Domain Naming Service Business

Domain naming is becoming increasingly challenging as more and more people are creating a presence on the Web. One online business that you can start, therefore, is in line with helping people come up with the right and available domain names for their businesses.

You can start with as little as a computer, an Internet connection and a Website. Find out how.

As the world becomes increasingly connected to each other through the Internet, more and more people are registering domain names for personal and business reasons. As a result, domain naming is becoming harder and harder by the day. You can no longer register a short domain name for your business, as surely, someone else is actively using it for himself or has registered it a long time ago. While longer names are not prohibited (up to more than 60 characters), they are suggested only with a lot of caution for the obvious reasons that they could be cumbersome, hard to spell and remember and are prone to errors.

This is where domain naming service can be useful to people racking up their brains to come up with a business name and a domain name or vice-versa. People go to great lengths to come up with the right name for the business, especially in the Internet, as a poorly constructed domain name can cost clients. A wrongly placed letter in a url can lead potential clients to a competitors’ site with vaguely the same name. The worst result of course is the loss of the business itself.

What’s a domain naming service and how can you start it? A domain naming service is just that: simply coming up with a name suitable for the nature of a business. It is different from maliciously hoarding numerous registered domain names and selling it at higher prices, which could make you a “cybersquatter” and could mean trouble. You also don’t have to register the name yourself.

  • A domain naming service will thrive on online users. As an online business, of course you must have a Web presence and an online account to receive payments.
  • Supplying the names yourself will be a lot of great work, if not impossible to do. But no, you don’t have to hire an entire staff to do the thinking. Make your site just the point of convergence of ideas. Create business opportunities for both customers and visitors of your Web site by asking people to pitch in a name. The successful contributor gets a cut if his suggestion is taken; if the customer doesn’t get what he wants, he doesn’t pay. What you get are: first, money that the customer pays for the use of a platform where ideas are thrown in, and second, online traffic.
  • Yes, you can also use your Web site to advertise domain name registering-related services and other related services.


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