Store Business Opportunities

Startup Store Ideas

Like any other businesses, retail store business is also profitable and fulfilling if you have a good line of products to sell to your potential target customers. Many people are selling products on eBay and some are successful at doing it. But, selling on eBay is not like owning a physical store.

You must prepare a lot of things before you take into store business. Planning, budgeting, a line of products, store location, and employees are among those things to consider in starting a store business. The following business ideas could help you to decide and plan what type of store business you want to get involved with.

  • How to Start a School Supply Store?
    To start a brick-and-mortar school supply store, you need a great location, a reasonable budget, and a reliable whole supplier. To start the same kind of business on an online set-up, you would also need a reasonable budget and a supplier.

  • How to Open a Beer Store
    If you are planning to open a beer store, determine if there is a need for the store in your area and study the competition. Prepare a business plan, choose a location, choose the products that you want to sell, choose a supplier, and secure a license.

  • 5 Ways to Sell Excess Storeroom Items
    For retailers, having too much storeroom items is not a good thing. This not only take up too much of your shelf or backroom space, this also means that your capital is tied up. When that happens, it becomes hard for you to reinvest your business or to buy items which customers actually need. For that reason, it is extremely important that you pay attention to your inventory and sales data.

  • Open Your Own Wig Store
    A retail wig and hair business consists of lace wigs, hair pieces, hair replacements and other wig and hair products. It can be lucrative, so business handlers make sure that it can be sold and it will be profitable. In putting up a store, proper planning is important.

  • Starting a Survival Store
    Starting a survival store is a dream for many people, particularly those who love survival supplies and equipment.

  • Opening Up a Vapor Store
    A vapor store carries all your vaping needs. It contains products like e-cigarettes and e-liquid brands. E-cigarettes are an alternative to tobacco cigarettes. It gives great help to reduce the harm in tobacco cigarettes. Before opening up a vapor shop, you must first understand the challenge that you may encounter.

  • How to Start an Aquarium Store
    If you are entertaining the idea of starting an aquarium store, it is important that you are truly serious with the idea. Why? It’s because even though taking care of fish is an easy job, starting an aquarium store running the business is definitely more difficult than you might think.

  • Starting a Metaphysical Store
    Thinking about opening a metaphysical store? If yes, then there is nothing to worry about as the process is very easy and simple provided that you are equipped with the right skills and knowledge on how to start with this business venture.

  • Things You Need to Open a Detail Shop
    Due to the high demands for detailing services, detail shops are now on the rise. These types of businesses deal with broad aspects of detailing, polishing and even cleaning and vacuuming.

  • How to Operate a Convenience Store
    If you wanted to put up a business in your area then convenience store is one of the best options because it is a reasonably lucrative business especially if you are living in an area, wherein supermarkets and groceries are far. The main idea of convenient store is for the buyer not to go to far shopping stores or groceries just to buy a soda.

  • How to Open a Coffee Bean Store
    If you want to open a coffee bean store, you will have to start out with a plan. You have two options for the inventory – sell coffee beans from your own farm or you purchase from a supplier.

  • Buying Gridwall Store Fixtures
    For any business that sells merchandise, how the products are displayed matters much. If you are using bulky shelves, re-think and consider using the more flexible and wiry gridwall. Gridwalls are sturdy, versatile and could save you a lot of store space.

  • How to Open Soccer Apparel Store
    Securing success for opening a soccer apparel store requires a lot of hard work. Nonetheless, with a good business plan and resources, all the hard work will pay off and it will never be hard to step on the ground of fulfillment.

  • How to Open an Eyeglass Store
    Eyeglasses are worn for corrective, protective and aesthetic reasons. For all three, eyewear is definitely a consumer item.

  • Start a String Bikini and Panties Store
    If you are starting a string bikini and panties store, you have to begin with a business plan. After that, you can now secure a business license, decide on the business structure, arrange for the communications system and utilities, and find a location, supplier, and do the advertising.

  • Starting a Bingo Equipment and Supplies Business
    Bingo is a popular game for leisure and charity activities. It can be played for pure fun, business, fund raising, and as a simple or grand event.

  • How to Open a Medical Supplies Store
    Have you been working as a medical supply sales representative or a medical equipment technician? Or do you have experience in selling medical supplies? Are you thinking of going into business as an entrepreneur?

