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Articles on Managing a Business

New entrepreneurs always find difficulties in managing their own businesses, especially on financing, employee relations, employee benefits, and other legal issues. Being a product expert in your line of business is not enough to bring your enterprise into success. There's a lot of things to consider and this you need a handful of friendly advice. Some entrepreneurs even pay expensive business consultant to give them advise and guidance.

We prepared some brief and concise business articles for you to read and gather more ideas in propelling your business into success. These articles include business management, resources, corporate issues, and other business issues.

  • Qualities of a Good Businessman
    If you want to succeed as a businessperson, you must possess adequate knowledge and skills. Aside from that, having winner qualities will also guarantee success in your chosen endeavor.

  • Benefits of Brainstorming
    Brainstorming is a typical activity used to make in exchanging ideas and formulating the best solution.

  • How Do Movie Royalties Work
    Movie producers, scriptwriters, studios, and actors enjoy royalties from the incomes generated by their creative works. But how do movie royalties work?

  • How to Find Industry Averages
    Industry average includes data taken from different organizations that producing different products and offering different services. Industry average is done by collecting data through a survey.

  • What does a Balance Sheet Look Like
    If you are planning to take up finance, accounting or economics course in college, you will be making use of the balance sheet a lot.

  • Where to Buy Work Clothes
    Are you looking for the best places to buy work clothes? Searching and looking for the right work clothes can be confusing; however, if you don’t know where to buy work clothes, in that case we have some handful of tips for you on where you can find the right work clothes to wear for office use.

  • What to Look for in a Printer
    Choosing what printer is the best for you can be a daunting task. With the many choices available you can be torn between those varieties of printer technologies.

  • How to Prepare Balance Sheet and Income Statement
    Are you new in your business and you would like to know how to prepare balance sheet and income statement?

  • When to Plant Seedlings
    It is said that there are only few individuals who have the ability to grow seeds but with proper procedure anyone can plant seedlings and make it grow.

  • Working on a Dairy Farm
    Working in dairy farm is not actually as easy as learning how to use a computer because you are working with animals that are hard to understand especially if you don’t acquire proper training.

  • Inventory Control Duties
    Inventory control involves physical inventory. Maintaining the acceptable level of inventory is one of the duties included in inventory control.

  • Sustainable Agricultural Practices
    If it is not because of agriculture, there would be no more foods that human beings around the world will consume. So, this is only one of the implications that it is the industry that must be given attention by the government and the people involved in it.

  • How to Become Successful and Rich
    Different people have different beliefs and theories on how to become successful and rich. It is not all about theories and beliefs because it is necessary to possess the qualities that would lead you to becoming rich and successful.

  • The Fastest Way to Get Rich
    Getting rich is not all about luck. No matter how you are eager to become rich if you will not act you will never obtain what you desire.

  • Product Diversification Strategy
    A successful product diversification strategy requires proper and accurate targeting of market to be able to increase the overall sales of the company.

  • Disadvantages of Skimming Pricing
    Price skimming is a marketing strategy used by many business owners. The pricing strategy is important in a business to survive in the industry.

  • Vegetable Garden Tools List
    Before you start your vegetable garden, you should know first what basic tools you will be using in your garden.

  • When to Plant Vegetable Seeds
    Having an idea on how and when to plant vegetable seeds is important because this will help you to have a plentiful harvest. There are particular vegetables that need to be planted on a certain time of the year.

  • What State to Incorporate In
    If you want to incorporate your small business, you have to make the right decision. Basically, you have two options – incorporating in the existing state and choosing another state to incorporate.

  • Tax Benefits of Incorporation
    If you want to enjoy some great tax benefits and limited liability, you have to incorporate.

  • Why Are Newspapers Going Out Of Business
    Most people believe that the Internet’s popularity as well as the ever rising numbers of the electronic portable gadgets are the main reasons or as they quote “the death knell” of the print media industry.

  • How to Increase Working Capital
    Are you a business owner and you're looking for possible ways on how to increase working capital of your company?

  • Business Negotiations Steps
    One of the vital aspects in business negotiation is the right preparation. Lack of preparation to negotiate a business can lead to failure.

  • How Farming Affects the Environment
    Farming can affect our environment especially the factory farming.

