Privacy Policy for

Any individual’s privacy matters to us especially those who are visiting this website.

If you are one of our visitors, we take care of your personal information. In this website, personal information is treated with respect. After receiving and collection information from you, we safeguard them the best way we can. Never would we sell any kind of personal information that we received from this website to other third parties.

Log Files

Just like other websites that got log files, we collect and use data contained in them. Normally information found in log files contains IP address, ISP, browser, time of the visit and pages that you visit within the website.

Cookies and Web Beacons uses cookies in order to store information. This is helpful when you plan to visit again our site.

There are third party advertisements found all throughout our site to keep it running. Some of them may use tools like cookies and web beacons which can send advertisers like Google some information like IP address, ISP, web browser and detect if there is flash installed. The purpose of this is for geo targeting or showing ads on specific sites that a visitor normally frequent. We also use in-text advertisements and they also take some generic information like IP Address, ISP, Web browser to show the appropriate ads to you on our site and on other sites that you visit.

You the option to disable or turn off the cookies found in the site using your browser settings. You could also do this by managing your preference in Norton Internet Security. However this action could affect how you view our website ( and other websites. An example is not being able to remember you to participate in our comments.

Take note that deleting cookies doesn’t mean that you are excluded in advertising program. The next time you try to visit a new site that run advertisements, a new cookie will be added to your computer not unless you completely disallow cookies in your settings.


  • All our comments are moderated so it is up to the mod to decide whether a comment should be published or not.
  • Any kind of ads are prone to be deleted, just remember this site is not meant to post your ads rather help others if you can.
  • Copy pasted content from other websites will be removed from our site. We encourage to write your comment in your own words.
  • Comments posted with links in it will be moderated and it will be up to us to allow the comment with link or remove it.
  • There is no easy way to remove or edit a comment right now, so you have to contact us for editing or removing them.
  • We don’t disclose the email address submitted to us along the comment so post your email address on the post itself if you want others to contact you.