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Do you want a sure way to start a successful business? If you are looking for a brand whose appeal to the market has been proven or a business format that has always worked, then look no further than your favorite shop, store or restaurant. They can share their success through a franchise.

If you want to start a business without the hassle of starting from scratch, franchising is the way for you to go. It would usually cost more to franchise than to start your own enterprise, but franchising is almost always a sure way to ensure you are pursuing a business that works. Find from our articles businesses that you can franchise.

  • Top 5 Franchises that South Africans are Interested to Invest
    South Africans are becoming more interested in starting their businesses as a franchisee. In fact, they are deemed unstoppable in viewing all business franchise ideas. They made it an effort to search for the best possible information to guide them all the way. Good thing, there are information-based articles posted on website to give them a brief idea about it.

  • Prudential Commercial Real Estate Franchise
    Unlike residential real estate, the commercial real estate investment is bought, evaluated, and sold in accordance purely to numbers, on a set of factors that describe the type of ROI that you can expect with the property.

  • What You Need to be a Successful Franchise Owner?
    People who are seriously considering managing any franchise business wonder, at certain point of their lives, if they got "what it takes" to become successful. There are actually ways to answer such question for yourself. One is to conduct a self-evaluation about the success factors that are common among franchisees.

  • Why Franchise Have Higher Chances of Success?
    Based on studies, it is said that franchise businesses have high success rates. Established business model, leverage with the suppliers, tested marketing plan, and full support are some of the reasons why franchise businesses are more successful. The increased probability of success outweighs the disadvantages like royalty fees that are paid monthly.

  • Can You Sell a Franchise Business?
    Purchasing a franchise business can be tempting because of the proven systems and brand names. But in case you decide to go out of this venture, can you really sell a franchise business?

  • How to Franchise My Business in Singapore
    Franchising your business offers several benefits. It’s an efficient way to grow and expand your business. Compared to getting a loan or selling equity, franchising may be a cost-effective method of growing your capital.

  • Should You Buy a Franchise Business
    Striving for new goals mainly includes buying a franchise business and mastering their destinies as business owners. Franchising truly fits to the real picture and to their real dream.

  • Adele Cleaning Franchise Information
    Adele is one of the top leading companies that offer residential housekeeping services to finest hotels and resorts. The company has developed a powerful and unique selling proposition for the past 16 years and encompasses not just a cleaning service but allows other aspiring entrepreneurs to access to a suite of proprietary cleaning products that are design to clean and maintain cleanliness of houses, hotels and resorts.

  • Starting an Adecco Franchise
    If you think you can provide the best HR solutions to other companies and establishments, starting an Adecco franchise is one of the possible business opportunities for you.

  • Ace Check Cashing Franchise Opportunities
    Taking initiative to work as franchisee for Ace Check needs thorough planning. Start with knowing the organization for partnership. Retail business operation must be known especially financial services from check cashing to short-term consumer loans for customer base. Other features like procedures for bill payment and prepaid debit cards are important and must be known.

  • Adani Cng Franchise Opportunities
    Adani CNG franchise opportunities are increasing in the country due to the rapidly increasing demand of CNG across the country. Adani CNG feature includes it being safer, economical and secure to use too. Different retail outlets are now opened at Gujarat, Harayana, UP and Rajasthan.

  • Ace Sushi Franchise
    Ace Sushi is one of the most profitable businesses of all time. This is especially true these days when lots of demands for Ace Sushi are notable.

  • Sign Business Franchise
    For those who are fond of creating different signs or logos, the sign business franchise would be the best option.

  • Quick Trip Franchise
    With over 325 opened stores in the different areas of Kansas, Omaha, Tulsa, Atlanta, Phoenix, St. Louis, and Dallas, the Quick trip Corporation has been becoming known in the industry of convenience stores.

  • Dollarama Franchise
    Saving a lot of money by buying low-cost items of good quality is very good to hear.

  • Affordable Franchise Opportunities
    There a lot of things that we consider when starting up a business, particularly a franchise business.

  • Kinko’s Franchise Opportunities
    The industry of photocopying, printing, document production and distribution, and mailing services has been becoming a popular franchise business, especially for starters since there are an increase number of people needing this kind of services.

  • 5 Guys Franchise Information
    The Five Guys restaurant group is among the valued retro-style burger establishment.

  • Kumon Franchise Costs
    Nowadays, franchising a learning center is becoming a new trend. Kumon Learning Center is just one of the most seek-out franchises in the franchising industry.