  • How to Get a Taxi License
    Anyone loves to drive a licensed taxi. It gives you all the freedom to transport passengers everywhere and anywhere without the fear of being apprehended by traffic enforcers. You can safely drive in different locations provided that you always carry with you the necessary documents that show the registration of your taxi.

  • Employee Christmas Gift Ideas
    Are you one of those people who always find it hard to select employee Christmas gifts? Managing a lot of different people with different personalities and therefore different likes and dislikes can prove to be quite a challenge.

  • Homemade Christmas gifts for Co-Workers
    Christmas is fast approaching and it’s about time to plan for the gifts that you can give to your co-workers. You should not spend lots of money without sacrificing the quality of the gift.

  • Where to Shop for Business Clothes
    Have you ever wondered where to shop for the so-called business casual attires? By definition, the term business casual means dressed professionally, relaxed-looking and yet very neat and pulled together. How do you pull together this type of get-up and where do we find these clothing ensembles.

  • Top 10 Business Christmas Gifts
    If you want to give away some great gifts this Christmas, don’t despair because here is a list of the top ten gifts in the market.

  • What is a Business Grant
    A business could fail due to poor management. Or to lack of financial funding to get it through until it becomes profitable.

  • Christmas Office Party Bingo Ideas
    If you want to organize games for your office party, you can try bingo games. You can play the conventional game that uses the number cards, basket, and number chips.

  • What Business Skills Employers Want
    Are you asking to yourself if what business skills that employers want? If you want to learn the usual business skills that most employers want just read our article and this will teach you on what particular skills that you need to acquire for you to be accepted in a certain job.

  • When You Need a Business Partner
    Running a business, whether it is a small or big scale business, is quite difficult. Even starting it takes a lot of work, time, and effort. You will have to endure to succeed. These responsibilities, sometimes, is too many for an individual to shoulder. In rare cases, it is too much for one person to have all the burden of starting and running a business for it to be successful.

  • Things to Consider When Purchasing a Business
    Buying a business is really not considered the purest kind of entrepreneurship. However, it does have merits if you try it. As what they all say in movies, there’s always good in something. Here is the catch, buying an already existing business can be a bit risky as compared to building your own business. Why?

  • How to Improve Business Ethics
    Business ethics is very important. You have to know every inch of this field for you to avoid receiving a review for bad performance. Learning it is incredibly helpful to you most especially if you want to excel on your work so that your boss will notice your capabilities. Also, finding ways to improve your business ethics will allow you to feel a lot better about yourself in professional aspects and not only that, it will also have great effects in your personal life.

  • What is Business Application
    If you are a business owner, you would want to get things done efficiently with as little time possible. In order to reach this, you cannot fulfill it by yourself. You would need the help of software and applications used in business if you want to multi-task.

  • What is Business Professional Dress
    If you’re a business professional, there is a need to know the proper dress code. It’s hard to be stylish and professional at the same time. The attire comes in different types – professional, casual, and campus casual.

  • Tips on Encouraging Suggestive Behavior
    The behavior of humans can be easily altered, encouraged, and influenced. A great factor that can significantly change the behavior of individuals is society. In the society, individuals can be influenced by ethics, values, attitudes, and most especially, the people.

  • Tips to Create a Custom Vinyl Sign
    Custom vinyl signs can get expensive especially if you buy from the expert designers. If you’re creative enough, you can create your own vinyl sign by simply purchasing a vinyl sign kit.

  • What Is Business Analysis
    Business analysis is an important discipline when it comes to improving your business. Business analysis can have many types and different techniques are being used by business analysts in order to perform this process.

  • Tips on Competitive Business Analysis
    Like a boxer, preparing for a boxing bout, he must study his adversary carefully and be aware of the opponent’s strong and weak points. In business bout this is known as competative business analysis

  • Questions to Ask When Buying a Business
    When buying a business, one needs to know several data and information that he will need to evaluate and operate the business.

  • How to Start a Wine Bar
    Starting a wine bar is no joke. There are so many things that you need to attend to so that you can ensure success. With a business plan in place, you can go about the matters with ease.

