How are Businesses Interdependent

In 1967, James D. Thomson, a sociologist discussed in his book entitled “Organizations in Action”. He defined that there are three kind of interdependence that can be used to illustrate the power interaction as well as the behaviors in the structure or an organization.

Primarily, the study of interdependence can assist business owners to understand and learn how different units or department within the organization depends on the function of others.

Pooled Interdependence

Pooled interdependence is considered to be the loosest kinds of interdependence. In this kind of interdependence every business unit or organizational department can perform on separate functions. Even though the department might not directly interact or contribute to individual or directly depend on pooled, the problem may arise if one unit or department fails to be effective it can lead for the crash of entire process. Meaning, every department or unit should work together to attain the organization’s goal to succeed.

Sequential Interdependence

In case of sequential interdependence, it may happen when only one department in an overall process can produce an output which is important for the succeeding unit. As you know the most common type of this interdependence is the assembly line. Meaning, it is very important to have a systematized planning and scheduling within the organization to make the overall process of the business operation successful. Most companies use this interdependence for them to have efficient operations, which can be very helpful to attain the goal of such organization.

Reciprocal Interdependence

Reciprocal interdependence is just the same as sequential interdependence, wherein the output of one unit is the input of the other aside from being a cyclical. In this type of model, organization and department should have an ideal interaction at its highest. Reciprocal models are considered to be the most complicated. Remember that when a unit changes its rules, it can actually affect the rules.


Thompson also theorized that the appropriate way to acquire the department on an organization is to work together hand in hand to have its structure strong. Meaning every worker should fulfill their respective tasks by following the rules effectively. It may require an adequate rules as well as operating procedures, even though the other two methods of independency are a bit flexible.

How Can You Use These Methods?

When you are planning to run a business you may consider some of the above mentioned methods of business interdependences. They are actually very helpful means on how you can able to run your business organization efficiently. Many successful businesses have chosen them as one of the means for running the business. Remember that a successful business should be systematized, organized and managed well to get its aim to success.

According to several sources, any business owner who opts for this method can able to decide the best to their business.

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