Starting Your Own BBQ Restaurant

Perhaps you are pondering on engaging in the profitable business of grills and barbecues. We would like to tell you are into a promising venture that will help you financially. One of the things to consider is, of course, the quality and taste of your food offerings aside from the ambiance, price rates, and the variety of choices available.

This article is meant to help you put up your very own BBQ restaurant.

Start with the Basics

Unlike common restaurants, a bbq restaurant is much simpler although not less taxing to run. You need to showcase your basic business skills such as accounting, record keeping, HR management and marketing. On top of this, you need to have at least exceptional love for food, specifically grilled and barbecued ones. To some extent, home-made and family recipes seem to capture a large chunk of the market as well as those that promise added health benefits. A good location for a restaurant is characterized by ample human traffic and often visited by potential customers such as office/government workers and students. If you're renting a space, search out landlords offering agreeable rates and terms. Register your business and obtain applicable licenses/permits. Visit the U.S. Internal Revenue Service office and State Revenue Agency regarding business registration.

Secure BBQ Equipment/Materials

You may actually utilize what extras your kitchen provides. It is always an advantage to start small especially when you don't have much experience or overwhelming capital to spend yet. The family's griller or grill-oven can be used for your restaurant, as well as your extra refrigerator/freezer for storing your meat, vegetables and other ingredients. Condiments, saucers, plates, spoons, forks, knives and other kitchen utensils are also needed. A couple of tables and chairs would do for a small restaurant. If you can't find any extra stuff in the house, you may secure less expensive materials from discount stores and on-line. Recipes and techniques are also highly available from the Internet for your disposal. A computer with Internet connection, a telephone and/or fax machine, cash register, receipt and document printer and a calculating tool are also some of the essential stuff for your restaurant. You may also use your car for running errands, small deliveries and purchasing items for the restaurant.

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You may purchase grill&smoker equipment for as low as $100 to as high as $1,500. Prices of some freezers and refrigerators are more or less the same as most grill&smoker. To sum up, a start-up capital of $15,000 to $20,000 may be sufficient for a small-scale BBQ restaurant.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

To market your product, you may use classified ads, posters and/or fliers, combined with enticing music and eye-catching signboard. But the best method of all is the favorable commendation by your satisfied customers. Keep them all coming back for more of your mouth-watering, fall-off-the-bone and high quality grills and barbecues.

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  • JL RAYFIELD said on May 12, 2009
    As I've some experience owning a Drive-In, you should be aware that dealing with the Health Department alone can be a major headache. A backyard BBQ setup won't pass their hygiene regulations. Most of your equipment will likely have to be stainless steel. Check with them for advice. You'll also need to create an interior design for your place. A couple of tables scrounged from home just won't suffice. I'd go for a countrified/rustic look. i.e. plank floors, picnic tables, red and white checkered table cloths, retro jukebox. wagon wheel chandeliers, etc. You'll need to create a menu of entrees, salads, sides, beverages, and deserts. Then you need to purchase enough provisions to meet demand. You can't run out of food halfway through the night. Also you need to track your inventory regularly to insure your employees don't walk out the door with it. The number 1 reason your business could fail. Need more ideas? Email me.
  • JL RAYFIELD said on May 12, 2009
    PS Don't forget the need to locate suppliers who can meet your requirements. Imagine your early goal is to sell 50 slabs of St. Louis style ribs per night, you'd need a source capable of supplying 1500 slabs of equal quality every month. And that's just an example of ONE item!
  • J Winder said on May 23, 2009
    I love grilling and would love to open a small place. I envision Wednesday thru Sunday and catering have 2 grills with one being kosher. It would be a take-out place.

    My constantly being told I should open a place, but I don't want to leave my full-time employment.