  • Ways to Sponsor a Beauty Contest
    Sponsoring a beauty contest is ideal for business like salons, spas, and beauty centers. If your business is relevant, you can sponsor a beauty contest in your local area.

  • Business Professional Dress Code
    Abiding with the business professional dress code will not only give you and your company a good image but will also make you respected. Here are useful tips that can give idea on what to wear.

  • How to Create a Catch Phrase
    If you want to create your own catch phrases, there are some things that you need to consider. By following the steps in this article, you will be able to come up with a unique and catchy phrase that you can use over and over again.

  • Business Planning Process Flow
    If you want to make your business plan more organized and more professional, the technique of creating a business planning process flow is a tool to use. By creating flow charts integrating your business plan, everyone will have a better understanding and problems along the way will easily be resolved and prevented.

  • When Business Fails
    When business fails, it can be very devastating to the businessman. In order to prevent failure, you have to know what makes businesses fail.

  • Worker’s Compensation for Injured Employees
    Most employees, even those who are part-time and temporary laborers, are covered by worker’s compensation which is an employer-provided benefits that gives financial assistance to workers who sustained injuries or disability caused by a work-related accident.

  • How to Become a Makeup Artist
    If you want to become a makeup artist, it would be best to finish a college degree and to study cosmetology so that you will know the basics of applying makeup.

  • Ways to Hand Out Flyers
    Traditional advertising is still in existence these days. One popular method is the use of flyers. You can hand out flyers on the streets or leave them on windshields or post them in doors.

  • Corporate Christmas Gift Ideas
    Looking for some corporate gift ideas? You’re reading the right article then! Don’t go elsewhere and continue reading to get some useful tips about the topic.

  • Ways to Reduce Employee Injuries in Workplace
    According to federal law, preventing hazards and accidents among workers is one of the most important obligations of private employers in the US that failing to provide a safe working environment will make them liable to lawsuits and claims.

  • Ways to Deal with Computer Virus
    One of the best ways to deal with computer virus is doing preventive measures which include deleting unsolicited emails and attachments, avoiding dummy sites, and avoiding downloaded files from unsecured websites.

  • Saving Money from Leasing Equipment
    Businessmen, especially those start-up owners, can enjoy saving money from leasing equipment from a company. According to business consultants, finding a leasing company is easier nowadays since the industry is booming and many businesses offer affordable monthly rate, equipment in good condition, and training service; some even allow their clients to buy the leased apparatus.

  • Labor Law on Lunch Breaks
    Some people are born workaholics and they hate breaks. They say that frequent and uncalled intervals break their rhythm to work. But lunch breaks as a whole falls into a different category and is not calculated under the working hours.

  • E-commerce: Electronic Contracts and Signatures
    Electronic transactions in business have been recognized as legitimate and legally enforceable as any document in written form. According to federal Electronic Signatures in Global and International Commerce Act (ESGICA), electronic contracts and signatures are considered valid and recognized by courts. However, not all agreements can be transformed into an online version such as court orders, divorce, adoption, last will, and other sensitive dealing.

  • Treating Business Funds as a Separate Entity from Personal Assets
    Treating business funds as a separate entity from personal assets is considered by most business experts as managing finances in the right way.

  • Conducting an Employee Performance Review
    While there are ways to improve a business, the first step to do is to conduct an employee performance review that will allow entrepreneurs to know the weak points of their business and adopt certain strategies to improve these; provide reward to star employees to motivate them; and communicate with mediocre workers and force them to do better.

  • Conducting a Market Research
    To identify the wants and needs of consumers, entrepreneurs, especially those who own a start-up company, conduct a market research that will also allow them to create innovations and improvements that will make them competitive in the industry.

  • Guidelines in Promoting Employees
    In choosing key employees in a business, employers should realize that every decision should be objective, fair, and pragmatic to avoid mismanagement and internal disputes.

  • Ways to Avoid Conflict of Interest Business
    In order to successfully promote professionalism and fairness, the most important thing to do is avoid conflict of interest that may hinder a business to grow and expand.

  • Corporate Business Ethics
    A sound business ethics is not a prerequisite to doing business. That is true if you are not after longevity and success for your business.