  • How to Open Designer Jeans Stores
    What a new designer jeans store requires for it to be successful is character. Aside from securing capital and location, it is very important that the jeans are much defined that customers will prefer your products over the other for they are indeed one of a kind.

  • Starting an European Grocery Store
    Starting a European grocery store may not be as hard or difficult as it may seem. All you need to learn is how you operate your business in the right way.

  • Starting an Oak Furniture Store
    Starting an oak furniture store is no joke. There are so many things that you need to consider. If you want to succeed, you will have to pick the right option. You have two options for starting this type of business.

  • How to Open a Vintage Jewelry Store
    More and more people love vintage jewelry because of the elegance that it gives the person wearing it. So opening a vintage jewellery store will be a big hit.

  • How to Open an Online Optical Store
    Are you dreaming of having an optical business but you only have a small capital? Do you want to earn big just by working at the comfort of your own home? If so, why don't you try opening an online store instead of renting up a place to sell your goods?

  • How to Open a Designer Handbag Store
    Are you fond of designer handbags? Do you know how to handle and take good care of them? Do you ever dream of having your own designer handbag store but you just don't know how to start or where to start?

  • Steps To Start a Kids Clothing Store
    If you are planning to start a kids clothing store, you must know the right steps to start up. With this article, you will be able to know what you need to do to start up successfully.

  • Start a Custom Stationary Business
    Now, you will know how to start custom stationary business right in your home! Learn the cost-effective techniques on how you can start and make you custom stationary business big!

  • How to Start a Poster Store
    You might be fond of posters and wondering how you can turn it into a business. Having your own poster store can serve both as an entertainment and income-generating machine for you. Here are some tips on how you can start your own poster store.

  • How to Open a Filipino Store
    You might be living in an area with many Filipinos and wondering if opening a store focused on the Filipino community would be a profitable business for you.

  • Steps to Start Your Own Religious Store
    If you’re thinking about putting up a religious store, don’t have second thoughts. This is the best to way to serve your religion and at the same time make money for your living.

  • Starting a Uniform Store
    Do you have any eye for fashion? The clothing industry can be a lucrative business for you. If setting up your own clothing line seems to be a daunting task for you, you can try your hand first in dressing up company personnel and students.

  • How to Start a Lighting Store
    You have probably brainstormed with yourself and your wanna-be entrepreneur friends on the next good business to get involved with, and starting a lighting store is the answer to your question.

  • Starting a Custom Gift Store
    If you plan to open a custom gift store, this article can help you in gaining the information that can help you in starting a custom gift store successfully.

  • How to Start Oriental Grocery Store
    Investing or starting an Oriental grocery store with your family is a big business break that can start even with a small capital.

  • How to Open a Health Food Store
    A demand for healthy food is on the rise. More and more people are conscious and concerned about their health and what they eat.

  • How To Start A Christian Store
    If you are looking for an extension of your Christian ministry in the field of business, then starting your Christian store may be an option for you.

  • How To Start A Goodwill Store?
    Recent reports show that Goodwill Industries have proven their worth despite the challenging economy that we have these days. See how they did it and how you can start your Goodwill store.

  • How To Start A Playstation Store
    If you know how to start a Playstation store in the right way, this business opportunity could prove to be very profitable.

  • Start Your Own Rave Store
    Rave parties are very popular among the youth so if you start your own rave store, you already have a ready market willing to buy your products.

  • How to Start a Frame Store
    There are a lot of questions on how to start a frame store but many just could not find the answer. But the truth is it only need common sense and some tinge of business-mind to pull it off. Here are couples of tips on how to do what you like most and these things are easy to follow.

  • Owning a Japanese Grocery Store
    You might be pondering on the possibility of owning a Japanese grocery store and have no idea on how to make this come true. Well, we will help you make this a reality with just following a couple of tips.

  • How to Start a WIC Store
    Are you someone who wants to become an authorized vendor for the government's Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC)?

  • Starting a Spy Store
    More and more people are interested in getting security protection equipment for their homes and businesses. The reasons vary – from the need to protect property to the desire to ensure that people left at home or at the store or office are doing what they are supposed to do.

  • Starting a Sneaker Store
    Sneakers are among the most enduring article to have been born in the world of fashion. They are so popular that there are such things as sneaker crowd and sneaker culture.

  • Starting a Swimming Pool Supply Store
    Know what kind of swimming supply stores there are and get an idea of the best type for your location, whether in a city with many real estate projects or a small city neighborhood.