    Do you have any ideas how I could start out without leaving my current income employment?
  • Bob Tap said on August 9, 2009
    How do I set up my kitchen with all the appliances and freezer. Any layouts that you may suggest?
  • DANYEL KENT said on September 23, 2009
  • Marcus Watson said on October 27, 2009
    I'm ready! just don't know where to start. Two way I could go, do my own recipe or buy into a ready made system? Pretty sure I have a good spot. Thanks for the info.
  • alex gottfried said on November 3, 2009
    i am a sophomore in college at appalachain state. i want to start up a bbq restaurant and feel like the small, college town of boone would be a great place for business. i have a life long dream for me to start up a restaurant and my main worry is purchasing and making sure that it is worth it. i realize there are risks involved but since i am young, yet eager, how do i start up a place before someone beets me to it.
  • Ken said on December 28, 2009
    I am looking at starting a take-out BBQ place in North Houston. Email me if you would consider a partnership in this area.
  • cary said on December 30, 2009
    how do i open a BBQ restaurant in zion, illinios, lake county
  • Kevin said on February 24, 2010
    In response to Ken #8, I am looking for the opportunity to start a bbq restaurant on the North side of Houston. I currently live in the Humble area and am looking to devote my full time into my passion.
  • Bill said on March 30, 2010
    I own my own BBQ Restaurant in the south side outside of Houston, Clear lake Area. If you have any questions in regards to Houston I've been in the Restaurant Business for 29 yrs.
  • Shane said on May 3, 2010
    Bill, I'm in GA. I have been smoking and bbq'ing for ages. I am really thinking about pulling the trigger on starting a place. Budget is about $10,000 for startup, is it possible on such small budget?
  • Mike said on May 6, 2010
    i am a junior in college and am thinking about opening up a BBQ joint. I want to open something in Watertown NY which is in northern NY and am wondering if it could actually be successful in northern NY. It is in a military city so there is a lot of diversity looking for BBQ. I'm not a cook by any means so i would need somebody to come in and be an experienced cook. is this a long shot or could it be successful? I am a business major so i have to business background to get there i just need help to make it successful. Any suggestions?
  • dwain said on May 9, 2010
    harrisburg IL 62946.....To Bill! I am thinking of buying a BBQ in business now. Owner is wanting to retire. I made an offer, and got a considerable price reduction. I will have to leave my job. My question is...I am single with no Family to help. This is a family run business. So, the current owners have some leway in payroll issues. As for me, I will have to hire help, so I would be committed to paying payroll. What is your take on this, and how much money should I have put back in my business account to cover payroll for slow times. Thanks!
  • Marvin Brown said on May 15, 2010
    I have always dreamed of owning my own BBQ takeout. I worked as a BBQ cook as a teenager and since then have had the dream of owning my own little takeout. Nothing fancy just a little place for takeout and a few tables inside so workers could eat there for lunch. But i dont know the first thing about getting started and how to get the food and supplies i need. I am 47 years old and the dream is still alive. Can you help me? Sincerely: Marvin Brown 586-747-1619
  • nick bishop said on May 28, 2010
    i want to start my own BBQ restaurant in 104 toledo st adrian mi
  • rufus said on June 25, 2010
    I do a lot of grilling for family and friends and some small scale catering. I'm thinking about opening a small restaurant in my neighborhood. I'm completing my business plan and would like to make sure I have the right list of needed items to begin getting quotes on regarding the cost of supplies. Would like to know if someone has a list of all the supplies needed/required to get started.
  • Tom Emerick said on June 25, 2010
    Looking for a partner in the Temecula california area for a restaurant. I have tons of food ideas bbq and deep fried turkey sandwich focus. email if you would like to talk
  • chris jacobs said on July 12, 2010
    I have a passion for cooking and wanting to start my own BBQ joint in marietta ga. Can anyone please help me out with a good idea of running my own BBQ joint/sportsbar
  • Kevin hudson said on July 25, 2010
    I am planning on starting a BBQ business in the Philippines. I don't need help as it's pretty simple once you take the time to gather everything and set it up. If you rush you will make big mistakes. Only problem for me is that I won't be there to run the business.
  • Kim said on August 12, 2010
    I have heard BBQ restaurants typically run a high food much as 40%! Is this accurate? That is very concerning. We are planning to do brisket, pulled pork, sausage with sides...beans, potato salad, and maybe coleslaw. Set up would be counter service.
  • Dustin said on September 2, 2010
    I run a private-owned ma & pa BBQ restaurant in North Texas outside of Dallas and have a few tidbits that will maybe help ya'll out! In 2009 my restaurant did $1.6 million in sales which is including our inside sales and catering. We serve brisket, sausage, jalapeno sausage, black pepper sausage, pulled pork, st. louis ribs, turkey, chicken, ham, and chopped beef. Our sides include baked potatoes, mac & chz, pinto beans, corn, green beans, coleslaw, macaroni salad, broccoli salad, potato salad, french fries and fried okra. We also have banana pudding and peach cobbler daily at no additional cost. That being said, our avg. plate is around $8-10. My food cost runs anywhere from 38-40%. That is with us throwing away anything that's not fresh and serving only the finest bbq we can.
  • Brandon Allomong said on September 3, 2010
    I'm looking to start up a Brisket and Ribs house. I would like to know if anyone know how to get financing to get a place, equipment, and product? Are their government grants and loans that any knows about? I was born in Texas and I'm living in Ohio now. None of the folks up here even know what Brisket is... haha. Please Help.
  • Stevenson V. Abrogena said on September 9, 2010
    This is for Kevin Hudson. We are interested to know where are you planning to have your bbq resto. We are looking for an investor in our place in the City of San Fernando, Pampanga, Phils.
  • Allen Huddleston said on September 27, 2010
    I sell custom BBQ concession trailers for people wanting to stay small. You definitely get the biggest bang for your buck when doing a concession trailer. You can put it anywhere, run it with one person, and it is very affordable. I have one now ready to go and slightly used. Only $29k.
  • Christopher McGhee said on October 5, 2010
    I would like to start my own bbq business in rio rancho nm starting with a small trailer how do i go about doing it and what do you think it would cost.
  • andrew said on October 27, 2010
    i want to start a bbq business in NYC? i dont know where to start with regards to license, permits, and FDNY regulations. please help me out what to do first?
  • Scott said on December 11, 2010
    I am currently looking to start a BBQ business in the Monmouth County, NJ area. I am an avid BBQ enthusiast who's been working for years perfecting the skill of grilling & smoking and would like to take my hobby to the next level. I'd be interested should the right person come along in either starting up a Mobile Concession (working festivals and special events) or, an On-Site BBQ Catering Set-Up or even opening a BBQ Restaurant. We could start out small with some seasonal gigs,(Craft Fairs / Festivals, etc.), offering ribs, chicken, side dishes, etc., and see where it goes. I'm 47 and currently been working in the industrial supply industry for 24 + years and ready for a change. I feel it really would be too much for 1 person so I am looking for the right person (M or F) to be a working business partner with me who can invest time and some equity; someone who is into BBQ as much as myself, someone who realizes BBQ is the next "Up & Coming Opportunity" and has prepared food that someone other than them self has thought was awesome. I am open for discussion, so if this interests you, shoot me an e-mail with contact details (Name, Phone, E-Mail, Short Bio). Thanks
  • psamules said on December 23, 2010
    Everyone will tell you that owning and running a restaurant is hectic, my main advice is to use productivity tools that give you more of that most valuable commodity...time.
    Key areas include:
    - Finding new customers and keeping existing business / Marketing
    - Food Logistics
    - Staff Management
    - Table/booking management & billing
    - Financial reporting, Accounts payable and Accounting.

