Starting a Thai Restaurant
    Every traditional cuisine is rooted in the history of the place where it flourished. So if you plan to become a restaurateur specializing in Thai cooking, you must first know the culture and tradition of the site where it originated.

  • A Guide on Starting a Brazilian Restaurant
    Do you want to start your own Brazilian restaurant? This article discusses some useful tools and tips in starting a Brazilian restaurant. It provides a step by step process and guides useful for new restaurateurs.

  • Personal Chef Services
    There are a number of reasons why anyone would want to avail of personal chef service. Others seek more traditional routes like gourmet personal chef service and gourmet chef services for event catering. Some, prefer a less constricting route like: personal chef caterer service, personal chef diet service and private cooking lessons.

  • Startup Sushi Restaurant
    So, you are planning to start a sushi restaurant but before that you should know what exactly a sushi is? Sushi, a famous dish of Japan is like a vinegar rice including toppings of fish which can be either cooked or uncooked and also includes vegetable.

  • Juice and Smoothie Bar
    Beverages are among the most sellable items that people can offer. Selling beverages like concentrate juice, vitamin c juice, and nectar juice is most profitable during the summer when frozen juice or smoothie drinks can be refreshing relief from the heat of the sun. This is the reason why it will be a good idea to start a business selling juice fruit and smoothie drinks if you are looking for a good and profitable starting startup business.

  • Starting Raw Food Restaurant
    Buzz of this era is GREEN, in some respect eating raw food is a part of this buzz. Everyone wants to live healthy, work perfectly and sleep well so solution to this can be your healthy food habit. Cooked or frozen foods lose natural enzymes and minerals that which responsible for body metabolism so prefer to have raw foods in your daily diet.

  • Start Seafood Restaurant
    There are several reasons why you should start a seafood restaurant. First, most people love eating delicious sea foods like crabs, shrimps and fishes in restaurants offering seafood menu.

  • Start an Italian Restaurant
    Who does not love the appetizing and delicious Italian foods? Almost everyone loves to eat Italian pasta, Italian chicken and Italian pizza. The popularity of Italian food all over the world is perhaps the reason why there are a number of Italian restaurants in almost every major city. You can take advantage of the popularity of Italian food by investing in an Italian restaurant.

  • Starting Mediterranean Restaurant
    Restaurants are one among those businesses which runs for 365 days a year -- it gets more reputed in the city and country over the years it serves to people. There are lots of opportunities in restaurant business and mediterranean dinning is the best one to be picked.

  • Starting a Chinese Fast Food Restaurant
    There are a lot of things to consider when one decides to open his/her own Chinese fast food restaurant. In order for it to profit remember these factors.

  • How to Start an Indian Restaurant Business?
    Food is something one can't stay away from; we also love to taste a variety of food around the world. Indian foods are popular in and around the US and UK, and Indian dishes are healthy and spicy. Looking into current needs, one can easily say this business has much scope to grow.