  • How to Start a 99 Cent Store
    If you have retail experience, particularly deep discount retailing, you could consider starting a 99-cent store.

  • How to Start a Cell Phone Store
    Interested in owning and operating a cell phone store? It may sound difficult or impossible if you don’t know how.

  • Starting a Corner Store
    Opening a retail store is one of the many businesses that give employment to a lot of people. If you want to open a corner store, then, you have to think of some factors that will affect the success of your store, like the population in the community around your store, or how much capital you need to raise to start the business.

  • How to Open a General Store
    Are you popular in the neighborhood such that most people go to you for some things or information they need? If that characteristic of yours comes with an entrepreneurial spirit, you can open a retail business with a general store concept.

  • Second Hand Store
    Now that people are bent on saving to counter bad times, second hand shops are a hit. It's a business that can be started with little capital.

  • Starting a Chinese Grocery Store
    Opening a Chinese grocery store can be your passport to success. However, you have to put into consideration some factors, like the capital, products, and consumers before opening a Chinese grocery store. See to it that you are at the right place and time before you open your Chinese grocery store.

  • Steps to Open a Cupcake Store
    Are you a baker or someone who just loves making sweet treats? Why not open your own bakeshop? You can make cupcakes and top them with all sorts of frostings of various designs you can think of.

  • Starting a Garden Ornament Store
    Garden ornaments are playing a larger role in today’s society due to the emphasis given on beautifying one’s garden. Everyone is now out to make his/her lawns beautiful because it is a sign of sophistication and a look into one’s personality.

  • Asian Grocery Store
    Do you live in an area where many Asians came to live and work? You bet these people have a longing for food and items that they usually buy back when they were home.

  • Opening a Mexican Grocery Store
    The population of ethnic groups in the US is continuously increasing. If you live in an area where most Mexicans came to live after leaving their country, you can cater to the basic needs of this community by opening a grocery store selling stuff they know from home.

  • Starting a Bead Store
    Are you into bead jewelry? Do you like them so much such that you know every kind there are, how they are made, where to get them?

  • Starting a Mattress Store
    Are you interested in the business of selling mattresses? Open your own store by becoming a dealer of an established mattress distributor, a general retailer of generic mattresses, or an independent producer and seller of mattresses.

  • Starting a Discount Store
    With tight budgets, people are trying to maximize their dollar's worth. Why pay high if you can get what you need at bargain prices? Here is a business opportunity to serve price-conscious consumers.

  • Starting a German Grocery Store
    Has it always been a dream of yours to start your own German grocery business? Do you live in a neighborhood where there are lots of ethnic Germans, and you want to grab this business opportunity while at the same time give your neighbors that distinctive Deutschland taste?

  • Starting a Record Store
    start it Are you interested in starting your own record retailing business? Would you like to learn the ways you can do it? What do people in similar business say is the most recommended way to?

  • Start a Juice Bar Business
    If you are looking for an idea of what business you can start quickly, a juice bar is one idea you can seriously consider. With more and more people becoming health-conscious, a juice business is timely. How can you start this business? Learn some essential tips from our guide.

  • Starting a Shipping and Packing Service Store
    There is money in a shipping/packing service store if only you understand the ins and outs of the business. It can't be argued; the industry is growing and rapidly changing, mainly propelled by online shopping.

  • How to Start a Clothing Accessories Store
    You may be described as a fashion guru. Why not use that expertise to open a business selling clothing accessories? Find out the basics of opening a clothing accessory store. Our guide touches on the important aspects of this kind of business, from dealing with competition to choosing the right staff.

  • Starting a Car Dealership Business
    Are you thinking of going into the business of selling new or used cars? Then this guide is for you. Learn the ways you can start and operate a car dealership business, what licenses to secure so you can operate legally, how much potential yearly earnings to expect and more.

  • Start Your Own Disney Store
    Have you been planning on opening a Disney store and looking for information on how you could do it? We have an essential guide on where and how to get a license to distribute Disney-branded merchandise like soft lines, toys, home decor, stationeries, personal products, electronic items, and many more!

  • Starting a Party Store
    Do you want to start your own party store? Are you looking for ways to brighten-up your party store business? Are you looking for tips to make your party store more customer-oriented?

