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Statistics show that in the United States, there are over 63 million dogs. Almost 30 millions own them. These dog owners spend roughly $38.4 billion on their dogs every year.

Moreover, it is forecasted that businesses catering cleaning services to residential and commercial establishments will continue to prosper through 2011.

In fact, revenues for these businesses are expected to advance to 5.3% every year, making it a $62.8 billion industry, way more than the candy and toy industries which profits are $26 billion and $22.3 billion, respectively. In a further statistics by the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association in Greenwich, Connecticut, expenses by American pet owners on pet services (grooming, boarding, etc.) has doubled to more than $2.5 billion.

Out of this pet industry come businesses offering pet waste removal and clean-up. Among which is Pet Butler, North America’s pet waste clean-up service. Pet Butler is a family-owned business that is client-centered and pet-passionate. Over the years, it has provided its customers with topnotch waste removal and cleaning services. It was founded by Matt “Red” Boswell in 1998 and started franchising in 2005. Its pioneer franchise, to date, has now over 3,000 clients in Dallas Fort Worth Area, Texas. Today, it has over 130 franchised units all throughout 27 states of USA and in more than 1,500 cities. Because of this, Pet Butler was included in a variety of franchising rankings.

With only $29,900 as franchise fee, one can already have a ticket to owning his Pet Butler. However, total investment needed for the start-up is approximately $38,000 to $65,900 with an ongoing royalty fee of 7%. Should you franchise, the franchise term agreement is 10 years and can be renewed thereafter.

Pet Butler franchisees can be assured of what they’re getting themselves into. With its innovative franchise system, they’re getting a turn-key success. All franchisees are taught on how to operate their own Pet Butler, as well as market them to prospective clients through an initial and on-going training which lasts for 5 days. Every prospective franchise owner attends training at the business’ Poop University in Frisco, Texas. This is where the franchisee gets to know the in’s and out’s of the Pet Butler business management.

The following are expected to be taught in the Poop University:

  • Recruitment, training and management of Fecal Matter Removal Technicians
  • Marketing to prospective clients – families, homeowners and communities
  • Usage of Pet Butler’s mobile software and PoopNet in the control and scheduling of client needs and requests
  • Means of communication with the Poop Central Command for coordination of daily work and tasks as well as updates
  • Administrative and financial control
  • How to save time, finances and efforts in marketing your Pet Butler franchise through a variety of methods (national ads, public relations, networking, word-of-mouth campaigns, and many other promotional activities)
  • How to develop and have an outstanding profit

Good news is it does not end there. Franchisees are also given the following instructional references for further help in the operation of the business: manuals, training videos, scripts, and conference calls. Moreover, franchisees also get a help in their marketing through yellow page ads, print ads, and referrals.


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