Starting a Chinese Fast Food Restaurant

There are a lot of things to consider when one decides to open his/her own Chinese fast food restaurant. In order for it to profit remember these factors.

Chinese fast food restaurants and take out counters seem to be sprouting like mushrooms all over the country.

Obviously, this kind of business serves as a welcome alternative to burger and hotdog joints. Unlike other specialty cuisine restaurants, Chinese fast food is both filling and inexpensive. Some Chinese food restaurants even specialize in serving quick cooking meals; giving the term “fast food” a whole new meaning.

If you are thinking of opening this kind of restaurant for yourself, here are a few pointers just to boost you off.

Choosing Location for Chinese Fast food Restaurant

First of all, you have to decide what kind of restaurant set-up you would like. Will your restaurant have a take out counter? Will your restaurant accept home delivery? Will your restaurant be available for advance bookings and party hosting?

These things should come into consideration when choosing a location for your restaurant. If you have a place that is filled with people going to and home from work, you may want to add a take out counter for easier pedestrian access. If you have a place near mostly residential structures, you may want to consider home deliver services and bookings for parties and such.

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Of course, choosing a location and setting up shop is intertwined tightly with your budget or overhead expenses. If your pocket can afford it then add what you can to your restaurant. If not though, you should be prudent with what your restaurant may offer to your customers. It simply won’t do to overextend your business before you even open shop formally.


Unfortunately, one of the greatest hindrances to launching and maintaining a Chinese fast food restaurant is its lack of standardization in all aspects of the business. Cooking, customer service, food portions, sales, etc. do not fall into any form of standardization.

If you would like to maintain your business for a long time, perhaps this area could use more research. You would probably need expert advice in the field of food preparation, customer handling and finance.


What can be worse than indecipherable food passing off as Chinese food? When people go to Chinese fast food restaurants, they are usually looking for that authentic oriental taste. Authentic Chinese cooks are usually trained according to what province they originated from: Northern Chinese or Mongolian cuisine is usually mutton and lamb based matched with bread; Western Chinese or Szechwan / Hunan cuisine is mostly spicy dishes matched with rice and noodles; Eastern Chinese or East China Sea province cuisine (also known as Shanghai cuisine – named after the port of Shanghai) have the most eclectic blend of ingredients and style of cooking among all the other provinces which peaks with bread, noodles and dumplings; and lastly Southern Chinese or Canton cuisine that are often punctuated with steaming food and mild flavors.

If you do not have an authentic Chinese cook or at least someone who was trained in the art of Chinese cooking, you may as well choose a different “flavor” for your restaurant. It will take a skilled cook to create dishes at the top of a hat, and still maintain that oriental taste.

Pricing Food in Chinese Restaurant

Many people go to Chinese fast food restaurants because the food is relatively inexpensive. If your location holds competitors in your same field, you may want to check out their prices and match them (with profit in mind, of course.)