    If you are like me, being gen Y or X, then you'll be sweet with leveraging internet tools as a way to promote and run your business - i've found working with older restaurant owners that they are less likely to be adopters of technology, but this doesn't help in a competitive and financially challenging environment. For me the most time consuming area has been food logistics and staff management, you really need a hands on approach for this. For marketing, tables/booking management and the financial area I use web and iphone applications.

    The most useful tool for me which has been a godsend is - a last minute restaurant booking service, essentially allows you to post tables and deals online where you have quiet time periods, eg Mon/Tuesday evenings or for last minute cancellations. But because you can tailor your own offers at any time period for any number of tables, i've also used it for specials as well, eg I got a good deal on snapper and offered 5 tables a night for a special sitting at 5pm with a movie ticket with a snapper main. It's great fun and new and old customers have used it - Offers are also automatically posted to your facebook and twitter accounts 2 hours before they expire - which leverages the social network of my cafe. I also get bookings from text messages so it's very efficient and with no equipment costs and it's free to use for the first 20 bookings to see if it works. has also been handy but I find that most of my customers have bookmarked my phone number to call for a booking rather than bothering online. For accounting I'm using, it's an amazing tool that literally takes your purchases from your bank feeds and after you teach it, will remember what transaction should go to what account - this is truly a huuuuge time saver. Being online, at any point i can log in and see the status of my business and it's health - without minimal need for a bookkeeper. Costs around $50 a month but worth it for you not having to think about your accounts, whenever i log in it's all there without the need to spend early hours of the morning entering in receipts, etc.

    The last tool i've found useful is - this nifty online business is awesome for businesses that get lots of bills from lots of sources - you can simply grab any bill including hand written ones and fax/email or take a pic with your camera phone and email it - and this service will handle data entry and queue up the bill for payment by the due date - you can view at any one time your liabilities due over coming months. I get stacks of supplier bills as well as your standard electricity/gas bills so all my bills are in one place - and i can sync it with my xero account to have a real time picture of where my business is at - again this saves on the need for a bookkeeper. The only thing i'd like to be easier is payroll management, but i'm looking into solutions at the moment for that.
  • Chad Edwards said on January 3, 2011
    If anyone on here is looking to advance their BBQ business please email me; our BBQ teams have won 2 World Championships in Memphis in May and are current State Champions in several states, we have partnered with 6 successful BBQ restaurants nationally who are using not only our sauces and rub, but our recipes as well.
  • Chad Edwards beginner adviser said on January 3, 2011
    We also offer BBQ restaurant consulting, I see here that many of you are running food costs in excess of 30%, that is NOT good, nor is it very profitable; we offer a BBQ pulled pork sandwich on a specialty bun with a side that has a food cost of only 28%. Your highest food cost is going to be on your ribs, unless you are using a premiere cut of brisket (i.e. wagu, SRF, etc..) please email any questions.

