How Do You Calculate The Mark Up Price

Basically, businesses calculate the markup price from the actual cost of the product or services to its selling prices tag when it comes out of the market. This computation may involve several accounting practices like getting all the expenses to create the product.

To determine the profit obtained in the goods and services, most companies usually add the markup to the overall cost in generating the product.

This way, the firm can distinguish easily the total costs of the overall expenses, including the distribution of the goods and services.

However, the methods that the company will employ in determining the markup price of the product depending on how the accounting department will see the factors. There are various ways that the company can obtain markup prices.

One of the most common users of the markup pricing methods is resellers like Wal-Mart and 711 convenience stores. These companies simply add a certain percentage on top of the product that they bought from the distributors to come up with the initial price when they resell the products. The percentage that will be added to the product may vary depending on the quality and materials used to produce it. This may also depend on the objective of the company and the number of demands for that product.

The simplicity involved in implementing markup pricing in products makes it more viable for companies since it is cost-effective and can be accomplished in just a short period of time.

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The two most commonly used methods of markup are Mark-on-cost and Mark-up on-selling price.

In Markup-on-cost, the initial price of the product is, most often than not, set above the actual cost of the product. For example, the item cost is 50 dollars and the markup price is 15 dollars, by getting the difference of the two variables, you will come up with a 15 percent markup percentage.

In determining the initial price of the product, a company usually multiplies the actual cost of the product by a preset percentage. The company then adds the result of the equation to the total cost.

Meanwhile, in Markup-on-Selling-Price, most of the companies and resellers acquire their Markup on the reflection of the price tag of the product. Most often than not, these companies see the markup as a certain percentage of the selling price, this is contrary to the percentage of the cost that is obtained in the Markup-on-cost.

The question now is why companies use different styles of acquiring the Markup? In certain industries, like Wal-Mart, it has been accustomed to discuss how they come up with the price.

But studies showed that Markup-on-Selling-Price provides the company promotional value to their money since most of them make a higher profit rather than going with the Markup-on-cost method. The promotional value of the product will always show that the customer saves money, while the company makes a little. But in reality, it is just the same whether you use Markup-on-Cost or Markup-on-Selling-Price. The company always comes up with a high percentage of profit in each product.

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    1. How much should I mark up the cost to make and charge the cafe who inturn will sell direct to their customers? (I have researched what local bakeries & other cafes charge respectfully for each item).
    2. If I calculate it out knowing what they charge (to soon be negotiated with my customer)- would it be correct to expect them to get almost equal profits as me? Thank you very much.
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    Hi, we're located in victoria bc canada. We are a 18 employee wholesale bakery I am looking for a good formula for costing my products ,it's always been cost then double it but I don't think this old formula applies in our changing world.
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  • VIJAYA said on September 2, 2014
    hi, I am from GAISENN FIRE & SAFETY, Please help me how to calculate Mark up price on Fire Products. With regards, GAISENN FIRE & SAFETY. VIJAYA-Proprietor, BANGALORE; Contact No:08065555974/9731609551/9902101213.
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    Would like to start a meat shop in nairobi kenya
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    Hi, I'm opening a second hand formal gown store that would take donated prom gowns and resale, and I'm having trouble understanding how to markup donated apparel. Can you please help, thanks.
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    I am going to opening a boutique soon in Summerton Sc. I want to know how much add percentage for clothes and accessories? Please e-mail me asap,thanks.
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    I want to open a burger restaurant so please help me get details regarding cost, chefs, adds etc. please mail me.
  • Paolo said on February 13, 2015
    hi, my family is currently involved in the retail and commercial business. These business involved leasing out spaces to be used as commercial and with this involves selling to tenants the utility meters i.e. water and gas meters. Only meters purchased from our us are allowed to maintain integrity of the product. My question is how much to charge our meters "as prescribe by law" if our purchase cost is around P850 for water meter and P28,000 for gas meters. Can we charge 20% mark-up or is it too high. I will highly appreciate any reply to my queries above. Thank you
  • Paul Dixon said on April 1, 2015
    Message To Paolo:- A 20% mark-up is not expensive but needs to be measured against the cost. For example 20% on 100,000 is a lot of money so there need to be a balance or a cap. The bigger question is have you considered all staffing cost, including taxes to be paid and applied this to the base rate of the units and then added your Mark-up.
  • Monica said on June 29, 2015
    Opening a candy / convenience store next to a school. Can you please tell me how much to mark up my candy
  • Derek C MacKay said on September 25, 2015
    The city of Barrie Ontario Canada. going to be manufacturing a 4oz hair gel product for the 12 to 30 year old male and female, how can I obtain the % markup from the retailers such as Shoppers drug mart and Walmart stores. Thank you D.C.M.
  • andrew said on June 22, 2016
    Hi I'm starting a medicinal herbal business how do I license my products in south Africa. I mix the products myself.
  • James B said on September 12, 2017
    I am in the planning stages of opening a kitchen utensil store, and am curious about what a good mark-up/mark-on price would be for my goods. If I go through with this plan, I will be the only kitchen utensil "specialty" shop in my town, which has a population of 36,000


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