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  • Sihaam said on May 2, 2009
    I have been to this restaurant before in USA. well, I'm Sihaam from Saudi Arabia, I'm 27 female. I just want to say Restaurant Biz is very successful here in my country and we have too many American Fast Food Restaurants. such as Hardees, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Burger King.. etc. But never have Chinese Fast Food. Which is great idea to have one here in my country . I hope to have one someday. So if you are interested of my idea, u can reach me on Regards,
  • md.zahed alam said on July 24, 2009
    Hi! my name is Zahed and I worked for an Italian restaurant for seven years. I am very interested about opening a chinese restaurant here in Toronto. Can you give an idea how much budget will I need to open a 30 to 35 people sitting capacity restaurant? Thank you and appreciate your response. Zahed,
  • Stephen Okon said on August 12, 2009
    Dear sir, my nane is Stephen Okon in Nigeria. please i want you to guide with ideas for me to startup my own chinese/nigerian fast foods / restaurant here in nigeria. Thanks
  • Anton Kudishin said on August 18, 2009
    Greetings to all! My name is Anton Kudishin I work at present as the chief of department IT. I have an offer to organize a world network of your restaurants. To begin with it is possible to organise in my city of Penza, near to Moscow. I think your experience and my communications will help us. Write!
  • leon lin said on August 20, 2009
    Hello everyone, my name is leon lin and I'm a student. After my university life is over, I want to startup my own chinese fast food restaurant in my country, Myanmar. But I afraid to start because I don't know which ideas, methods, management and business plans are needed to establish the food center. Could you favour me with your ideas and advices? Please write to me " ". Thanks.
  • Tom Tao said on September 23, 2009
    Hello everyone. I am in Ottawa and I plan to open a fast chinese food restaurant in Ottawa, Canada. Could you please guide with ideas for me to startup? thanks
  • Becky Faasu said on October 20, 2009
    I want to start a chinese fast food BAR IN MY COUNTRY SOLOMON ISLAND.
  • Khader said on November 3, 2009
    I would like to start an Fast Food Business in Trichy(TN)India. I need to know all the details regarding setting up a kitchen, hiring cooks, waiters, concepts, etc.., i am planning to target medium and upper medium customers. so please send me the details on my mail id, my email id is Please give me the Clear Ideas so else it will be helpful for our Company.
  • bobby reddy said on November 8, 2009
    hi everyone. I would like to start a Fast Food Business in guntur{India} Can you give the information regarding hiring cooks and where we can get them and how much we have to pay them for a month and my id is
  • MUSHTAQ ALI KHAN said on November 10, 2009
    Sir, I would like to start my own Chinese Restaurant but very small type of restaurant in india. off course there are lot of chinese restaurants, high class as well as cheap restaurants. I will appreciate if you give me an idea something totally different concept which attracts to middle class people. Thanks in advance
  • Mark A. Velazquez said on December 2, 2009
    Hello, I have a great restaurant business model that will fit in anywhere. I am interested in partnering with anyone in any place. If you are interested please email me at Thanks, Mark A. Velazquez
  • Kamal said on January 4, 2010
    HI Folk. wish you a Happy new year 2010. I am planning to start a fastfood center at Tenali (guntur, AP, India). Can some body pls help me out. how much it costs for a medium size stall? what are the things i have take care while opening it. pls reach me at
  • Jolly nemi said on January 7, 2010
    Hi folks, i really appreciate this forum, its really helpful. Please, I want to start a Fast food Restaurant in my city, where we normally have the Argungu International Fish festival, Argungu, Kebbi state, Nigeria west africa. It is a Tourist center and we have no fast food restaurant there. Pls any body with fast food restaurant model should pls email me through For partnership. Thanks.
  • steve-o said on February 23, 2010
    i want to start a fast food restaurant in grimsby but i was thinking of an indian because chinese sucks, any ideas?
  • sagar said on March 28, 2010
    hey i'm sagar from hospet. i'm planning to start a chinese restaurant in my locality in an up market area. i want some details regarding the capital required and also details regarding the staff.
  • eve said on April 20, 2010
    pls i wld like to have a concrete info on what it takes to open a Chinese restaurant here in nigeria. thx eve.
  • Donald said on April 21, 2010
    Dear Sir, I have a small shop 240 sq ft in Mumbai on the Main busy road in Mira Road and I want to start a Chinese Fast Food Take Away Counter & Home Delivery also. Please advice me on all the pro's & con's how I could go about to start this business. All help by way of advice / contact etc are welcome. My email contact Regards, Donald
