How to Start a Children's Cookery Party Organizing Business

Teaching children how to cook in an organized manner can be so fulfilling once you helped them accomplish the food product they want to create.

If cooking and working with children is your thing, this business article will certainly help you become successful at it.

Know Your Business Clients

Before you begin your cookery party, assess the ages of your kid clients. Are they capable of doing the stuff you expect them to do? Your cooking standards or expectations for children might be too high if you don’t factor in their age and understanding level. Some kids are just too young and lack the coordination to work in a kitchen. Thus, a different program should be in order for them compared to older kids in higher school levels.

Get a Business Location with Ample Space

Survey for a kitchen space that’s big enough for your kids. Children need space to move around and be free. Choosing a crowded area can cause unnecessary spills, accidents and quarrels. Find a place that is well ventilated and make the area conducive for children to learn.

Organize Applicable Materials for Children to Cook

After you have accessed the ages of your clients, organize the necessary materials for your kids to use. Have ample supplies for blankets, table napkins and aprons. Also have a first aid kit at hand and ready to be used. You’ll never know what freaky accident could happen so just be prepared. Make sure every kid has his own materials unless you want your program to become a disaster. You know what happens when some kids have this and others don’t. It becomes a jungle.

Use a Menu They Can Work On

Find an easy menu they can work on and gradually make it more complex. In other words begin with simple menus like cooking pancakes or making Jell-O before going to complex stuff like baking cake or cookies. Make sure you use repetition as a teaching style. Kids have short attention spans and often consistent repetition is needed for them to get it. Another way to help them understand is by actually demonstrating the procedures. Modeling is an excellent medium of teaching.

Praise Them as They Put on Their Cooking Efforts

Learn to appreciate kids as they put on their creative efforts on the line. Just by merely giving a simple compliment or word of praise can make a big difference on their cooking experience. Use their names when you praise them. Be sure to praise them at the right moment though. Delayed praises don’t work as like as actual on the spot praise. As you praise kids for their cooking efforts, learn to spread the word around especially to their parents. This way you create a building atmosphere for future growth and positive motivation to even try harder.

Charge a Reasonable Fee

Finally, after all the trouble, decide on a fee for your services. Consider your kitchen and space expenses as well as materials for your kids in the break down of your finances and charge accordingly but reasonably.


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