  • Dollar Tree Franchise Opportunity
    Dollar Tree store is just one of the leading stores that sell products with a minimum cost.

  • Lululemon Franchise Information
    Lululemon Athletica is a well-known company that sells yoga-inspired athletic clothing.

  • How to Apply for a Franchise
    Franchises are a growing popularity among business ventures and have a wide array of types that will suit every person.

  • Internet Franchise Business
    The Internet can also be a good means to earn a living. Several types of Internet franchises can be derived out of the different capabilities of the Internet and the World Wide Web. In here we can be able to see some facts about the different opportunities in internet franchise business.

  • BP Gas Station Franchise Information
    BP is considered one of the largest energy companies in the world and has several franchises under its trade name.

  • Game Truck Franchise Information
    Gametruck is considered the World’s First Mobile Video Game theatre and is a fun and exciting franchise option for interested entrepreneurs.

  • Laser Tag Franchise Opportunity
    The Laser Tag uses RFID technology in the software and hardware of each gaming utility.

  • Golden Krust Franchise
    The Golden Krust Caribbean Bakery is known for its Caribbean style pastries and savory dishes and is an excellent franchise option for those entrepreneurs interested in opening a restaurant specializing in Caribbean cuisine.

  • TGI Fridays Franchise Information
    TGI Friday’s is a franchise company which belongs to the family restaurants category. TGI Fridays basically stands for “Thank God it’s Friday”. TGI Fridays is known for its very hospitable service making it an ideal place for the whole family to dine.

  • Buying a Curves Franchise
    Curves is a franchise company which presents an effective workout for women in just 30 minutes. It has also been one of the most popular franchise companies today.

  • Buying a Redbox Franchise
    Opening a business of your own is one of the dreams of most individuals. There are actually a lot of franchise opportunities out there but you can never be sure that you will earn a significant amount of return of investment within a short period of time.

  • Krispy Kreme Franchise Info
    If you want to start a franchise business, you should definitely consider starting a krispy kreme franchise because it is one of the most successful franchise companies that we have today.

  • Franchise Disputes
    If you are having problems with your franchise company, you are not actually alone. Actually, there are a lot of franchise owners who are experiencing problems with their franchise company.

  • About Concerto Networks Franchise
    Concerto Networks is an IT-based franchise company which means that its niche is the IT industry. If you are an IT person and you are planning to start your own IT firm, you should consider purchasing a Concerto Networks franchise.

  • How to Start The Closet Factory Franchise
    If you are looking for a good franchise to purchase and you are into installing customized closets, entertainment divisions, and shelves for other businesses or garages, you should definitely consider starting a "The Closet Factory" franchise.

  • Start a Cottman Transmissions Franchise
    The Cottman Transmissions Franchise gives interested franchise applicants the opportunity to engage in a business in the automotive aftercare industry.

  • Franchise Business Structure
    In creating the business structure for the franchise there are several considerations to take note of depending on the type of franchise you plan on running and how you plan to run it.

  • Examples of Franchise Businesses
    Franchises are the very popular new business alternative as they supply all the necessary training, tools and equipment needed for the operation of the business.

  • Steps to Franchising a Business
    Franchising your business is one of the best ways to bring your already established business into greater success.

  • Solar Business Franchise
    The growing demand for the acquisition of energy in the most environmentally safe way is reason why investing in a solar business franchise is desirable.

  • How to Invest In a Franchise
    Investing in a franchise lowers the risk of not achieving success or popularity in a business as it is based on a proven business model that has already established name and recognition.

  • How to Get an Archie's Franchise
    Archie's limited specializes in greeting card production and is a popular option for interested franchise applicants as greetings and gifts are still very popular especially at events and special occasions.

  • How to Franchise Zagu
    Zagu is a popular Philippine owned Pearl Drink Establishment that is considered the leader in the pearl shake business.

  • How to Open a Chuck E Cheese Franchise
    The Chuck E. Cheese franchise offers many exciting benefits to franchise owners as it is not only a well-established company in a profitable market but also one that takes good care of its franchise family all throughout the operation.

  • How to Open an Archadeck Franchise
    Archadeck is a company that specializes in building custom designed decks for outdoor living spaces.

  • How to Own Sanrio Franchise
    The Sanrio Company specializes in the production of cute Japanese cultural elements. It would make for an exciting franchise option as it implements the traditional expression of Japanese culture in an attractive yet modern way.

