Art Restoration Services Business

Starting your own art restoration services business can be a profitable venture if you know ahead of time what to do and are equipped with the necessary tools, skills and business contacts. It’s the perfect business alternative for art lovers as well as artists.

This art restoration business guide will help you with the basic steps on how to get started in this art business.

Sharpening your mind for art

Art can be created on several mediums. Depending on the type of chemicals, paint and tools used, the piece created on a chosen medium can have its original qualities. It takes time and experience to master the use of such tools not to mention the different styles of creating the art itself. To sharpen your art mind, begin by taking art classes. Search the web for college curriculums that offer art classes. Learn about oil, acrylic and other types of paintings. Take classes that deals with art restoration. See what tools are used as well as restoration techniques that are done to preserve art pieces. The subject of restoration cover a lot of areas so try to be knowledge in as many areas as you can.

Sharpening your eye for art

To become a seasoned conservator would take time and a lot of experience working on several pieces. It will not come overnight. Work for an art restoration business. Practice examining several pieces that needs restoration.

Sharpening your hand skills for art

Practice on small pieces. Get experienced working on several pieces. Get good by doing clean jobs to remove dirt and solvents as well as excess varnishes that discolor paintings. Master repairing canvass tears, paint peeling as well as re-varnishing.

Sharpening your pockets for art

  • Business plan
    Write down a strategy for your business. Identify a specific market niche you want to capture. Identify the specific art restoration area you want to focus on and service you want to provide.
  • Business license
    Get an art restoration business license. Visit your County Clerk’s office and inquire for the necessary documentations needed to acquire for such a license.
  • Business location
    Find an office space you can afford. Look for a location that has high visibility.
  • Business marketing
    When it comes to business marketing, traffic means business is good. This should be your mind set. Always ask yourself how you can create more traffic to your art restoration service business. Think in terms of how you can create public awareness. Aside from giving away cards, brochures and printing ads on the newspaper, what else can you do to attract more art restoration clients? Why not host an exhibit displaying the importance of art preservation? What about hosting a seminar for clients regarding how to identify if their pieces need some saving? Think out of the box and stay ahead from other art restoration competitors.

Sharpening your heart for art

Love what you do and be passionate about it.


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