  • Philip said on May 3, 2010
    Hi, my name is Philip and I'm interested in starting a chinese takeaway in my home town. I live in south africa. There's currently one such take away but their standards aren't very high and so the people don't like to go there. Any information will be helpful. My email contact Kind regards, Philip.
  • Rohit Bohra said on May 5, 2010
    I am interested to open a chinese restaurant in Mira Road Plz tell me how much is the minimum budget required to start I have decided to to take on rental basis,
  • Dana said on May 10, 2010
    I'm thinking about starting a fast food restaurant in Winston Salem north Carolina could you give me advice or any contact information. Also the start up and running cost. Thanks a lot. I have never ran a business before.
  • Jan said on May 15, 2010
    Hi, people. I would like to start a Chinese fast casual food restaurant in Almaty, Kazakhstan and appreciate any information on this subject.
  • mahi said on May 16, 2010
    hi i am from Hyderabad, looking to buy chinies furniture to start a restaurant, including lamps and all other interiors. Need some help. Does any one know where can i Buy them. Mail me
  • Manmeet said on May 17, 2010
    I am planning to Open a Chinese Takeaway Joint in Chandigarh. Can you Please tell the Budget Required to do the same.
  • Tapan Kumar Das said on May 23, 2010
    I would like to start fast food business in Canada (Toronot), how much capital i should have.
  • sharan said on May 24, 2010
    I am planning to start new business in trichy. AS U said Fast food. what are all needed and how much it cost to start chinese fast food? explain me clearly so it would help to start soon as possible
  • Artur said on May 25, 2010
    Hi everyone. I want to open a chinese fast food canteen/restaurant in London. Can I have more information on the equipment needed to set up a kitchen. Minimum space for a kitchen. And a marketing strategy to attract more customers. We want to open on a busy high street in residential area, zone 2,3,4. And would like to ad a takeaway and delivery services. Can I have more info on that
  • Zoya said on June 1, 2010
    Hi, I am planning to start fast food joint in Delhi NCR. Can u give me some knowledge regarding what kind of employees to hire and how are their shifts managed. and also how much capital is required initially to start?
  • kike said on June 8, 2010
    Hello, i would love to start a chinese/indian take away in my country Nigeria and need some expert advice on set up, operation and management.Pls advice. Best regards
  • Andrew said on June 10, 2010
    Hello, I'm a first generation chinese immigrant in Wisconsin, United States. I am interested in opening a chinese restaurant and I would like to find a partner so we can have a joint venture. I am open to locations anywhere in Wisconsin but primarily in Madison, Milwaukee, Beloit, or anything in between like Lake Mills, Watertown, or even Janesville. If you are interested, just send me an email at
  • mahenda said on June 11, 2010
    hello i am from delhi hotelier by profession wants to start a fast food restaurant but with only 1 lac capital in hand pls help me in this regard
  • Nithish said on June 19, 2010
    i like to stat a restaurant in thiruvalla, kerala. i like to start a Chinese food restaurant pls help me how to open
  • ahmed said on June 19, 2010
    I would like to start an Fast Food Business in telegana region (AP)India. i am new to restaurant line. I need to know all the details regarding setting up a kitchen, hiring cooks, material, recipes waiters, concepts, etc.., i am planning to target medium and upper medium customers. so please send me the details on my mail id, my email id is Please give me the Clear Ideas so else it will be helpful for me.
  • jatinder singh said on June 21, 2010
    I want to start a chinese restaurant in mukherjee nagar, delhi. I want to make new dishes like tandoori momos and others items which will be having different taste and some uniqueness in them. please suggest me to start this type of innovative restaurant in this area.
  • Owais Malik said on June 23, 2010
    I am interested in running a chinese fast food franchise business in Pakistan. Our main locations would be Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and Multan step by step accordingly.
  • frieda said on July 14, 2010
    hello , everyone this is frieda . since you are planning to set up a chinese restaurant . may i know are you in need of a chinese chef or waiter if you do , please do not hesitate to contact me thank u. my email
  • Sam said on July 16, 2010
    Dear, I am planning to operate one Chinese fast food store, would u pls have some tips and good advice to me, thanks a
  • Salman Razzaq said on August 1, 2010