  • 4 Color Press Franchise Opportunity
    The 4 Color Press franchise gets you geared towards financial success with its proven business model and quality equipment and service.

  • How to Report Franchise Tax Fraud
    Working residents of any country are required to submit a regular tax return and some try to cheat their way out from this responsibility thus creating a tax fraud which is punishable by law.

  • Integra Realty Resources Franchise Info
    The Integra Realty Resources, Inc provides professional services in the United States that focus on counseling and property valuation.

  • Starting an Industry Magazine Franchise
    The Industry Magazine franchise gives entrepreneurs the unique opportunity to partake in an exciting magazine franchise that specializes in various topics including Arts and Entertainment, Business, Health and Beauty Lifestyle, among others.

  • PCSO Lotto Franchise Fee, Cost, Information
    PCSO lotto franchise is a type of business wherein you are most likely to receive your return on investment in a not-very-long time.

  • Cartridge Depot Franchise Review
    Cartridge Depot is a franchise company that specializes in recycling used ink cartridges.

  • About Data Doctors Franchise
    The Data Doctors Computer Services is a nationally renowned leader in offering computer services and products to the public and local community.

  • Open a Deck the Walls Store
    Deck the Walls store is one of the leading art stores in the United States.

  • How to Start Get a Grip Franchise
    Get A Grip specializes in the resurfacing industry. It has only the most advanced products and techniques and can bring new life back to any item you wish to be repaired and resurfaced.

  • Advance Realty Franchise Information
    The Advance Realty Company was founded in 2001 in Timonium, Maryland and has since set a reputation for having quality services at low and affordable fees.

  • About Apricot Lane Franchise
    The Apricot Lane franchise offers a unique and successful opportunity to entrepreneurs interested in branded and high quality fashion, or just those that want to pave the way to financial independence.

  • Starting an American Ink Franchise
    American Ink Jet Corporation has been the developer for all the major print head technologies since 1983.

  • About ABS Systems Franchise
    ABS or also know as American Business Systems provides medical billing and cash flow services online. American Business Systems started its operation in the year 1994.

  • ActionView Franchise Info
    ActionView International Inc. offers great franchise opportunities for entrepreneurs who are interested and planning on entering the world of advertising.

  • AVALAR Franchise Information
    Start with gathering information regarding the company if you want to become AVALAR franchisee.

  • Owning a Big Box Storage Franchise
    Big Box Storage offers a unique storage service that will give the customers the opportunity to meet their storage needs without having to leave their workplace or home.

  • Flat Rate Realty Franchise
    Nowadays, people want to take more control over there financial status and income, and through Flat Rate Realty Franchise you can also make that dream into a possibility.

  • Open a Plan Ahead Events Franchise
    This article discusses the background and the basics of opening a Plan Ahead Events franchise.

  • Open American Prosperity Group (Apg) Franchise
    The American Prosperity Group is a franchise that deals with the Retirement and Real estate planning of its clientele.

  • Owning a ShelfGenie Franchise
    ShelfGenie is a storage company that customizes designs, builds and installs it’s one of a kind Glide-Out Shelving System in any cabinet.

  • Become Clix Franchisee
    Clix is one of the premier businesses offering franchising opportunities with support on the selection of the design, location, technology, methods, and equipment suitable for the franchise.

  • Owning Utility Franchise
    Utility Company is one of the established businesses in delivering IT services to small and medium firms.

  • How to Start TheHomeMag Franchise
    Even publications nowadays are entering the business of franchising as they target getting a larger portion of the market.

  • Buy Caring Transitions Franchise
    Many families are seeking the help of skilled nursing centers that will serve as a home to seniors in the family especially when a busy lifestyle prevents them from taking good care of them.

  • Cyre-Leike Franchise Information
    Securing business success through providing the appropriate training program on carrying out business procedures and other relevant matters to it franchises, Cyre-Leike maintains the reputation through the years.

  • Speedpro Imaging Franchising Opportunity
    In choosing the best in the industry of graphics designing, SpeedPRo Images is one of the respected names in the business.

  • HomeVestors of America Franchise Information
    HomeVestors of America Inc. also known as “We Buy Ugly Houses” franchise is the No.1 homebuyer in the United States and other countries around the world. With over 45,000 ugly homes bought since 1989, the company has now turned into a $10 billion empire with lots of business opportunity to grow and to be successful.