  • How to Start a Beauty Supply Store
    If you want to start a beauty supply store, then you need to do some planning. There are a lot of products to choose from that you can sell. You may specialize in one area then you can start supplying a wide selection of beauty products.

  • How to Start a Fabric Store
    If you are thinking of venturing into something new, then opening a fabric store is an option that you might want to go into. It is a great advantage if you have a background in the fabric industry and have a business mindset.

  • Startup Child Clothing Store
    When starting a child clothing store, you have the option to work at home or set up your own physical store. It is important to find a good fabric store for supplier and invest on a good sewing machine because this is an important aspect of your business.

  • How to Start a Used Brand Name Store
    Starting your own used brand name store can be the business venture you are looking. Think about it. You have your own distinct clothing line. And you price them lower than the normal price. Sure it is already used but people still buy them.

  • How to Start an Ebay Store
    Operating an E-bay store is easy once you have set up the site however there are different business rules that come into play when the playing field is in cyber space. This ebay store business guideline will shed some light on how an e-business owner should respond when operating his own business with E-bay in cyber space.

  • How to Start a Feed Store
    Opening a feed store can be an interesting business venture. You get to supply the basic needs of farm raisers, pet owners, breeders, and a lot more. It?s a business that supports an already captured market. If that interests you, this business guideline will help establish your own feed store.

  • How to Start a Dancewear Store?
    A dancewear store is similar to any clothing store. Both have several selections that come in several sizes. However, specialization is the main difference between regular clothing and dancewear stores. A dancewear store carries specific product lines in a particular market niche.

  • Starting Your Own Firewood Store
    Do you want to know how to start selling firewood for money? Are you interested in starting your own firewood business? To help you get quickly on your way, we have prepared this helpful and informative business startup guide.

  • Starting Your Own Computer Software Sales Business
    Do you want to know the ways of starting your own computer software sales business? Are you in need of a good business startup guide to get you on your way?

  • Starting Your Own Cigar Business
    The cigar business is a billion dollar business. Many rich and wealthy people invest in it because there’s a captured market for it. This business guideline will help you with a few steps that can help you get started in this lucrative business venture.

  • Opening a Car Accessories Store
    Opening a Car Accessories Store is a good idea as it can be a gateway to a stable and profitable business. When deciding to open one, you need to plan a good business plan that will guide your venture.

  • Startup Kit for a Leather Goods Retail Business
    You might have found the lucrative nature of the leather goods retail business, and interested to start one. However, you have no idea how to open your own leather goods retail shop. Are you looking for a good business guide for your own leather goods retail shop?

  • Starting a Used Book Store
    Stating a used book store business can be very fun and exciting one especially if you are familiar with a system that could help you in acquiring huge profit. All you have to do is to familiarize yourself with certain things and you are on your way to the right track.

  • Starting a Garden Furniture Store
    Starting one's own business is quite a noble intention as this allows financial freedom and adds to personal esteem as well. Starting a garden furniture store is one of the many options one could choose in terms of starting a business.

  • How to Start a Golf Store
    Are you a golf enthusiast? Is golfing your passion? Do you want to profit from the sport you and many others love to play? Do you think you can manage your golf store?

  • How to Start a Garden Accessory Store
    Are you interested in gardening? Is gardening your passion? Do you want to make money in gardening business? Have you always wanted to start your own garden accessory store?

  • How to Start a Camera Store?
    I bet you're interested in starting a camera store but don't know how. Here are a few simple rules you should follow while starting a camera store.

  • Starting a Cell Phone Accessory Store
    If you are business inclined and wonder what business is good for you to start, why not try the cell phone accessory store business? It's an excellent opportunity for small-time entrepreneurs looking for a low capital, start-up, and maintenance business operation.

  • How to Start an Asian Food Retail Store
    Any food-related business will always be successful if managed wisely. There is no better business other than the food business; in fact, 60% of modern entrepreneurs today focus on food franchising. Why? Because there is a never-ending demand for food.

  • How to Start a Jewelry Store
    Starting a Jewelry Store is not a joke, neither a small business deal. The following is my personal experience and I want to share the way I earn with this business since 2003.

  • Baby Store Business
    Starting a baby store business will be a good idea if you are looking for a profitable venture that you can invest on. A baby store can be a good business especially if you know the right baby products to sell. It will also help if you consider the quality and safety of the products that you will offer to your customers.