  • Ali said on January 11, 2011
    Wanting to a BBQ restaurant. It is my dream. Located in Houston. Would be great to get some input. Or talk to someone who has the same dream that I do.
  • stacks said on January 12, 2011
    @chad edwards I would like to get your e-mail add. I am in the process of opening a small take out, catering, and delivery of BBQ ribs, chicken,turkey,pork and beef. I am in need of sauces and rubs.
  • Pete said on January 24, 2011
    Chad also looking for your email and current web site if you have one.
  • ashley said on January 26, 2011
    Me and my husband have been contemplating the idea of opening our own BBQ place. We want to start out small, do you have any advice that can be useful to succeeding in a small town? P.S my husband's love is BBQing and he has perfected it.
  • Clay said on January 29, 2011
    I am from Texas and have been smoking brisket, ribs, and chicken for years. I currently live in upstate New York (Albany area) and have smoked some brisket and ribs for some people and they have all suggested that I open up a bbq place as there aren't any here that are worth their salt. I would also like to have a bare area with some music. Any thoughts??
  • Luke said on February 4, 2011
    I currently live in Huntsville AL. But I would like to open a restaurant in Florence. I would like to be around a small college town. Gameday specials and catering for tailgates, etc. I have some pretty good ideas i think. I am just an 18 year old with a dream.
  • Varissa said on February 4, 2011
    Looking to start up a bbq joint in Athens GA. Offering grilled burgers,chicken,ribs,fish and shrimps. couple of side items like baked beans, cole slaw, corn and french fries. any suggestions?
  • Mike said on February 9, 2011
    Chad, I live in Edmond Oklahoma. Of course you know I am wanting to start a bbq business. Please email with whatever advice you have.
  • Andre Costa said on March 5, 2011
    Hello Fellows I am Brasilian Citizen I am Experienced BBQ Maker and Chef as well I am Looking for Jobs Abroad any Proposal will be welcome. I live in Japan. and worked abroad Italy, England Japan. So, if you are in need of a Extra Hand let me know I can do anything in the Field from start Up till work as a Manager. contact/ andre costa, skype:andre.shogun see then have great weekend...
  • Rodney said on April 14, 2011
    Hello everyone, I live in Louisville Ky. I love to cook & I've catered about 50 bbq events. I'm interested in opening a small bbq restaurant. If their is anyone that can assist me in anyway please feel free to email me.
  • moreno said on April 16, 2011
  • rudebwy said on May 10, 2011
    i have a passion and a long to have/run my own business and since i love bbq and have been told on many occasions my taste is fine and flavor full i would like to put to the commercial test and do work i love, feed folks and watch folks enjoy my cooking. i am in the lower hudson valley region and would love some guidance and ideas. like scoot #28 i need help and also funding. help. lol if you feel u can help in ANY way plz email me
  • TR said on June 21, 2011
    I will be starting bbq joint i Montgomery Al,I have a 18by24 trailer with stove,freezer,ref. deep fryer,three compartment sink the works and a 9by6 grill burns wood or coal but like the wood best .Please give some ideas.
  • michael said on June 27, 2011
    Hi I'm looking to open a bbq joint and I have some questions. How many slabs of ribs do I need to smoke at first till i get a idea on how many people come in. And the same on briskpulled pork , chicken ,and brisket. And a good ideal on what should charge. Thanks
  • Dan said on July 9, 2011
    I am planning to start the first real bbq restaurant in Costa Rica. I have property at a high traffic location and a liquor license for that area. I'm looking for a partner with some experience in the business either as a manager, pit-master or other. If you have an interest, contact me at:
  • Anna T. said on August 1, 2011
    Hi guys i'm from Palmdale Ca i have a BBQ business proposal, my family and friends and also former co-workers love the bbq recipe and the unique idea.they are asking me to cater also this kind of BBq food for their party. Is their any one of you interested to invest. I have been eating to different kind of BBQ places but, no one here in California have this.Just email me if some one is
  • Mr.Parie said on August 14, 2011
    Anna T. love your idea have you considered opening with a partner? I too have some of the best BBQ around. I live in Lancaster CA so were close, you never know what can happen let's lock ribs, chicken and ideas.
  • donny said on September 3, 2011
    Does the state of california allow deep fryers in outdoor cooking?
  • RAF said on September 5, 2011
