Christmas Tree Business

Starting a Christmas tree business may be daunting at first but if you are equipped with sufficient knowledge then everything will come easy. Read this article and learn some of the things you should know before you start your own Christmas tree business.

There is no doubt that the Christmas tree has become one, if not, "the" most popular iconic symbols of the Christmas holiday season.

This is why marketing those makes for a good business venture.

Just like any endeavor, starting a Christmas tree business involves a great deal of planning. You should look into how much time, labor, marketing, and finances you will need before you set off and start your Christmas tree business.

There are two ways you approach the business. One, you can put up your own Christmas tree farm. Two, you can function as a distributor and sell the products directly to the customers.

Christmas Tree Farm.

The first thing you must do is look for an appropriately sized piece of land where you can plant your trees. Consider the soil type, not all soil types are conducive to tree planting. Makes sure that the nutrients and the pH level of the soil are suitable to the tree variety you wish to grow. The most sought after tree varieties are firs, spruces and pines, Douglas fir being the most popular.

Using appropriate fertilizers, condition your soil before planting your tree seedlings. When planting you should see to it that, the seedlings are placed in rows and are adequately spaced to avoid crowding. The ideal distance between rows and trees are between five to eight feet.

To keep your trees healthy, you need to control the growth of weed. You also need to check for pests and insects as well as other symptoms of diseases. Shear your trees to allow for a more bushy looking growth and to get that popular triangle look.

While it is true that Christmas Trees sell primarily during the last quarter of the year, Christmas tree farms however operate the whole year round. Running a Christmas tree farm is a labor-intensive process so you will need to hire people to help you out.

Christmas Tree Retailing.

First things first, find a tree farm that sells Christmas trees on a wholesale basis. Once you are assured of a stock source then start looking for a place to sell your trees. In choosing a retail lot, consider the number of people who frequent that area. A place with a heavy vehicular and pedestrian traffic flow is best. Your retail lot should be appealing to the customers. It should be located in a secure neighborhood and it should be easily accessible. Your lot must be kept neat and tidy and should have adequate lighting and signage.

Next, develop a pricing system. On top of the basic cost of the tree, you must include other operational expenses such as trucking, space lease, manpower, and advertising. Once you have your price list down pat, make sure you stick to it.

Do not wait until thanksgiving before you promote your retail lot. As early as October, you should already have the word out. There are several ways you can advertise your retail lot. You can print an ad in the newspaper or you can distribute posters around the vicinity.


  • obinna moka said on November 16, 2011
    I will be very glad to start up business with you but this year has gone as christmas things is seasonal. next year will be a better year to start up business with you. my business place is no 2 oroyinyin street idumota lagos nigeria.
  • Roger said on December 2, 2012
    I currently have the Idea of a Christmas tree lot for next year so that I can have a head start from this season to next. At this point I am researching rental on lots around my area.


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