Personal Training Marketing Strategies

Do you want to run a personal training business? If yes, then it is very important to remember that running your business has several benefits such as flexibility, freedom and probably higher income. On the other hand, one drawback here is you need to look for your client or else you will not be successful.

Learning the effective personal training marketing strategies can surely help you effectively.

Why Personal Training Business?

Personal training business is an effective and can be profitable endeavor, if only you can provide the best service that each customer is looking for.

  • Advertise your Business

    Advertising is very powerful means on how you can be noticed in the crowd. Make a simple press release to local radio stations. The internet is one of the most effective means on how you will be noticed, use the advantage of social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter to advertise your personal training business for free.

  • Order Brochures and Business Cards

    Brochures and business cards are very simple but effective personal training marketing strategies that offer you the chance to present your contact information as well as the information regarding the service you offer. Make sure to be prepared to receive some calls and inquiries.

  • Coupons

    Coupon mailers and newspapers are also simple and cheap way to advertise business. In these means you don’t need to be an experience writer just to say your pitches. Generally, people like bargain, so be sure that you can offer best deals with them and offer them the deal that is ideal for their needs and requirements.

  • Yellow Pages

    Even though it is traditional means of advertising, yellow pages are still effective means to be noticed especially for people who have just moved to new community. Do not just put your contact information but also provide some short sentence regarding your services and how you are eager to help people. You can also used pictures to attract the attention of possible customer.

  • Sponsor Some Events

    When there’s an event in your area, it would be nice to contact some organizers for you to be one of the sponsors. Providing some coupons in goodie bags for each participant can be the best means on how you can be noticed. Sporting events like triathlon could be the best means on how you can be noticed. You can also offer them the best means on how they will able to understand the importance of being fit.

  • Teach Fitness Class

    This actually includes activities such as walking group, pilates boot camp or exercise group. As you know, you don’t need to be salesperson, means the customers will come to you. This could be the method to establish you to potential clients in comfortable environment, wherein they could determine before they hire personal trainer.


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