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Pet Franchise Opportunities

Americans are spending a lot when it comes to their favorite animals. In fact, Business Week Magazine reported that there are 63% of U.S. households owning at least one pet. Also according to research, the most numerous pets are cats and dogs. This is followed by hamsters, fish, birds, reptiles, and other small animals.

People will spend around $2.1 billion to buy pets and then another $3.2 billion on boarding and grooming them. There is a wide variety of pet franchises coming into existence today. These ranges from traditional pet supply retail stores, professional grooming, specialized boarding facilities, and even poop disposal. We laid out all the choices so you can have a better selection.

  • Pets Are Inn Franchise Opportunity
    At Pets Are Inn you are given the unique opportunity to be able to entrust the safety and welfare of your pet while you are away.

  • Pet Butler Franchise Information
    Statistics show that in the United States, there are over 63 million dogs. Almost 30 millions own them. These dog owners spend roughly $38.4 billion on their dogs every year.

  • How to Start Preppy Pet Franchise
    Two-thirds of the American households have one or even a number of pets. It has become undeniable that America is a pet-loving country where pets are indispensable members of the family.

  • Open DoodyCalls Franchise
    Franchising is not as easy task as you thought it would be but not with DoodyCalls. Providing cleaning services to pet owners who are confronted with dilemma on waste that their pets were disposing, DoodyCalls has a turn-key operating system that is also made available for those wanting to franchise the business.

  • Petland Franchise Info
    If you wish to open up a business and want to go with a rewarding one, you can start up your own Petland store. Indeed, this kind of business will provide you an exciting experience plus will offer you great income in the long run.

  • Bark Busters Home Dog Training Franchise Info
    Bark Buster Home Dog Training Franchise is perfect for people who want to jump-start their business career with a help of an international company, which provides a top-notch pet home service.

  • Open an Aussie Pet Mobile Business
    Every pet lover has one thing in their mind, and that is their pets’ well-being. Aussie Pet Mobile business is definitely the franchise that can provide you the satisfaction of seeing these pet lovers that they gave the best treatment to their animal buddies.


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