  • Making a Comprehensive Lease Agreement
    One of the best ways to avoid disputes between landlords and tenants is by creating a comprehensive and clear lease agreement which must include all the most important entries that will also prevent confusion between the involved parties.

  • Training Outside Salespeople
    To reach its target-market, a retail business should be able to hire effective salespeople who will directly communicate with consumers and persuade them to buy a certain product or service.

  • Things to Consider When Creating Employment Handbook
    A well-written and comprehensive employment handbook will provide solutions to problems and disputes even before these arise.

  • Things to Avoid While Starting a Business
    So you finally got that golden dream of yours to start your own business. Everything's set in place, but you feel something's going up sooner or later. So to protect yourself from potential pitfalls and desperate actions, here are some things you have to avoid when starting a business.

  • Business Development Responsibilities
    Bleakness is prevalent in the world today, especially in the business sector. Yet these simple tips could help your business stay afloat. Have you ever remembered some tips from your teacher during school days? You'd better remember them, as they might be one the ways your business could be saved. Have you ever found group responsibilities overlapping each other, which would eventually lead to chaos and anarchy?

  • How to Close a Business
    You have tried everything and you have given all that you have, but then, it just won’t work. So what’s the point of continuing your business when it isn’t making money at all?

  • Writing a Business Partnership Agreement
    Writing a business partnership agreement is an essential and necessary tool in establishing a stable and organized business relationship. It helps to delineate the rights and obligations of the parties as well as provide a projection as to what is to come.

  • Why Start a Business in a Recession
    As we all know the economy is in recession. People are tightening their belts and spending less than usual. For any business minded person, starting a business during this time could be risky and crucial however there are a lot of reasons in doing so.

  • Government Resources for Entrepreneurs
    There are quite a number of government resources especially for small business owners. They have existed for a long time however there some entrepreneurs don't see the value of this information and resources.

  • The Idea of Buying the Company You Worked For
    You need to understand that there are tax implications if you want to buy out the company that you are working for. You also need to determine how much your business cost. After that, you can find different options when it comes to financing deals.

  • How to Become a Tax Preparer in California
    As the name implies, the main responsibility of tax preparer in California is to prepare and to file income tax returns. This is specifically for individuals as well as small businesses that need to annually file their taxes.

  • What Is Hardship Discharge
    A hardship discharge is one of the options an individual debtor can have under Chapter 13. The question is, can it be beneficial to the debtor, whether it is a business or an individual?

  • Laws for Consumer Protection
    Just like you customers are protected under certain state and federal laws. As a businessman it is also your sworn duty to comply with what they call the consumer protection laws that are designed to protect the interests of a customer. Find out what consumer protection laws are and avoid legal trouble later on.

  • What Can Happen When You Compete With a Former Employer
    We are all taught that is best to start a business is to acquire experience and knowledge first by working at a company in the field that you are planning to do business in. However, there could be problems with that. What are these problems and how can you, as an entrepreneur, avoid it?

  • Common Mistakes That People Commit in a Partnership
    Google and Microsoft are two examples of business partnerships founded by friends. How can you hope to achieve the same success when starting a business with a friend?

  • How Do You Calculate The Mark Up Price
    Basically, businesses calculate the markup price from the actual cost of the product or services to its selling prices tag when it comes out of the market. This computation may involve several accounting practices like getting all the expenses to create the product.

  • Mistakes You Should Avoid During Incorporation
    To err is human, they say. However, mistakes in business can be costly and dangerous to your investment. It is best to avoid mistakes at the start that is why it is important to know about the common mistakes that a lot of fresh businessmen make when incorporating their new businesses.

  • Why You Should Choose Incorporating an LLC
    The limited liability company is considered the rising star in corporations. More people consider this corporate structure as more advantageous for their enterprises, especially for small businesses.

  • Understanding the Validity of a Contract
    When you start a business, you can expect to be signing contracts with different parties for the duration of your operation. This is a very risky part of business, but is also a very normal part of it.

  • Starting a Business with a Friend
    If you are interested in starting a partnership, your most likely candidates for your partner are your close friends. That is because you spend a lot of time with each other; you almost know each other like you are the same flesh and blood.