  • Become Four Seasons Sunrooms Franchisee
    Four Seasons Sunrooms has been in the industry for more than 30 years now. To date, it is the top company when it comes in designing and building beautiful sunrooms for thousands of clients.

  • Start Aerowest/Westair Deodorizing Franchise
    Aerowest/Westair Deodorizing is a business that specializes in maintaining the public comfort rooms.

  • Buy Closet Tailors Franchise
    Closet Tailors specializes in organizing household necessities. They are accepting interested franchisees that can meet and accomplish all of the qualifications and requirements expected from them.

  • WIN Home Inspection Franchise Info
    WIN Home Inspection started franchising their business in 1994 to qualified applicants that have the drive to work for financial progress.

  • How to Start an ABC Franchise
    To start an ABC franchise, you must realize the different benefits you can get from being a member of their company.

  • Starting Scotts Lawn Service Franchise
    Scotts Lawn Service is a business catering for the lawn maintenance of majority of the household in America. It is open to franchising for the deserving people who are experienced or those who are willing to be trained in lawn maintenance services.

  • Great Frame Up Franchise Info
    The Great Frame Up Franchise is open to anyone who is people-oriented and with good marketing skills in order to be successful in the business.

  • Become Friendly Computers Franchisee
    Friendly Computers is part of a rapidly growing industry with high demand and profitability yet requires low investment. By becoming a Friendly Computers franchisee, you can now help people repair, upgrade and custom-build their computer systems.

  • Starting The Alternative Board Franchise
    Bringing your entrepreneurial experience and expertise in the forefront, starting a franchise of The Alternative Board (TAB) ensures profitably extending your knowledge through facilitating and leading groups of business owners, presidents and CEO’s.

  • Start Miracle Method Surface Restoration Franchise
    Miracle Method Surface Restoration ranks as one of the top businesses that is said to have excellently passed the franchisee’s satisfaction division.

  • Become N-Hance Franchisee
    Do you want to own a business that restores cabinets, floors, and other wood surfaces? We can show you how to start N-Hance Franchise so you can offer a unique service.

  • How To Start Christmas Decor Franchise
    In franchising Christmas Decor, you are not only assured of professional backing. You are also equipped with appropriate sales, marketing, and technical support and training during the starting period and even if your business is in its maturity stage.

  • Starting Your Own Slumberland Franchise
    Learn the requirements and advantages of starting a Slumberland franchise by reading this article and then applying all the practical tips that you can pick.

  • Wirth Business Credit Franchise Information
    The Wirth Business Credit is not only an advantage for small businesses but even for anyone wanting to start a home-based franchise that earns a lot.

  • Buy Property Damage Appraisers Franchise
    Are you looking at starting a Property Damage Appraisers Franchise? With this company, you will have well-grounded financial resources and plan, general business skill, ability to be coached and effective communication skills.

  • About Weichert Real Estate Affiliates Franchise
    Weichert Real Estate is a billion dollar earning company that invites franchisees to become part of their success at a lower cost. Learn more about Weichert Real Estate Affiliates Franchise and be a part of their family.

  • Start Assist-2-Sell Franchise
    Assist-2-Sell franchise is the way to go if you want to open your own business – and if you are into the real estate industry.

  • Mr. Electric Franchise Opportunity
    Mr. Electric continues to lead lists and statistics of electrical and repair service franchises within the country – and for a lot of good reasons.

  • Become Entrepreneur's Source Franchisee
    Have you ever thought about the secret of successful business people? Their common ground is that they have a mentor or coach to guide them! Coaches help their clients with setting goals and increasing productivity to accomplish more.

  • Homes & Land Magazine Franchise Information
    Homes & Land Magazine has been an established leader in the industry of real estate marketing for many years. Can you believe that many of their franchise publishers are successful even without prior experience in the industry?

  • Pump It Up Franchise Opportunity
    Having a party today has been more adventurous and fun, especially if you will be planning a children’s party, you may want to provide a memorable party to anyone who want a different way of fun and enjoyment.

  • Start a Furniture Medic Franchise
    If you have the creativity and passion in making homes attractive and stylish with repairing and restoring furniture, then it is high time for you to be part of Furniture Medic by being one of their Furniture Medic Franchisee.

  • About Realty Executives Int'l Franchise
    Realty Executives Int’l is considered the leader of all the real estate companies in the country today being hailed by trusted publishing companies.

  • One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning Franchise Opportunity
    Looking for residential heating and air condition service franchise opportunities? Let One Hour Heating and Air Condition be your solution to that.