    To Mike in Watertown above. I am in Kingston, Ontario but, I AM from the south and I know bar b que. The REAL thing not that fake stuff we get up here. I too want to start up a place but in Kingston, not Watertown, Military College a big University and another college PLUS it's a tourist town. I know this would go here but, I want to go small and specialize on just the bar b que with a few sides, as few as possible. I want the sides to be authentic too. REAL bar b que beans, potato salad perhaps and fried green tomatoes. There is a place in Syracuse doing Fried Green tomatoes and there bar b que is pretty okay...not outstanding...they put Italian seasoning on their fried green tomatoes and their bar b que beans are plain awful. I have been going to some of the best bar b que places all over the south all my life as well as cooking these dishes all my life..there's nothing up here that compares right now. It's a good idea and I've been thinking on it for some time but, would be interested in a partner for sure...the only thing I am a stickler on is the recipes cannot be yankee or Canadian versions. They must be real bar b que or soul food sides. People love bar b que and the real deal is so much better I know it will be a busy spot here especially if I keep it small.
  • Corey Chandler said on September 9, 2011
    My life long dream is to own a bbq shack starting very small. A few smokers outside an just serving out the window of the building. I have many questions on how I should do this. I'm only 18 years old but I cook a lot an grill for my family an friends all of the time using my own creations. I want to own a bbq joint. But I just need some pointers. If anyone could help email me. Its my dream to own this place. I have great ideas I just want to others to help me out it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  • changlo changlo said on September 19, 2011
    I am from Bhutan,small country with population of 680000 in Himalayas. Till now in my country there is no barbecue restaurant .i think if we can set up, it would be a success looking for capital budget to start.
  • Crystal Worley said on November 10, 2011
    Hey y'all!! My boyfriend has a love and passion for smokin' and bbq, and was just curious if anyone has any pointers that could give him. He wants to open a small bbq joint. If anyone out there has any ideas, pointers, advice, so forth....He would to talk with you!!! We are from Rockford, IL. although he doesn't want to start something like that here necessarily. Please email me!!!!
  • Charlie said on December 19, 2011
    I own a BBQ restaurant in Frederick, MD that is all setup and ready to go. It is currently closed I just need an operator with the passion and experience to get it off the ground. You can earn ownership thru sweat equity. I just want to be a landlord though i do luv BBQ. Restaurant experience is a must. email
  • Josh Thompson said on December 26, 2011
    Hey everyone. My wife and I are thinking of starting a BBQ concession trailer. Have a smoker that will hold about 40 Boston Butts. My sauce is really good. I just need a little advice about getting started. We are in Lonoke, AR. Thanks for the advice!!!!!!
  • steven staggs said on January 4, 2012
    i'm trying to find out what i need to do to open a take out bbq pit from an closed down mom and pop store.could someone please tell me how to go about it
  • obera beal said on January 12, 2012
    Me and my son are opening up a barbecue restaurant in plano tx. There is no real down home barbecue in Plno that has that wonderful smoked and season taste. We are in need of some start up capital to get it started. It will be a take only for now and then we build from there. I can guarantee you this is the best barbecue you will ever put in your mouth especially our ribs with our own seasoning. Please contact me at the e-mail listed above if you are interested. There is a market out there in Plano for good, good barbecue. I have done my homework.
  • obera beal said on January 12, 2012
    Me and my son are opening a barbecue restaurant in the Plano, Texas area. There is no real down home barbecue in this area that has that wonderful smoked flavor and perfect seasoning. We have some of the best barbecue you will ever put in your mouth especially our ribs. We are in need of some start up capital for this venture. Please contact me at the e-mail address above. We have done our home work on the market for this area and there is a demand for great barbecue. Please excuse the prior e-mail.
  • phoenix m turner said on February 5, 2012
    my son and i and another partner just started a bbq/creole restaurant in fortville, indiana our opening day was 01/14/ grandparents ran the kansas city bbq pit on haight street in san francisco, ca for 25 years so i know bbq, i grew up with the business. i even use some of the same recipes. timing is everything when it comes to bbqueing...remember low and slow is the way to go!!!we smoke it with fruit wood,make our own sides,pie dough and fillings,rub,sauce and creole chaurice sausages...we are only open thurs thru sunday for now...good luck to everyone
  • pearlharris said on February 7, 2012
    I am wanting to start my own barbecue restaurant in IL. and need to know what it takes to get started. I am not a chef, but I can cook. I would like to sell ribs, pork or beef for the people, I personally like turkey and chicken. Of course I would like to have the sides along with the meats and desserts, plus customers to be able to sit in or get there food to go. would like drive-thru also as well as space to be able to sit outside during the summer months. is that asking for too much for a place like Quincy, IL.
  • phoenix m turner said on March 22, 2012