  • Three Types of Corporations
    Picking a corporate structure means that you are picking a specific set of guidelines for taxing you from the profits of your business. Because of that, legalities require a business owner and his partners to know about the three structures of incorporation before they undertake that step.

  • Construction Business Ideas
    Is your locality on the fast track towards progress? Are there opportunities for you to start an engineering business in your place? What are the needs and demands of starting a construction firm? What types of engineering business can you start? Find the answers to these questions from our guide.

  • Solving Business Partnership Disputes Before They Go Awry
    When you run a business, you will definitely run into problems along the way. It can be tricky if you are in a partnership. It is much more difficult if the two of you cannot agree on one thing.

  • How to Properly Set up a Partnership
    It takes a lot of courage to start a business, let alone start it with a partner. That is because of the risk that the partnership might not work out, or that the partnership runs into problems that they may not address properly because it is already too late.

  • How to Start a New Business
    Starting a business is not a simple process, but one can avoid or lessen the difficulties by being organized. The idea is to take the process step-by-step; everything should be done in order to smooth out the crumples and breeze through the process one by one.

  • The Importance of Setting up a Board of Directors
    When you start a business, what would you choose? Having a team of Directors to assist you or would you go on it alone? Most starting entrepreneurs would probably balk at sharing authority with other people, but what these people don’t understand is that a Board of Directors can do more wonders to the company than they could by tackling management all by themselves.

  • Finding the Right Staff for Your Company
    The company is only as good as the people that manage it. To keep your company strong and competitive, you need a competent crew that can use their skills to give the company the push it needs to grow.

  • Hiring Professionals for Your Startup Business
    When we say logistics, they are key areas in your business that needs the services of someone who knows and is well versed in each specific area. As a businessman, you don't have the time to look into each area. Who should you call to handle these concerns on your behalf?

  • Steps to Structure your Business
    Organization is a mark of being professional. A business, first and foremost, is a professional matter and not a personal affair. To give your business that legitimate and professional appearance, you need to choose and implement a business structure.

  • Choosing the Right Business to Start
    There are many types of businesses. It can be confusing especially to those that are just new to the field of entrepreneurship. However, knowing the many kinds of business models can help simplify that task.

  • How to Come Up With a Business Description
    A business description is where it all starts. The business description provides an important outline into the business, and is useful for identifying points that need addressing in the course of your operation.

  • Small Business Incorporation Best Tips
    When incorporating a business, an owner would have to answer the question of what business structure to adopt. That decision is crucial as it would determine how the company would conduct its business in the future.

  • Which is the Best State to Incorporate a Small Business
    You might be holding an idea to incorporate a business. At the same time, you are tentatively keeping that idea while contemplating on where you should incorporate it. What do the experts say?

  • Guide on Incorporating a Business
    There are always better ways of doing things. You certainly would want the “better way” to incorporate your business. Here are some suggestions on how you could best go through the important decision-making steps you would take to register your business, like choosing a corporate structure, a name and a location.

  • Requirements for Incorporating a Business
    The requirements for articles of incorporation vary from state to state. Would you like to see what are the information you need to come up with to incorporate your business in your state? Follow the link we have and find your state's articles of incorporation requirements.

  • Understanding the Large and Mid-Size Business Examination Process
    The IRS routinely conducts examinations on large to mid-size businesses to ascertain they are tax compliant. Don’t be caught not knowing what to expect during the audit. If your business falls in that category, it would be to your advantage if you know the process so you can prepare for it.

  • Buying a Used Tow Truck
    Buying used tow trucks can be easy if you stick with a few principles. Every major purchase needs a plan of preparation. This business article will help you work on a game plan on how to buy the right used tow truck for your needs.

  • Small Business Answering Services
    If you are a small business owner, one of your problems may be handling incoming calls inquiring about your product or services. You can resort to voicemail to manage your communication needs, but chances are you would miss some business opportunities due to hang ups that happen because many are uncomfortable talking to a machine, or are unable to articulate their inquiries because of the absence of the human interaction in your call-receiving system.

  • Ways to Make Money in the Net
    There are a lot of ways to earn money in the internet. The first thing that you have to do is to create your own website. Whether your site is made to inform or it is made to sell a product the most important thing is that it has certain factors that can surely make people visit it over again.

