Product Diversification Strategy

A successful product diversification strategy requires proper and accurate targeting of market to be able to increase the overall sales of the company.

With the proper use of product diversification strategy you can be sure that your business will profit.

Product diversification strategy involves the modification of an existing product so that its market potential can increase. Product diversification strategy can obtain new customers for your changed-brand products or changed-product’s target customers. It can be done by leveraging the reputation of your existing products as well as developing platform to be able to produce and eventually sell the modified or the new products. The effective product diversification needs accurate target market as well as product differentiation to be able to prevent the bad erosion of your current market and at the same time increase the overall sales and profits of the company.

Obtaining the Best Product Diversification Strategy

Brainstorming the potential markets for your existing product with just a slight alteration can help you obtain the best possible strategy for product diversification. You must consider the demographic differences like age and gender and features as well as the geographic differences. Then, based on the brainstorming, make a research about the viability of the new products. Ensure that the new products are aligning with the different markets. Conduct product trials, focus surveys, and surveys to ensure the success of the product prior its launch. This will help your business achieve its goal and profit significantly.

Demographic and Price Diversification

Demographic target change must be implemented when diversifying your products. You should consider this diversification if the preferences have wide differences based on ethnic differences, gender, location, and age. The price diversification can also be a priority especially if your business has a large range of prices in your target market.

Product Extension and Modifications

For the extension of your products, you should create your new products through your established image. Consider this product extension if your product’s existing market is already saturated and the ties of your business to other types of products are convenient. Product extension also helps in reducing the overall risk of the business by offering your products into different customer categories. Then, the product modifications such as change in color or other different features can greatly help in the diversification of your products. If you have some problems or restrictions in your budget then consider few slight modifications of your products that could lead to the expansion of your share in the market or even reenergized the existing image of your products. All of these are ways for product diversification that you can do to be able to be successful in your business and increase sales and profits.


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