    well business is picking up day by day. not what we expected though. if quincy, il is a small (4,000 pop)old time community it may be asking for too much...people are set in their ways and already like the places they always gone too....but we have gained a lot of repeat of our new regulars eats a pound of brisket in one sitting and last sunday wanted a pound to go.....we opened during the hardest season for eateries the after xmas before tax time....oh well, live and learn....we have mainly good reviews and make it a point to find out if people actually enjoy our food and we have several people who come 2-3 times a week..
  • Andre Costa said on April 9, 2012
    Dear Fellow I am Looking for a CO-Investor for Open a Brasilian Bar in Europeu style in Japan. in just 30 min I can Open the Business account here and the Equipment we can purchase Used because new is a kind Expensive.. for de Decoration I can do all Fixing. I am Builder. SO just with reasonable investment we can Set it I am Brasilian Citizen my wife and daughter Both Japanese 100% Nihonjin so, I have the paper in hand to Start Up. So if interested drop me a Line. alternative e mail -, Andre
  • Ken Castles said on April 19, 2012
    We are opening a BBQ restaurant in Marysvale Utah at the world famous BIG ROCK CANDY MOUNTAIN...its taking a lot more money than we had expected. We have owned and ran a successful restaurant and currently have a deli open. We are looking for an investor. Thanks Ken
  • christian pace said on May 3, 2012
    i would like to open a bbq restaurant if anyone out there would like to join me and make some investments that would surly bring in millions
  • Anthony said on June 4, 2012
    I plan to open a bbq restaurant in Reviewview FL. I have a breakfast cafe in Tampa and I have just opened a full scale restaurant also in Tampa near Bush Gardens. However, I have never needed to borrow money. Today I want to borrow money to start this next restaurant. Bankers are asking me for a business plan. I have not run my business by the seat of my pants, nevertheless, i have not needed to put a plan together for anyone other than myself and I would love to see a good business plan.
  • Kyle said on June 15, 2012
    I have a great building in Medina new York. Currently renovating the space to become a bbq restaurant. Looking for a financial backer to get us off the ground this summer instead of next. If interested in potential investment email me and we can talk details.
  • Randy said on July 9, 2012
    My mom owns a 40x70 restaurant in a small town with a pop. of about 700.The building has been unoccupied for 6 years,inside will need new drywall,and probably most equipment will need to be replaced.She has offered to give this to me if I want to do something with it,as she is just paying taxes on an empty building.It used to have a regular local breakfast-dinner crowd and since there is no other restaurant within 10 miles either direction,and NO BBQ style restaurants within 50 miles,there is a HUGE opportunity here for me.I just don't know where to look for funding,,my savings are gone to do being laid off work for 3 years,and my mother doesn't have any excess funds to loan me.Ideas? Partners? A huge bbq catering service could be an offshoot of this,we are about 1 1/2 hrs drive south of Chicago,,e-mail me at
  • Adam Johnson said on July 17, 2012
    I live in a town of just under 50k in Hutchinson, KS. I have a love for smoked food (all smoked food). I have a passion for starting a small BBQ restaurant, and growing. I need to know a good capital to have and any advice to start with. Thank you.
  • dwayne said on August 20, 2012
    I live in frederick maryland I would like to open up a barbeque restaurant but also serving my well known fried chicken. I would also like to incorporate a mobile vending trucks to serve my where's is well. I'm currently looking for investors for going with me on my venture. Are you currently manage a barbeque restaurant at this time. And would like to setup my own
  • anthony williams said on October 20, 2012
    I live in pensacola florida i would like to open a barbeque restaurant I would like to incorporate my excellent well know fried chicken and ten different flavors of wings, hamburgers and fish I am looking for a investor to help get this venture off the ground I have owned a bbq restaurant in the pensacola florida area and presently cater but I have a great Idea that I would make millions I will discuss with a serious investor I am also a Serv safe certified manager
  • carol d said on December 18, 2012
    Hi, I'm a Texan living in Australia. Folks here have no idea what Brisket is. We are serving it at a weekend kiosk, and it is going over well. We want to make it into an everyday thing. We think we may have found a Wood Fire Pizza Place that has closed. Anyone have any ideas about how to change a wood fire oven to a smoker? Everything here is double the cost in the states, but its a market we could dominate, since no one here does it.
  • Maura De Anda said on December 22, 2012
    Kansas city, KS What are the requirements to run a concession trailer food business?
  • j said on January 20, 2013