  • Aire Serv Heating & Air Conditioning Franchise Info
    With the economy that we have right now, business as usual is not a choice. It is high time for us to take in control of our very own business' future.

  • Owning an Expense Reduction Analysts Franchise
    Are you a person with solid business experience who's looking for one credible business that's financially rewarding and professionally stimulating? Own an Expense Reduction Analysts Franchise and you will find that it's the best proposition you'll ever see.

  • Becoming an United Country Real Estate Franchisee
    Do you want to be apart of a real estate company ranked on the top 1% of franchise systems, have realized growth for decades, and have achieved 99% franchisee satisfaction?

  • ExpressTax Franchise Information
    ExpressTax is one of the fastest growing franchising businesses in the United States. It is a privately-owned company that often has around five employees per franchise outlet. ExpressTax Franchise are known to people who usually want their tax returns handled in a speedy, yet, accurate manner.

  • Starting Your Own Edible Arrangements Franchise
    Edible Arrangements Int'l. Inc. franchise opportunity has been well-renowned for its outstanding fresh fruits that have been arranged in floral-like designs. If you want a flourishing business in the food industry, then Edible arrangements is the right way for you.

  • Starting Your Own Dunkin' Donuts Shop
    With a global expansion plan over the next few years, investing with Dunkin' Donuts is a sure way to earn fast cash without the heavy constraints of large capital per store. Are you interested to invest with Dunkin' Donuts? Are you looking for more information on starting a Dunkin' Donuts franchise?

  • Starting Your Own Snap-on Tools Franchise
    Starting as a simple invention, with five interchangeable wrench handles for the just one gadget, the company has now a wide-range of new products ready for shipment anytime, anywhere in the world. To date, the company has become one of the most prolific manufacturer and makers of all-in-one tools in the market.

  • How to Start an ampm Mini Market Franchise
    Having your very own ampm convenience store franchise can be a risky but a very rewarding business venture, which is exactly what an ambitious and well-rounded businessman like you needs.

  • How to Start Your Liberty Tax Service Franchise
    In franchising business, one can be financially successful if he chooses the business that will always be popular among consumers - and one of this is Liberty Tax Service.

  • Franchising Business in Sonic Drive-in Restaurants
    Entrepreneurs have long been choosing food market since this business is most likely financially successful. And because food is part of consumer’s basic needs—unlike fashion and gadgets which are considered not as important as nourishment—this is always in high demand despite the presence of weak economy.

  • Starting Your Own Denny's Restaurant Franchise
    Denny's restaurant chain is best for people who wanted to have a career in food franchising. This relatively small, yet committed restaurant franchise has been offering best cups of coffee since 1953.

  • How to Start a KFC Franchise?
    KFC Corp. has been around since the 30s. Since then, it has become one of the most, if not the most, popular chicken & food restaurants all over the world. Yum! Brands, which is a conglomerate company, owns the popular restaurant chain.

  • How to Start Jani-King Franchise
    Jani-King is a commercial janitorial services company that is customer-based. The company usually charges its customers based on the initial service rendered. If you are an expanding cleaning service company, having a Jani-King franchise is the best way for you.

  • Franchise Start up Costs
    The truth is that most franchise owners will tell you that they have saved money for the cost of opening up their franchise units. In fact some franchise companies would often train them on how to save money as part of their start up training.

  • How to Start Your Instant Tax Service Franchise
    One of the hardest things to do is preparing an income tax return. Usually, a person employs the services of professionals just to have an accurate, fast and sure way to file for the tax requirements.

  • How to Start a Franchise with Jiffy Lube International Inc
    During this time of crisis, more and more people are now looking for low cost solutions to their problems. With the automotive and housing industry going at the all-time low, people tend to make most to keep their properties running.

  • How to Start Your Subway Franchising Business?
    Entrepreneurs can reap financial rewards if they would franchise in Subway restaurants which are popular among health-conscious eaters. Meanwhile, here are the steps for interested franchisees.

  • How to Become a McDonald's Franchisee?
    McDonald's is the biggest fast-food chain in the world and it boasts more than 30,000 restaurants in 119 countries. With this unrivaled popularity, entrepreneurs who will franchise at McDonald's will most likely succeed in the business; meanwhile, this is how to start McDonald's franchising.

  • How to Start a Franchise Business
    Franchising is a legal and commercial agreement by a person to use the intellectual property of another individual, a company, or group. You can either enter a franchise for a product/trade name or a business format.


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