How to Name a Restaurant

The most important aspect of your restaurant is its name. It is that one thing that would definitely be on your customer’s mind. That is why it is essential that you choose carefully the name of your restaurant.

Here are some tips for you to get a name for your own restaurant.


People would tend to remember those names which are appealing and easy to remember. There are also types of people who would easily recall names which are not so ordinary, or shall we say those odd and ridiculous names. The one thing important is that the name of your restaurant should reflect the image or personality of it. You cannot name your restaurant like an exotic kind of restaurant when you are running a fine dining restaurant. It would be quite a contrast to the overall appeal of your restaurant.

Another is you can play with your name and the names of your business partners and try to come up with a name which is composed of the letters or syllables of your names. This is quite enjoyable on the part of owners like you because you will be inventing a name or a word that would be the restaurant name. Bear in mind that the names that you try to come up are those types of names that is appealing and is easy to pronounce. Most of the time people would forget the name of the restaurant because they really do not know how to pronounce it or even how to spell it.


You may also try considering your location on choosing the name for your restaurant. Sometimes, tourists would tend to enter those restaurants that are named after the area where it is located because they assume that you are serving food that is the native delicacy or native cuisine of that particular area. If your restaurant is like this, then you can think of names that are somehow related to the location or as mentioned before, you can name it after the name of the location. Names of restaurants are the way of the customers to know what kind of food they are serving. If you choose to name the restaurant after the name of the location or even naming it with the name of the location, make sure that you know what food to serve so that the customers will not get disappointed.

Unique and Original

When choosing a name for your restaurant, one particular aspect is important. It should be original. You can get yourself into trouble if you copy names of other restaurants. Those names are already registered and you cannot just copy them just because you think the name is cute or unique. That is why you have to create your own restaurant name. It will not hurt if you venture into a name of your own and if you get a little risk in using that name of yours.


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