Lowering Prices to Increase Revenue

At this point in time, there are already a lot of business establishments that are closing down because they are generating low profits that can no longer sustain their business operation.

In connection with this, it is proven that lowering prices to increase revenue is effective. This article will teach you more about this matter.

If you are looking for ways on how you can increase the income that is generated by your business, then the technique which is lowering prices to increase revenue may work for your venture. There is some information that you must learn when it comes to utilizing this business strategy.

Why There is Decrease in Business Revenue

Many business owners are experiencing decrease in the profit that they generate from their business. There are several reasons why this happens. First is the increase in the competition in the market. When there is increase in the presence of similar products, the tendency is that those customers of business establishments will be divided. This leads to decrease in the profitability of the business. Aside from that, decrease in promotional activity is also a rooted cause. Customers tend to avail of the products and services of business establishments with nice promotional activity. Lastly, the increase in the values of some products and services also affects its profitability. When the commodities and services are priced high, there are just selected people who can afford them. Therefore, these three main factors affect the business revenue:

  • Business competition
  • Ineffective promotional activity
  • Increase in product and service value

Effects of Decreased Business Revenue to Entrepreneurs

If a certain customer of a specific business has limited financial resources, there is a high chance that he cannot afford the products and the services that he ought to purchase. When customers of some businesses are not able to afford the amount of products that are presented to them, they may not buy these. Because of this, decrease in the profit of a certain business will be felt. If this happens continuously, there will be possible weakening of the firm, leading to its total abolishment.

Theory of Lowering Prices to Increase Revenue

If the time comes that a specific business establishment foresees possible loss of a great percentage of the profit that they earn, they usually do some measures to halt this possibility. One of the most effective ways in order to increase their profit is to lower the prices of their offered products and services. The logic behind this is that the lower the prices of your services, the greater the possibility that it will be patronized by your present and future clients. Thus, there will be a high profit out of it.

What Should be Remembered in Lowering Prices of Products

Lowering the prices of your products is not as simple as that. Of course, you have to set the price in a way that your capital will not be taken away from you. If this is the case, you are just promoting loss of your business. So, in setting the selling price of your offered products, see to it that you plan it in a way that you still earn profit out of it.


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