    Dear Concerned, I am planning to open up a Chinese restaurant in Kuwait, Any suggestions on the chinese delicacy & Menu would be appreciated. Thanks Salman.
  • patrick fernando said on August 9, 2010
    Sir,i would like to start my own chinese buffet restaurant in birmingham uk, but very small type of restaurant for anybody can come & eat. Please give me the clear ideas. Thanks
  • kiran varma said on August 17, 2010
    Dear Sir, I would like to open a Chinese fast food restaurant specially dealing with momos and rolls. Can you suggest some names and concepts. Planning it in hyderabad. Thanks.
  • betty said on August 19, 2010
    need help in starting a chinese restaurant in los angeles, CA
  • Redhawi Saleh said on August 22, 2010
    Dear Sir, My name is Redhawi Saleh from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Interested in starting chinese fast food in Kuala Lumpur. My plan is to start with a small shop which more focus on delivery services. In Malaysia we need to produce halal product as it's the majority are muslims and the selection of the ingredient are essential. Need your opinion in this matter. Thank you
  • aravind said on August 29, 2010
    hi, i am a chef and consultant, i would like to open a typical chinese hygienic fast food with investment of only 3 lakhs at tirupati. india. plz suggest me ...
  • Rishita Banerjee said on August 30, 2010
    hi this is rishita banerjee i want to open one chinese restaurant in the location of kolkata, saltlake city center and my competition will be with the restaurant like hakka thats why i need some idea what can be exceptional i can do than the other restaurants
  • Jitender K said on August 31, 2010
    Brand name for chinese food restaurant and online chinese food service "" is available to interested persons. Please send inquiries on Thanks.
  • Gustavo said on September 6, 2010
    I opened a chinese fast food in my location 2 weeks ago and I cannot see profit yet, only lots of expenses in buying groceries. Hope you have some good advice.
  • Sachin Suryavanshi said on September 13, 2010
    Hi this Sachin Suryavanshi from India, Maharashtra, I wanted to start a chinese restaurant in Navi Mumbai. Can any one guide me in this project like what is capital requirement? Kitchen Equipment? and Furniture?
  • C.Kanagaraj said on September 13, 2010
    Im in Trichy, Profeessional in this industry for 17 Years, iam alrady working in Chinese Restaurant. Im looking forward to Start Restaurant in Trichy city, Tamilnadu. Thanks, Regards, C.Kanagaraj
  • Manoj Biswas said on September 14, 2010
    Dear Sir i wanna start Chinese restaurant in new panvel please let me know the budget for starting medium size 20 seater Chinese restaurant. thx manoj
  • G. Ngubane said on September 21, 2010
    Hallow everyone, my name is Gugu from South Africa, Johannesburg, I'm very much interested in opening a chinese restaurant here in Joburg and Durban. I've lived in London for years and I know how much people love this food. Please can anyone advise me on how to open this business and where to get financial need? and how much it will cost me?
  • michael said on September 21, 2010
    Chinese cook and partner wanted to open restaurant south of ottawa canada
  • manishchavan said on September 25, 2010
    i am into a project. I am doing hotel management where i have to make such a project which is based on fast food, which needs to be start from a scratch. need help.
  • Jorge Caneda said on September 28, 2010
    Hello From Miami I am interested in starting a small quick and fast paced take out Chinese Food. would like to know the cost approx capital needs to start? License, Food, Packages, Containers, Delivery, Lease, Sq footage its take out no dine in Credit card accounts, Insurance, Advertising. can any one provide me with some starter points etc... please!!!
  • Sam Kim said on September 30, 2010
    Hello. I'm thinking about opening a gourmet, open kitchen chinese diner in Winchester or Roanoke, Virginia. Please help with start-up cost estimates. Delivery/take out/small dine in.
  • Bill McDanny said on October 12, 2010
    Hi i'm Bill from the US. I plan on setting up a fast food restaurant near Concord. I am 35 yrs. old and have never worked before. I live in my parents basement. Any advice will help greatly. Thanks!
  • Tate said on October 12, 2010
    Hello people, I am a 25 year old college student in Ottawa Canada looking to open up a Chinese restaurant. But I am not sure how to open one up and so if you guys have any ideas feel free to contact me. Thank you.
  • satwinder said on October 19, 2010
    i m thinking to start fast food in bathinda with trained person to know all kind of Chinese fast food pl tell me how to contact that person
  • nikhila mopury said on October 20, 2010
    hi every one.I am nikhila,i want to start a Chinese fast food centre in bangalore.can you please help me out with the investment required,where i can get qualified cooks how much i have to pay them for month
  • Sunny Singh said on October 24, 2010