  • Professional Organization
    An organization is any social arrangement that has same aims, aspirations, and goals. A professional organization on the other hand, is usually a non-profit group that helps further awareness and goals of a specific profession.

  • Choosing Phone Service for Small Business
    Cost, phone packages and reliability are the three things you should consider when choosing a phone service provider.

  • Company Co-Worker Christmas Present Ideas
    By thanksgiving many employees are already looking for Christmas gift for coworkers. This is because most companies and organization conduct yearly Christmas parties on December and part of this yuletide tradition is to have xmas gifts exchange among employees.

  • How Much Does it Cost to Charter a Private Jet
    People who are interested in getting private jet charter services often ask how much does it cost to charter a private jet. The question can be considered as a necessity particularly because of the associated prohibitive cost of renting an executive jet.

  • Commercial Mail Receiving Agency Business
    The necessary elements needed to start your own CMRA are: the application for the necessary papers required of Private Mail Box Operators, choosing a convenient location for your place of business (preferably with a parking space up front,) and choosing a commercial mail receiving business area spacious enough to accommodate the bulk of the mails and parcels of your customers.

  • What to Wear to an Office Christmas Party
    Because of the number of party celebrations that will be held during the Christmas season, many employees are already anxious about what to wear to an office Christmas party.

  • Food Ideas for Office Christmas Party
    Because the Christmas season is almost here, many business organizations are already into Christmas party planning and part of preparing for the holiday party is identifying the recipes for Christmas that will be prepared during the Christmas celebration.

  • Christmas Gift Ideas for Boss
    Giving a Christmas present to your employer this Christmas holiday will be a very good idea most especially if your boss has been very good to you and you have been given a lot of opportunities to grow during the year.

  • Christmas Gift Ideas for Office
    Most of the establishments and organizations in countries celebrating the Christmas season have yearly Christmas party.

  • Christmas Decorating Ideas for Office
    Because Christmas is almost here, many companies and establishments are already looking for the best Christmas decorating office ideas. Christmas decorations are important must haves in any office or establishment as it reflect the excitement that almost everyone has for the coming Christmas.

  • Company Christmas Cards
    Many companies and business organizations make it a point to have company Christmas cards that they will distribute to their loyal patrons and clients during the Christmas season.

  • Christmas Decorating Companies
    Many people prefer their homes or offices to be decorated with Christmas trees and Christmas ornaments to reflect the spirit of the Christmas season.

  • Office Christmas Party Ideas
    Do you want to come up with a unique office Christmas party idea? Christmas comes once a year and everyone wants to remember it forever by enjoying the parties and exchanging gifts. Read this article to find an ideal holiday party theme for your company.

  • Start a Cooking School
    Are you a gourmand? If you are a food lover then your interest and experience will be an advantage for a cooking school business. Food business is constantly rising hence there is a demand in quality chef and testy food. Monetize your skills by starting a cooking tutoring business and provide some cooking lessons, ideas, tips to juvenile chefs.

  • Choosing Business Partners
    If you are looking for business partners, it is important that you should choose one after calculating him/her on various aspects because partners can make or break a business.

  • Selecting an Adult Day Care Center
    Everyone wants to be independent, make more money and keep growing in his or her career, hence creates a problem for adults who are waiting for their near and dear to care them. There only adult day care centers started and provided different facilities for the prices paid. We have some tips on choosing an adult day care.

  • Starting a Night Club
    If you look into today's nightlife then you can easily comprehend the young generations are more into brewpubs, nightclubs, dance clubs, and swing clubs. Young couples also don't want to stay behind, they are also seen more in mid-night clubs. Opening a nightclub is a potential business to think about and invest.

  • Finding Air Conditioner Deals
    You need an air conditioner or an AC, and you want to find a good bargain. Let's start with the basics, shall we? What type of air conditioner do you need?

  • How to Start a Gas Station?
    Get a general idea of how a gas station operates. This article is for those who plan on putting up their own gas station. It also provides information on the different types of gas stations and gas brands.

  • How to Handle Workplace Jerks
    Everyday one or other suffer at workplace due to bullies and jerks, it's most likely to happen at any job so don't change your employer or employee rather handle it well. We have some tips to tackle workplace bullies and jerks.