  • Ceramic and Pottery Supplies Business
    The first thing you should decide on while starting a ceramic and pottery supplies business is what kind of supplier you really want to be. Try to check on your budget before you decide.

  • Shopping Center Business
    There is an age old adage that says, "It takes one to know one." And this is certainly true if you are contemplating on such a huge scale project as putting up a shopping center.

  • How to Start a Toy Store
    There are two greatest elements on how to start your own toy store: one, knowing exactly what kind of toys you want to sell; and two, knowing how you can get your hands on these toys.

  • Kitchen Supply Store
    Everybody loves a nice looking kitchen with lots of kitchen tools and equipments. Technology is growing so are the kitchen gadgets, everyone wants to get home some new good looking kitchen utensils and make their kitchen beautiful. It's a wise decision to invest on kitchen supply store and look forward to make it a successful business.

  • How to Start a Gun Store
    Have you always been fascinated with pistols, guns, and rifles gun? If so, you might want to consider opening a business allowing you to sell guns. Starting a gun shop will be an excellent business that you can venture into, particularly if you have an interest in and knowledge of guns.

  • How to Open a Comic Book Store
    Starting a comic book store needs the following: a great background and an even greater passion for comic books; deciding on what kind of store you would like to open, whether it is web-based or not; deciding on what exactly do you wish to sell in your comic book shop; approaching publishing houses and order comic books by the bulk; and finally, keeping up a network of contacts, of like-minded entrepreneurs.

  • How to Start a Hardware Store?
    The hardware store business is an ideal start-up business because it is extremely profitable. To generate revenue quickly, you must know what you are getting into. This article offers tips on how to open a hardware store business.

  • How to Start a Drug Store Business?
    The drugstore business has become an integral part of today's economy. The medicine industry has grown in leaps and bounds through the years. Read this article if you want to join in on the action and open your own medicine store business.

  • How to Open a Liquor Store
    Some of the fundamental requirements when it comes to opening a liquor store include: completing all paperwork, choosing what kind of store you want to set up (franchise, self-owned, or part of another store,) acquiring a list of licensed liquor suppliers, and setting up security measures for your shop.

  • How to Start a Sporting Goods Store
    There are three major things to consider when you want to start a sporting goods store: finding the appropriate location for your shop, having enough financing to get you the equipment you need, and finding a wholesale supplier that can grant you quality materials at affordable prices.

  • Starting a Scrapbook Store
    Scrapbook making is one business venture that has small overhead expenses. You do need these to be successful: great background knowledge on the craft, a good ear on what the competition has to offer, a location for your business (whether it is a brick-and-mortar shop or online), and a supplier that can give you a variety of wares.

  • How to Start a Thrift Store
    Thrift shops have become a favorite destination for savvy shoppers. Proof positive that this industry has grown in leaps over time. Read this article to join the action and open your thrift shop.

  • Starting a Book Store
    Ever dreamt of starting your own bookstore? Do you ever wonder if you have what it takes to run your own bookstore? This article briefly discusses the ABCs of the bookstore business.

  • Starting a Furniture Store Business
    This article briefly discusses the furniture store business. Find out how you make money from this business. Learn several tips and advice to help you start your furniture start business.

  • Starting a Pet Store Business
    Part of the business responsibilities of a pet store owner is to see to it that the animals in his or her store are humanely treated. Listed here are some suggestions to ensure that pet shop animals are properly cared for.

  • Starting a Convenience Store Business
    This article briefly discusses the convenience store business. Find out some of the things you need to know to start your own convenience store business.

  • Starting a Grocery Store Business
    This article briefly discusses the grocery store business. Find out some of the things you need to know in order to start your own grocery store business.

  • Starting a Music Store
    If you are on the lookout for a great business idea, you might want to consider investing on a music shop. People regardless of nationality and origin are naturally music lovers and there is a huge market waiting for you if you engage in selling music equipment, accessories and supplies. A music instrument shop is also a great venture that you can invest on if you are naturally love music and you have a great deal of interest in different music instruments.

  • Starting a Fashion Clothing Store
    Fashion Clothing Store is not an easy business but once you learn the tricks it will give you a lot of profit.

  • Starting a Golf Store
    Looking into boom of golf market anyone can get a preconceived notion of profit in a golf product store. You can be one among those who are making money selling demanded golf equipments. There are few things to remember when starting a golf store.