Planning a Business Retreat

Retreat is done to build good relationship with your people. However, it does not only involve work but also an opportunity to unwind and enjoy the beauty of nature. It gives us the opportunity to make a step backward without any gadgets and electronic materials that could distract us from appreciating and enjoying the moment on a specific place.

A retreat refers to a meeting which is usually planned and organized particularly to facilitate a group's ability to take a momentary step back away from their daily life activities and demands for a comprehensive period of strenuous dialogue, discussion and thinking strategically about the future of the organization or regarding specific issues.

It is done to most especially when the business organization is facing challenges and issues at the moment of time. It is held away from the workplace to get rid of distractions, gadgets and to concentrate about the certain discussion.

Know the Goal of the Retreat

Without a goal, there is no reason to plan and conduct a retreat. A retreat must always have a business purpose to be able to accomplish things after the event. What you do to determine the goals you want to achieve, list down all these goals, narrow them down until you come up with specific goals that can be attained realistically during the time allotted for the retreat. Aside from goals, you may also add up some fun activities for the retreat to be able to make your employees feel alive and revitalize their minds regarding the topics to be covered in the retreat.

Schedule the retreat location, time and date

A retreat is usually held outside the office. A place that is usually selected to be a retreat venue is a serene and peaceful one. This is done to have a new environment away from the city and gadgets that may bring distraction to the event. You should not think retreat is about work. Instead, think that this is an opportunity for you to enjoy as a reward for your hard work.

Select a Facilitator

When you plan for a retreat, another thing that you must think of is the possible facilitator of the retreat. A facilitator must be a professional which makes him or her trained in maintaining a neutral position and group processes while brainstorming and debating. However, this does not mean that he or she will be the only one to speak, to authorize and command what to do. It is a group effort and everybody must have a straightforward and sincere approach to everything discussed.

Use Time Effectively

To use time effectively in a retreat, you must already have something in mind how to achieve the goal of the retreat. To make this easier, you must collaborate, make friendly discussions, persuade people to express themselves, diverge and converge to be able to achieve your goal and at the same time, building a good relationship with each other.

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