Planning a Business Open House

Planning an open house event for your business does not need to be extra grand to achieve its desired goal. Your goal here is simply similar to a grand opening, to showcase your products and services to acquire potential customers.

A simple but effective way to advertise the existence of a new business is by conducting open house. Open house is a kind of event that does not only apply to small retail stores which sell products.

You can as well have open house as a business service. For example, a dentist’s office or a law firm may be benefited by an event of open house. The idea of which is to request potential customers, community members and other business associates to your business place. This way, they could meet employees and the business owner while learning further about your services and products. If you are a starting business and you want to hold an open house event, you may consider this guide to help you how to plan a business open house.

Establish the necessary requirements for the open house event

Set the date, products and services that you would like to promote and all other items that you will need for the open house event. Make sure that these are all taken care of and that you have enough set aside money to produce and make the event possible. If you are promoting about your products, you must centrally set them on an attractive view at your store floor. Provide each product with cards describing them. On the other hand, if you are to promote a service, put up tables and booths containing demos, literature and tools that could help describe the detailed offering of the service.

Create a small program

No matter how simple your open house event is, it is must that it has a small program with activities which include introducing the owner and its key members, a brief discussion of the services and the products you offer and a simple contest awarding free items to 1 or more of your event’s guests. You must also plan to give away free samples of all your items to all your visitors.

Hire an emcee and caterer

Hiring a caterer can definitely help you in serving food such as appetizers and snacks and drinks to your visitors at the open house. An emcee is as well very helpful to aid you in successfully running through the event program.

Advertise the business

Advertising the open house event of your business through email newsletter is an easy and accessible way to make your list of contacts knows about your event. You can follow up these emails with a formal and printed invitation for the VIPs. Persuade every invitee to ask at least 2 other people on your event. Make sure that you’ll mention in the invitation or email that you will be serving free foods and drinks and also free samples of your services and products. A week prior to your event, place a large poster “Open House” at your business place for customers and passersby to be more notified about the open house event.


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