    I live in usa and i am planning to open up a chuckee cheese kind of set up in CHANDIGARH ,. What kind of investment do i need to open up the same therewith about 30 staff members . please advice. thanks
  • Amarnath Reddy Mettu said on October 28, 2010
    Hi Guys, I am from secunderabad, India. I am in to Restaurant Business. I can help people to setup Chinese Restaurant in India & Overseas also, If Interested Contact me on My Email @ With Regards
  • joane said on October 29, 2010
    dear sir, i would like to start a singapore style chicken rice and bejing dumpling food stall in manila. previously do own a chicken rice stall in singapore,and as for bejing food, we do have someone with experiences to teaches us the trade. my problems is to know roughly how much would it cost to investment in such shop with capacity of 30paxes and what kind of location should i look for. thanks
  • Aruna said on November 7, 2010
    hi every one.I am Aruna,i want to start a Chinese fast food centre in Delhi.can you please help me out with the investment required,where i can get qualified cooks how much i have to pay them for month.
  • Alireza said on November 22, 2010
    hi everyone, i am from Iran, i want to start a chinese fast food restaurant in Tehran. but i don't know how to start it. i wanted to take some chinese cook to iran, but i am not sure that it is the good way, it is very nice of you if you can help me. my email address is:
  • Nasir Baig said on December 1, 2010
    My name is Nasir and I would like to open a Chinese and Moghali outlet here in Hyderabad, India. Kindly suggest to whom I have to contact for getting the best cooks who can prepare all Chinese and Moghali dishes. Appreciate your help. Regards, Nasir....
  • pruthviraj said on December 2, 2010
    hi, I would like to open a Chinese outlet here in Hyderabad, India. Kindly suggest to whom I have to contact for complete details regarding Chinese dishes. Appreciate your help. Regards, pruthviraj ....
  • srinivas said on December 2, 2010
    Hi all let me introduce myself.My name is Shankar Srinivas and i am an ex chef of taj with Chinese being my into restaurant consultancy and mostly deal with chinese. So in any case any one of you want some advice or help from my end with respect to equipments,staff menu planning and other related points then please feel free to call me or mail me. My phone number is 09836433770. i am based out of kolkata but i don't think it should be an issue.
  • Ruben said on December 3, 2010
    I am in urgent need of a chinese fast food cook with experience, I am opening a chinese fast food in the south bay in california, if you or you know someone, please contact me, my email is
  • nitin said on December 29, 2010
    I am interested to open a chinese restaurant in Powai mumbai-72 Plz tell more information about this business with including gov. lice, capital etc
  • syed raffic said on January 20, 2011
    I would like to open a chinese restaurant so please give me the details including what type of cutlery & Crockery and holloware etc.., it's should me fine dining experience budget is not a constraint
  • mahesh said on January 25, 2011
    hi everyone ! am mahesh,just like you even am interested to open a chinese fast food center near SASTRA UNIVERSITY ( TANJORE),so please can u help me in this regard, i'l be thankful to you if you reply me as soon as possible. can u please furnish me with all details like how much will be budget and how to get cooks
  • Nikita said on February 10, 2011
    Hey !! I want to open chinese restaurant in Russia. Nizhniy Novgorod. There are no places like this in that city. Can anyone help somehow any consultancy will be a great! How to start it. everything that can help . Thank you in advance!!!!
  • Ahmad Khan said on February 19, 2011
    Gents, I plan to start a regular chinese restaurant business in Lahore Pakistan. It should serve regular dinner and fast chinese food for lunch. Will appreciate any advice or sharing
  • Cornell said on March 4, 2011
    Hi, everyone my name is Cornell, I am an American stationed in the middle east, I have approval to open a chinese restaurant on a central military base, my challenge right know is acquiring supplies and getting setup, please can anyone help or point me in the right direction to get set up. thanks I can be reached at
  • Babatunde Adewunmi said on March 9, 2011
    I live in Lagos, Nigeria where the fast food/restaurant business is in the first percentile of least time ROI. I am in the process of opening one in the heart of Lagos and I would appreciate good start up information to guide me. My email address is I eagerly await your response. Thank you.
  • Parvinder Walia said on March 10, 2011
  • James expert adviser said on March 10, 2011
    @Babatunde Adewunmi, it is good to know that you are planning to start a food business. There are so many things that a biz owner will have to go through in starting a business but where exactly you need the help? Let me know.

