How to Start a Boarding Stable Business

If you want to start a boarding stable business, you will need to prepare a business plan. This type of business is time consuming and labor intensive.

You should be willing to invest time, effort, and money to properly care for the horses. Determine the licensing and zoning requirements to comply accordingly.

Boarding Stable Business

Purchasing a horse can be very costly but did you know that providing for shelter is more expensive? If you have your own horses and you want to earn profits, it would be best to start boarding stable business. This is a great way to provide your horses with the needed stables and at the same time, you’re also earning money. However, you should be aware that this type of business is labor intensive and time consuming. You should be willing to invest time and effort in order to succeed.

You must conduct thorough research to determine the competition in your region. Are there existing competitors in your area? You can offer basic or full services. Try to find out the local charging or rates for stall cleaning, feeding, training, hoof care, de-worming, and turnout. You don’t have to offer all these services and choose only the ones that you can do with ease and efficiency. Hire the needed staffs depending on the number of stables you have. It would be impossible to care for the horses alone, so you should hire extra help.

Licensing and Zoning

Consult with the local government agency to determine the licensing and zoning requirements. There are also permits that you need to obtain to care for several horses and for building the stables or facilities. Horses are expensive, so you need to purchase general liability insurance because your traditional home insurance will not cover it. With enough coverage, you don’t have to worry about possible accidents and disasters. Building the facilities will require huge costs, so you need to have substantial capital. You can use the business plan to apply for business loans. You can also build an indoor arena so that horses can use it year-round. However, this can cost you more so if you want to continue with this project, you will have to charge your clients extra for the use of the arena.

Having enough knowledge about horses and how to care for them can put you at an advantage. Monitor the diets and illness of the horses so that you can ensure their health at all times. Incorporation of the business is also possible and this is great to protect your personal assets. Use the internet to gather enough information about horses and how to run a boarding stable. Promote the business extensively and you can visit horse owners in your area to distribute your business card. You can also advertise online or in local newspapers or magazines.


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