How to Start BD's Mongolian Barbeque Franchise

The BD’s Mongolian Grill is a classic dining experience that applies the world’s best create-your-own stir-fry restaurant experience.

This interactive dining delivers creative control over the dishes of your choice.

Since the dawn of BD’s Mongolian Barbeque in 1992, it has delivered only the best control-your-own-dining experience that is unique only to BD’s. Customers get to pick from a variety of choice meats, vegetables, sauces, condiments and various spices, and have the food prepared by the grillers on their 7-foot grill. The company believes that taking care of the team and the guests is what makes the brand stronger and therefore more successful. It is through its effective support team that these goals are carried out by the company and their corresponding franchises. The family atmosphere among the franchisees is what creates what a positive drive and attitude to encourage the development of company strategies, services and products.

Site characteristics are preferably the store front types or free standing ones in the neighborhoods or markets, provided that either has a strong restaurant synergy which includes banks, movie theatres, coffee shops, universities, office parks, hospitals and any other place that generates a considerable amount of either mid day or evening traffic. This is to assure that you will get a good amount of customers walking into your restaurant business.

To partake in the BD’s Mongolian Barbeque franchise opportunity, the qualifications include multi-unit operations, a casual dining experience, at least $2.5 Million Net Worth and $750,000 Liquid Cash. The restaurant size should be around 5,500 square feet and the overall size varies according to the area and availability of the location. The Demographics necessary include a local resident population of at least 120,000. It is necessary to have daytime populations that are 25,000 or more per trade area.

Therefore to open up a BD’s Mongolian Barbeque franchise you will need a total investment of $829,000 to $2,900,000 with an initial franchise fee of $35,000. There is a 10 year term of agreement, renewable at 50% of the fee at the time of renewal and 5% ongoing royalty fee. Company training is offered and the on going support is through meetings, the phone line, newsletters, Grand opening assistance, Security/safety procedures and Field operations/evaluations. Marketing assistance is through Ad slicks, Co-op advertising, and the National media.

As per operations are concerned, franchisees are required to buy multiple units or master licenses, to date 60% of all franchisees own more than one unit. A single franchise unit requires around 75 to 100 employees to run. Absentee ownership of franchise is allowed and 100% of the current franchisees are both owners as well as operators. Qualifications for the franchise include basic managerial experience in the industry, general business experience and marketing skills.


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