Can Business Ethics Be Taught?

Recently, learned experts on ethics contest that business ethics cannot be taught. This issue is an old one and has been discussed by experts and professionals on the subject of ethics for years.

Even in the ancient days it has already been discussed and according to Socrates, the knowledge of knowing what you must do is something that can be taught. Therefore, business ethics can definitely be taught.

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What Makes It Possible For Business Ethics To Be Taught?

One of the reasons why people believe that ethics cannot be taught is the assumption that by the time you enter college or a job, your ethics are already fully formed. But this assumption is being overturned by the researchers in moral psychology. According to them, moral development develops throughout childhood and continues to at least young adulthood. This thus proves that ethics can still be taught.

How Can Business Be Taught?

When it comes to ethics, one should realize that it isn’t just about having good moral character. In most cases, good upbringing simply provides a moral compass that can help you on the right thing to do. But know that it is not the only factor that determines an ethical conduct. Most people would enter corporations and education programs during their young adulthood and at that time, providing business ethics can clearly help in shaping a young person’s ethical behavior and values.

To teach business ethics, teaching a person about leadership is most basic. On that note, it is important to remember the 3 C’s when it comes to leadership that makes a person a great leader. The 3C’s includes:

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These three are also the aspects to which business ethics must center. The ethical behavior in a business must revolve around competent work, a leader that can determine the right conduct in a particular situation and has the commitment to see through it. The fact is, to effectively teach ethics, the guidance of an effective is the key and that which will lead people to the right ethical direction.

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