    We are a couple of guys wanting to bring that great midwest/texas BBQ down here to the south (where pork is king).. Nobody has that great slow-cooked beef/brisket/ham that famous in the midwest . We have the restaurant background, the $$$, the business plan, we just need to find a Master Smoker !! Anyone want to share ideas/suggestions/thoughts, etc feel free to drop us a line ..
  • smokey said on January 21, 2013
    i'm a master smoker. what part of the south was you wanting to start up in.
  • elaine said on January 30, 2013
    @carol d Where in Australia are you? I am in Perth and have been thinking of a bbq joint here. Originally from the U.S. Agree about the costs.
  • Ted said on February 9, 2013
    Hi, I'm in Melbourne Australia and am looking to setting up a small BBQ/smoke takeaway rib joint. The costs are going to be a lot higher than restates but I am hoping to sell a small slaw & rib lunch box for $8 or so, other places are selling a rack of ribs for $55 and I'm sure I can do better than that! Would love to hear from anyone interested in this type of venture in Australia.
  • Tim & Helen said on February 26, 2013
    Hello fellow BBQrs. we are looking for any advice on opening up a small bbq business. We are looking to relocate as the home we have been renting the past 15 years is going to be sold this summer. We just got laid off from our trucking jobs and now have become legal guardians to our 13 year old granddaughter. We dont have much in the way of funds to start out. Does anyone know if Michigan has any program to help a small business get started? We are thinking of doing catering first and work our way into a very small Mom & Pops kind of restaurant. We already have our commercial smoker and are excited and more than ready to get started selling amazing bbq. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. God Bless and Thank You
  • Jo Hake said on February 26, 2013
    I am thinking of starting a BBQ business in my home town. There are a little more than 3000 people here in this small Texas town, but we host a lot of events that bring in huge crowds. I live in a large home, paid for, that was built in 1916. Its a corner lot with an empty lot across the street. A lot of homes like mine, have been turned into a bed and breakfast. I have a huge smoker and would love to open a bbq place using the downstairs section of my home, and reside in the upstairs section. I see no reason why this wouldn't be a huge success. I also am just down the street from the high school, and middle school and across the street directly from our city park, filled with picnic tables and a large gazebo. If anyone has ANY kind of advice for me. Please email me at Thank you!
  • velicia said on March 10, 2013
    I'm starting a mobile bbq what state require in florida. Insurance, stores, foods
  • chuck reina said on March 14, 2013
    I am currently looking to start a BBQ biz on a busy highway on a lot with a structure for mainly take out services. I have been smoking for 6 years and love it, from The basic brisket, pork and ribs to Prime rib, Clod and turkey. There is a busy ice cream stand next to me that draws a great crowd. I plan to start out only Friday, Saturday and Sunday and still keep my day job at first. Negotiating rent but need advice on health dept and all the legal pitfalls. Any advice from you veterans would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to email me any thoughts that may be helpful, thx Chuck Feel free to email me at
  • Yasir Sajjad said on April 23, 2013
    I want to start a Bar B-Q business in city name "Abbottabad", Pakistan.
  • Robert "Hondo" Henderson said on June 20, 2013
    Hello from near Chicago, Il. Although there are many joints here, there is not many joints in the suburbs surrounding the city. I have food service supervisory experience from the military(Air force res.) and was hurt on the job(different capacity) after 25 years. I absolutely love grilling anything! I have been grilling and cooking for over twenty years! enough said, if you need me I'll be there! Let's talk.
  • "Hondo" said on June 20, 2013
    for those of you who are looking for a grillmaster, in the area, I would be happy to help with the kitchen duties. Let's get started before the summer is gone. Some people have been eating tough, tasteless, seasonless, and just plain bad Bar-B-que for a long time. Some just don't know what good "Q" is. Let me show you how to make simple delicious tender "Q" everytime, I mean chicken, lamb, pork, and beef and sausage.
  • Ace the Dreamer said on June 27, 2013
    So I live in Toronto Canada where there's a few BBQ joints here and there (not including the big chain restaurants). I've come to recognize that we Canadians love us some ribs and it's that love of the hog that has created a market for it and with so few to fill the void has forced us to settle for less than subpar BBQ ribs. I have done my research, I have seen a few possible locations and have even done my own survey through mediums such as Facebook, Twitter all with positive responses/feedback and the only barrier left is capital funding. Anyone in Toronto Canada who thinks this might be a great idea and willing to share their own ideas as well then I would love to hear from you. Reach me @
  • roger said on October 4, 2013
    please give me a number i can call to help me with my ideal
