How to Make a Restaurant Menu

Are you opening a restaurant and making your own menu? A restaurant menu’s layout and presentation is as important as the flavor of the dishes you serve. First, you should organize your menu to help dinners choose easily, know what type of meat is in a dish or which dishes meet their budget.

Read on to know how to make a restaurant menu.

Food is basically the backbone of a restaurant next to ambience and service. But even if a restaurant do serve great food but do not know how to showcase them to diners, then it would do no good. So a restaurant menu is as important as the taste of the food you serve, the charm of your restaurant ambience and the quality service of its waiting staff.

Here is a quick guide on how to make a restaurant menu whether you are updating an old one, making a new one for a client or for your own restaurant.

Organize Your Restaurant Menu

Offer a variety of dishes but make sure the menu is well organized so it would be easy for your diners to choose. There are different ways you can organize the food your serve. For instance categorize to the time of the day they are served: whether for breakfast, lunch or dinner. You can also further breakdown each category. For dinner for instance, you can break it up to salads, soups, appetizers and the main dishes. And, you can even break down the main dishes according to the type of food: poultry, pork or beef.

When you organize your menu, consider diners with special diets or different budgets. There must be an option in each category for vegetarians, vegans or diners who prefer low-calorie foods unless you decide not to cater to these types of dines. As to price, you may start your list of dishes in each category with budget, mid-range and high-end dishes.

Consider Your Menu Layout

Represent the flavor and variety of the food you serve in a way that would make your diners want to order them. Choose a well-designed layout with descriptions of each dish or food category. This will give your diners an idea of how a certain dish would taste. You may also showcase special ingredients in your description. Also consider the material on which your menu will be printed and enclosed in. Choose a sturdy material that will add to your menu’s overall look and one that will save it from immediate wear and tear.

Lastly, do not forget to add the beverage section of your restaurant menu. You may add this to the back section of your menu or have a separate beverage menu. This would be most beneficial to diners who would want to enjoy drinks before dining or for you as a restaurant owner if you offer an exceptional collection of wine.


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