How to Start a Water Pump Repair Business

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur and interested in the repair business? Does the idea of a water pump repair business appeal to you? Do you have basic knowledge of the repair business, or are you very much willing to learn?

Then why not look at this simple water pump repair biz guide to help you take the initial steps towards success?

water pump repair business

The repair business is one of the most profitable service provision ventures today. Due to recent economic slumps, people value their hard-earned money more. Increasing the family’s savings is a top priority among most households. With this, consumers tend to lean on repairing broken homes or industrial items rather than buying new ones. This paves the way for great opportunities for entrepreneurs desiring the repair business. Accordingly, water pumps are one of the most used equipments, which leads to their eventual wear and tear.

Getting Started

To start this business venture, one must acquire basic knowledge in repairing water pumps, including troubleshooting equipment and tools. The next thing to do is to draft a water pump repair business plan. A good strategy is vital to the success of every business as this gives the entrepreneur an overall view of the intended trade.

Many important factors should be included in the business plan. The first aspect to consider is the startup cost for the water pump repair store. This consists of the tools and equipment used for repair, the location of your central office, the wage of repairmen and staff you will hire, and the cost of advertising your water pump repair biz. A significant amount of capital is necessary, but if starting small or home-based, investing in essential tools such as water pump pulleys, pliers, liquid transfer pumps, and installer sockets is advisable. These items cost only less than $ 100.

Where to Start a Water Pump Repair Shop

Most people tend to hire the services of water pump repairmen who are closer to their homes or offices as this saves them more money in terms of other costs related to this type of service. With this, it is recommended that you situate your office near potential water pump repair biz clients. The study is also where you intend to set up your business for possible water pump repair competitors already situated in the area.

Marketing Your Water Pump Repair Business

To advertise your repair business, the most accessible approach is to print out fliers and business cards to be distributed in markets, malls, and other places where people usually converge. You could also set up a website to advertise your business. More importantly, ensure the quality of the service provided to your clients. This is the best advertisement for your business, guaranteed to reap great success and profits.


  • BHANWAR SINGH said on December 19, 2010
    Wants to start pump repair business so please help in setup. whether to get permission and from whom, what is the minimum requirement of capital to start, do you any branch in Mumbai. regards, Bhanwar
  • Jerry Quintana said on October 6, 2011
    Pasadenam Texas. What type of water pumps are you talking about. There are so many for various types of water service. Are you talking about process water, fire water, irrigation or are you talking about automotive water pumps? Please elaborate.
  • Mr. Audie Posadas said on January 28, 2012
    I have seen many water pumps in different types and sizes that need serious repair and maintenance. Finding the right company and expertise in my region is quite impossible. I would like to study and eventually venture water pump repair and be sales agent for water pump company.
  • Francis said on August 8, 2012
    I want to start water pump business. so please guide me how to start. i want to start in Raichur,Karnataka.
  • michael said on October 21, 2012
    i want to start a water pump repair business any and all kinds of water pumps i'm in daytona beach florida usa
  • Steve said on February 2, 2013
    I am a mechanic looking to start a business repairing farm equipment and irrigation water pumps. Would like to know how to buy pumps and spare parts at whole sale prices and business expense. Thanks Steve
  • Hendrik said on May 8, 2013
    I was a pumptech for 15 years and now are the planner of the pump division I only want to start a company for preventative maintenance on sites like lubrication and gland repairs because on the pump engine ring I can see the most failure of pumps is poor maintenance and not the repairs of pump. and thru that you have a better plant operation and profit margins. what will be the best way to go. South Africa
  • Roger said on June 21, 2014
    I would like to start a pump repair shop in my area there is little to no competition locally I have experience with pump repair and machining, but need to know how to by parts wholesale. any help would be appreciated
  • Adam beginner adviser said on November 7, 2016
    @Roger, you will not be able to buy the parts due to the fact that all major pump brands have their own local distributors and they protect them. However, you can still repair pumps and run a profitable business by:
    1- Buying bearings, oil seals, o-rings, gaskets from the bearings distributors ( much cheaper than the pump manufacturers).
    2- Having a machine shop machining duplicate parts for any machinable part such as shafts, Rings, Wear rings, etc.
    3- Sourcing out some parts such as impellers, casings, bearing housing ( there a lot of after market parts suppliers with very high quality parts).
    4- Replace the complete pump when you must have expensive parts from the OEM ( Just about any pump from the major pump companies can be replaced).
    The above information is based on personal experience. I started a pump repair and a distribution business 15 years ago and it has been very profitable since opening.
    If you need help and assistant, you can email me at || Pump Business Adviser

  • Siyabonga said on May 30, 2020
    Thanks, Guys I am also looking to start my own pump repair and distribution business in South Africa as I am a rotating equipment technician working on pumps, compressors, and steam turbines so I'm hoping you guys could also help me with directions on how to start.
  • Geelbooi John Ragole said on February 21, 2021
    I am the employer of Curo Pumps in future if you interested in opening a business. I know how every process is processed , am very much open in working with somebody who is willing to have a business of repair pumps. If you a word or suggestion how we can work something workout. Don't shy to hit me on my mail.
  • Ron Newcomb said on November 5, 2021
    I am looking into starting a water pump business for irrigation and rural home.
  • Robert Quintana said on November 9, 2021
    I have been repairing pumps for over 45 years and am considering venturing off alone. What types of pumps are you talking about in this article? Are you talking about centrifugal water pumps that run by an electric motor gas/diesel engine? There are a variety of water pumps in the industry; please specify the types/sizes of the pumps you're talking about in this article.


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