Starting a Water Heater Installation Service Business

Every household needs a water heater for their hot shower, dishwasher or other appliances. Water heaters are bound to wear out and need to be replaced.

Since water heaters need a knowledgeable person for them to be installed, you can offer your services and start your own water heater installation service business.

Installing water heaters is a unique function of plumbers. Before getting started in the water heater installation service business, you should know what kinds of water heaters are being sold in the market that you will encounter. These are hot water heaters, tankless and electric tankless water heaters, gas water heaters, electric water heaters, residential and commercial water heaters.

Most of your potential customers, who will need a new water heater installed, will have urgency since they cannot predict when their current water heater will be destroyed. Your business must be able to respond to their call quickly and effectively finish the job right away.

Since installing water heaters is a niche service in the plumbing business, you need to secure business permits and licenses to operate your business. Contact your state’s consumer and business services department to check what kind of permits and licenses you need to have.

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If you are planning to open this type of business by offering your personal services, you can first volunteer to install new water heater units for your family and friends. You can increase your working knowledge and experience and at the same time, have them refer you to people they know who will need a similar service. Word-of-mouth advertising is a very powerful and cheap way to promote your services especially for a startup business like yours.

On other hand, if you plan to hire a staff of plumbers, make sure to screen them for their skill and reliability. Delivering quality work is a must so you can get good recommendation from your customers and get a positive reputation for your business.

Advertising and marketing your services are important ingredients to your business’ success. It is essential that people know you are in the water heater installation service business so that they know how to contact you when they a new water heater installed in their houses.

You may tie up with a local water heater supplies store. You can offer to them your services in case they need additional manpower for times when their staff cannot accommodate all job orders. You may also contact builders and architects to tap your business for their water heater installation needs. You may advertise in your local community newsletter, yellow pages as well as put advertisements online.

Become a walking advertisement for your business. Have business cards printed out for you that you can carry with you at all times. Every time you meet someone, you can inform them that you are in the water heater installation service business and that you will be happy to offer your services to them.


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