Starting a Bill Payer Service Business

If you are starting a bill payer service business, you can use this article as a guide. You should be aware that you are going to face a tough competition so you will need to exert extra efforts in your advertising.

The business plan can help you and some professionals who will design the bill pay service.

Starting a Bill Payer Service Business or a Third Party Service Provider

Many things are now possible with the aid of the internet. Online bill pay is really popular these days and people are using such services to take care of their monthly bills. You need to be aware that such services are usually offered by banks and service providers like your mortgage company or phone company. To begin a bill payer service business, you will need to conduct a thorough research about how it works and the requirements to get started. You can use the internet to study the competition among online bill payer services to determine if you can still profit from this type of business.

Many people want to take advantage of fast bill payments without mailing or other means to handle bills. This is a great way to earn profits. Since you are not a service provider like phone companies or a bank, you will belong to the third party bill pay services. As a third party service provider, you need to ensure security when it comes to transferring funds from a certain account to another. You can charge a minimal fee for every transaction or you can offer a flat fee to those who are going to use your bill pay service regularly.

Starting a Bill Payer Service Business with Ease

Aside from helping people in paying their bills online, you can also provide them with review statements for the bills they have paid in the recent months. As a third party bill payer service, you will need to gather enough clients that will set up their bills, payment schedules, and the amounts periodically. A business plan can help in starting this kind of business. The plan will already cover the marketing plan and how you are going to advertise your business. Advertisement will play a major role in your success because you are going to compete with banks and other companies providing certain services to people.

Start your own bill payer service business now. Even if you are going to set it up online, you will still need to secure the needed license to make the operations legal. You will need to hire a professional to develop the bill payer service online especially if you don’t much about site development and special software. Establish your business and make sure that you create a user friendly website where people can take care of their payments online. Try to focus on your advertising efforts so that you can attract more clients. The more clients you have, the more income you will earn.


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    I live in a large senior community and would like to start a senior bill payer service. I need to set up accounts for each individual and need a processor for the payments. I also need approvals. Can you tell me what I will need to get started?
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