How to Start a Used Brand Name Store

Starting your own used brand name store can be the business venture you are looking. Think about it. You have your own distinct clothing line. And you price them lower than the normal price. Sure it is already used but people still buy them.

If that interests you, then this business guideline will be a useful tool for you to follow.

Get a business license

If you want to start right then start it right by getting a permit to operate legally. Approach your County Clerk’s office. Gather information you need to process your business license. Inquire also about how sales permits work and how you can apply for that as well.

Register a business name for your store

Next after you have gotten the necessary documents to start your business, apply for a business name. List a couple of names you like and check it out with your state if that name is in use. If it’s free, register for it right away and trademark it. Now you have rights to sue anyone who dare to use your business name.

Find suppliers for your used brand store

The key in starting a used brand name store is diversity of cloth lines available. Search retail cloth stores who are getting rid of their non moving cloth lines. They usually sell their items at a much cheaper price. Purchase them. Also purchase branded clothing which is out of season. Stores usually have massive sales to get rid of them, it would be wise to buy them and get them ready for next season. Also visit garage sales. Purchase used brand name clothing they want to get rid off. Just make sure they are still in good condition to wear. Solicit used branded clothes from friends, neighbors and relatives that they are not using anymore. Then also consider searching the web for suppliers who offer used brand name clothing who can do business with you. Maybe they can also sell you factory rejects you can still sell.

Choose your location carefully

Survey several hot spots for your store. Find a location where people can easily spot your store at a glance. Study the patterns of people around your community. Identify which areas they most commonly converge at. Then find a location near that area where you can put up your business store.

Plan your pricing over your expenses

Used brand name clothing is priced much cheaper since they are already used. This is actually your selling point, cheap branded clothing. So in order for you to win in this kind of business, you would have to move several pieces. You have to sell twice as much as a regular store does. So compute how many pieces you need to sell to pay for your business expenses and still have something left over afterwards for your pockets.

Organize a grand opening day

Create noise in your area about your big business opening. Use word of mouth, newspaper ads as well as flyers. Do grass root marketing and just invite every one you meet.

Have fun and preserver in your business

Finally have fun in what you do. Enjoy the process and preserver in it until you make it.

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