  • Shane B said on October 9, 2013
    Hello everyone :) My wife and I have been strongly considering starting a BBQ shack/catering company for quite sometime now. Would truly love to pick someone's brain either via email or perhaps a 10 minute phone call. We have been smoking and BBQ'ing for years, have a sauce and rub selection that we feel is very special. Tried many other company's BBQ foods and we truly believe we can hold our own. Would love to hear any feedback or tips ANYONE could offer. Thank you for your time.
  • Russell S said on October 27, 2013
    I am about to take a leap of faith , I am at the ground floor and would like some advice, I found my location( empty store front , it was a beauty shop) , have funding, have all the help I need (plumber, electrician, carpenter)need a CPA though. Finding out what permits I need , space is an issue , so doing take out and delivery ,catering to"on the go New Yorkers" and local business establishments, noon to 5 am, close proximity to 4 night clubs , so short and brief , Next step ? Advice would be great , critic may even be useful. Thanks in advance
  • saurabh vashistha said on March 29, 2014
    how much money should i have in my pocket if i want to start a BBQ restaurant?
  • Art said on May 14, 2014
    I'm one of the top pitmasters in central Texas. I own a barbecue restaurant near the Austin area. My wife has health issues and I need to spend more time with her. I'm looking for someone to invest financially and learn how to be a top notch pitmaster. If interested, please respond and let's get to work!
  • Josh Peer said on June 24, 2014
    I am currently a student looking for more information on how to open up my own BBQ restaurant with my brother. We are both getting our degrees in business management. We would like to know start up prices, equipment needed, how many people to hire for a small to medium sized restaurant etc. We would like someone who has already successfully opened their own BBQ business but all advice will be taken in. We are out of Hopkinsville KY. My email in for any advice anyone may have and thank you in advance.
  • az said on June 26, 2014
    Want to start a bbs restaurant for Asian market with spice dominating more like nondos any ideas help please email me on thank you
  • Tanny Johnson said on August 3, 2014
    I live in North Hollywood California. My husband and I, would love to open a small BBQ restaurant. Both of us have experience in the food industry, my husband with catering BBQ and myself a college degree in culinary arts. It has been many years for the both of us, but neither of us never left the passion behind. We have no idea how to get started besides our recipes.
  • bert said on August 28, 2014
    i'm rob from philippines i'm looking for a partner and open up a barbecue grill in cebu philippines.
  • Raul Fernandez said on September 10, 2014
    I have a product that is used to smoke/bbq that replaces charcoal and gas. This product is the easiest way to use for bbquing/smoking and is 100% natural wood processed to fit in any size bbq pit or smoker. It cooks without flames and it does not flare up...NO fire, just heat. You don't have to watch your grill at all, just start the wood put your meat on and time it. I have been told it is the easiest way to cook, and after you light the wood you can start cooking within 5 minutes...there is no waiting for it to get hot. It cooks at temperatures of 200-250 degrees and you can bbq wih this product in ANY grill available. Need someone to take a look at this and help me put this in the hands of the consumers who bbq. This will change the way people bbq I guarantee you. It is safe and easy.
  • NANCY GRUMMITT said on October 26, 2014
  • Jerry said on November 26, 2014
    Art in Austin - are you still looking for a partner/apprentice?
  • Arica said on December 31, 2014
    I am totally clueless. My passion is cooking and a desire to open a barbeque restaurant. Can someone please give me advice on getting this started. Good Luck to any and everyone with this same desire!
  • dumsani ndzabe said on February 28, 2015
    Hi, I want to start a small bbq restaurant in durban south africa. I want to do beef, chicken, pork ribs, burgers and hot dogs. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks
  • Matt said on April 5, 2015
    I grew up in Texas and moved to Idaho. There is not a good BBQ place here and the nearest is a chain with mediocre food. I would like to start a BBQ place here and I'm looking for a pitmaster. Are there any ideas or interested pitmasters out there?
  • Damon Toombs said on April 13, 2015
    I have a sauce that is to die have been grilling for abt 10 years now and have been told to start my own bbq place. The problem i have is that i dont know where to start from. My goal is to have a small bbq place in arizona. I have a couple of ideals but just need to get off the ground. My sauce comes from my father who has passed away. This sauce was never told to anyone. Now my father passed when i was 3years old, and how i got the secret to his sauce, IS A DREAM COME TRUE! So if anyone has any ideals or willing to help i promise you it will be worth it! I'm from st. Louis mo. Please email me.


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