    Jestin James
    Startup Biz Hub - Senior Advisor (Staff)

  • Babatunde Adewunmi said on March 10, 2011
    @James, Mainly control issues (How to minimize cash losses or how to prevent loss due to collusion by staff), management issues and how to motivate your manager and staff. How to drive sales through the roof! I wouldn't be there always so i want to know how to bring out the best in my manager. I was also hoping you had some basic info template which one can read up for all restaurant owners. I am actually going through the learning curve right now and i believe advice from someone experienced will save me resources. Thank you.
  • James expert adviser said on March 11, 2011
    @Babatunde Adewunmi, i am really sorry we have not prepared a restaurant owner's guide yet but i liked your idea and hopefully jump into it soon. Anyway, if you not gonna manage then the only way that i can see can put you on top of everything is by introducing commission stream to your manager/s. Buy a good insurance for accidents and offer about 10% commission to the manager. To motivate your staff have some friday activity, offer free food, let them take the tips, celebrate their special day, etc.

    Jestin James
    Startup Biz Hub - Senior Advisor (Staff)

  • jovan said on March 15, 2011
    hello my name is Jovany, i'm planing to open chinese fast food in Serbia. can u help me with some details please?
  • Nazia said on March 21, 2011
    I'm interested in starting up a restaurant in hyderabad india, ready to invest, but need good ideas and good people to start up. is anyone who can help me out with the location in hyderabad and great ideas and help could email me. Wanted to have some unique and great ideas and some help with location.
  • Noel Peters said on April 15, 2011
    I am interested to open a chinese restaurant in Ambernath Please tell me how much is the minimum budget required to start a twenty seater medium size restaurant I have decided to start it on a rental shop and grow from there, I am new to restaurant line. I need to know all the details regarding setting up a kitchen, hiring cooks, material, recipes waiters, concepts, etc.., i am planning to target medium and upper medium customers, and also concentrate more on home deliveries. so please could you help me with the details on how to start and maintain it, my email id is Location Maharashtra-Thane-Ambernath (India)
  • Onna said on May 4, 2011
    I was thinking about opening a chinese fast food restaurant in Anaheim Hills Ca. I was wondering how much money do i need to get my business started?
  • J J said on May 11, 2011
    hi , is there a Chinese chef willing to come down here and work in our take out/delivery Chinese rest? thanks J J - Colombia +57 317 436 0304
  • MC said on June 1, 2011
    Hi! I wanted to start a take-out only restaurant in Queensland, Australia. I would like to serve popular "take-out" type dishes (curry, chinese, filipino, finger foods, etc.) and not specialize in one style or origin of food. How do I go about starting the restaurant? Thanks!
  • Parvinder said on June 2, 2011
    hi MC just saw ur add im parvinder walia. ur concept of take out is good and will work in housing location let me know if any other info required. Look for chef if indian is required let me know i will arrange for u. contact me on
  • domingo said on June 2, 2011
    i am a chinese cook, i know also japanese sushi cousine, help me to find job or employer around europe country. i am now in cyprus but i am willing and interested to go another country. thank you.
  • samreen mallick said on June 13, 2011
    i want to take franchise of yo china in gaya(bihar).i hav my own space in main town.jst need the guidence n plz tell wat will be the investment?
  • Ranjan kumar said on July 5, 2011
