How to Start an Ebay Store

Operating an E-bay store is easy once you have set up the site however there are different business rules that come into play when the playing field is in cyber space. This ebay store business guideline will shed some light on how an e-business owner should respond when operating his own business with E-bay in cyber space.

Because of technology, business today has certainly jumped to higher levels compared to 10 years back.

Know the advantages of an online store

In past most businesses relied heavily on solid physical infrastructure and sound business organization. Today because of the rise in electronic commerce and information age, doing business has transformed into online business. Here are a few advantages:

  • Cyber location

  • Because of online presence, your business is not limited by space and area code. It can’t be limited by physical business zoning. Truly because of technology, you have the potential to penetrate markets you can only dream of with a regular stall or kiosk.
  • No physical store presence

  • You could operate a website business in your own home as long as you have access to a computer and have internet connection. This means you radically cut down on your store overhead which means a lot of savings.
  • Open 24/7

  • Your store is open all the time in all parts of the globe. You don’t have closing times. This means you always have potential to develop income. A close store means cash flow has to wait for the next day to come in, cash flow that can easily be lost and captured by someone else.

Know the disadvantages of an online store

Realize also that technology has its own disadvantages. As an Ebay store owner, realize that e-businesses have there own challenges too. Realize that the internet is just a tool. It’s not a business solution to riches. It’s just a tool you use to leverage your business. It’s just like a phone. It’s not the means to the end. Here are some disadvantages:

  • It’s very competitive.

  • Literally there’s 10 new websites being formed every minute. This means there are millions of websites business present at the global web. Statistics show that the average website visitor will only surf an average of 10 sites per internet visit. Of these 10, this surfer will only focus on 1 or 2. This means millions of websites are not visited everyday.
  • You lose touch with your clients.

  • Since we are talking about cyber space, you literally loose the high touch quality when servicing clients. It’s harder to connect with your customers. This means is harder to develop loyal clients.
  • It’s harder to predict.

  • With the millions of websites that you can loose a potential customer to, combined with poor search engines to your website, attracting clients has become a problem for most e-commerce businesses. This is one of the main reasons why many e-commerce businesses crashed and burned in late 90s.

Determine what product you want to sell?

There are many products you can sell through the ebay. Literally anything from books, second hand cars, handmade crafts, homemade cookies, personalized t-shirts and toothpaste. Determine for yourself the product line you want to move.

Determine a delivery system.

Figure out a way to deliver the goods your clients have paid for. Canvass different shipping rates from several distribution businesses. Check out the Federal Express website for ideas.

Enroll your business in the Ebay website

Once you have sorted out the product line you intend to move and you have figured out a delivery system for your product line, it’s now time to enroll your online store into E-bay’s website. Open the Ebay website and look for the business opportunities window. If you have difficulty entering or setting up your business, ask assistance from a web developer. Pay him to set it up for you.


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