Start Miracle Method Surface Restoration Franchise

Miracle Method Surface Restoration ranks as one of the top businesses that is said to have excellently passed the franchisee’s satisfaction division.

You may start a franchise with Miracle Method Surface Restoration by accomplishing the requirements and qualifications with a very affordable franchising fee.

Miracle Method Surface Restoration is known to be the leading business in home improvement services.

It started in the year 1977 by smartening up bathroom and kitchen fixtures such as bathtub, sink, tiles, showers, cabinets, and countertops. Their services are needed by homeowners who would want to renovate their homes by having Miracle Method Surface Restoration services fix all of those concerns for them. That means all households in different parts of the world are possible customers for Miracle Method Surface Restoration. Of course, it also includes other businesses as hotels, and apartments.

In 1980, with Miracle Method Surface Restoration’s success in its business field, they started encouraging many investors and business-minded individuals to be a franchisee for them. This privately owned business has 147 franchise units in United States and in other foreign countries. Presently, they are still accepting franchise applications from Canada, South and Central America, Eastern Europe, Mexico, Australia, and New Zealand. Its franchising opportunity offers great business profits to anyone who chooses to join its network. This could be a right choice for anyone out there because you’ll be joining a franchising network which is one of the highest in the Franchisee Satisfaction division. By joining Miracle Method Surface Restoration’s franchising business, one may be assured to construct a work schedule that is comfortable for him and his family.

To be a qualified Miracle Method Surface Restoration franchisee, there is a franchise fee of $30,000.00. Together with the franchise fee, you’ll be sure to receive hands-on training and support from the company. The on-going royalty fee is set at 5% of sales.

In the Miracle Method Surface Restoration franchisee’s hands-on training, includes the needed manuals, discounts from the materials bought from the dealers, customer service programs, and some familiarization activities. The training doesn’t end in the headquarters. The franchisee may still receive some helpful materials regarding up-coming workshops and seminars for their business to upgrade their skills and business strategies. The franchisee will also get continuous support though the company’s service hotlines for their franchisees.

The Miracle Method Surface Restoration company will aid the franchisee with its marketing and advertising plan. Their assistance extends to the franchisee thru numerous of fliers and brochures to be given away, television and radio commercials, vehicles with ad posters and stickers, business showrooms and exhibitions that can be found in malls and conventions, door-to-door advertising and orientations, advertising thru mails, and online advertising strategies.

Miracle Method Surface Restoration franchise comes with their accounting software to aid in updating your business’ book. There will be an ongoing support system for the franchisee and its employees. The franchisee will always get to hear from the company thru phone calls, meetings, mails, bulleting board announcements, newsletters, and visitations to check whether the he is encountering some difficulties in operating the business. The company’s representatives are always available to help the franchisee in case the need for it arises.


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