    I am interested to open a chinese restaurant in Delhi Please tell me how much is the minimum budget required to start a ten seater medium size restaurant I have decided to start it on a counter trolly on main market on and grow from there, I am new to this line. I need to know all the details regarding setting up a kitchen, hiring cooks, material, recipes waiters, concepts, etc.., i am planning to target medium and upper medium customers, and also concentrate more on home deliveries. so please could you help me with the details on how to start and maintain it, my email id is Location Delhi Mayur vihar phase 1
  • ANIRBAN BANERJEE said on July 22, 2011
    I want to open my own restaurant like fish & chicken basis, i do not have any place, pls, suggest me how to start my own business to make new path of FOOD BUSINESS?
  • abdul aziz said on August 7, 2011
    hey !i want to buy any cafe in any university or college urgently please help me out ... any fast food ..!! thanks looking forward for the reply ..:)
  • Mrs.Tam said on August 17, 2011
    hi, my husband and I want to open a chinese restaurant in Sydney, Australia. We want to find partner because we are Chinese(partner can know communication in chinese will be better), we want to find a partner who has experience for open a restaurant in sydney. anyone want to join? thanks
  • arvin said on August 28, 2011
    Hi,to every body ,by the way. I am a chinese cook expert in wok cooking style 18 yrs exp, from phil. and from now on, I am here in kazakhstan and looking for a new employer .if somebody can help me just contact my email thanks....
  • Joanne hung said on September 6, 2011
    How can I contact those people who are interested to look for partners to open their restaurant from your site? I am a retiree interested in cooking Chinese home cook food and have proven delicious .will be interested to set up a small Chinese take away which I have done in England before. I am a Malaysian chinese now in china. Please advice. Thanks, I have no problem moving to other countries except India,or war zone countries.
  • KhaHung said on October 4, 2011
    Hi, I'm opening a Chinese fast food restaurant. If you are interested in being hire for this wonderful opportunity. Feel free to contract me at thx ;)
  • shyle said on November 11, 2011
    i have this great idea for a chinese/african buffet restaurant. anyone interested in partnering with me here in biringham uk, please send a mail to
  • shyle said on November 11, 2011
    please can i get the email of patrick fernando, he left a message up here. we sure can do business together.
  • Siddhy said on November 13, 2011
    hii!! i and my boyfriend want to open an chinese restaurant in sydney, AUSTRALIA i want to know how to go about it and what all is required to start regards to finance and other setup. I am basically in India and planning to go to sydney as soon as possible. my boyfriend is resident of Australia. Please advice. waiting for your reply. thanks.
  • Geeta Upadhyay said on November 23, 2011
    i am working in pvt company.Now i want to start new business like chinise restaurant or consultancy, i a BMA with HR
  • Imants Andersons said on December 4, 2011
    I'm from capital of Latvia , Riga. And there is no Chinese fast food restaurant. Anyone interested can contact me
  • Alina said on December 5, 2011
    Hello, I have a dream to create Chinese fast food restaurant in my city Novorossiysk (Russia). There are 300 000 people live in Novorossiysk. We have no Chinese food at all. Pls give me some instructions.
  • Andrea said on December 9, 2011
    Hello, can you give me some advices and an idea how to open a Chinese restaurant in USA? thank you


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