Where to Shop for Business Clothes

Have you ever wondered where to shop for the so-called business casual attires? By definition, the term business casual means dressed professionally, relaxed-looking and yet very neat and pulled together. How do you pull together this type of get-up and where do we find these clothing ensembles.

Read for some tips on what a business casual get-up is and where to shop for them.

Before we talk about where to shop for business clothes, let us first find out what clothes fit the business casual category. Some define it as somewhere in between business formal and our daily street clothes. Here is an example: for women, the skirts should be a reasonable length, definitely not mini-skirt. Pants should be full length trousers not made of jeans material. Top should be a dress shirt, polo or sweater. It is also acceptable to wear an informal dress with a suitable length. On the other hand, men’s business casual include a combination of collared shirt like a dress shirt or polo shirt. Trousers should be made of cotton such as khakis or dress jeans. Pants should also have a belt and use dress shoes like loafers with socks. An optional business suit and jacket can be used.

Attires like gym clothes, clothes that are rumpled or ripped, mini-skirts, bare midriffs and flip-flops are all unacceptable. Some companies do not allow the use of open-toe sandals and shorts. In terms of color, it is safe to buy black pieces. It is easier to mix and match with other colors and it’s suitable for any body type. Try to acquire a number of different scarves because they add a bit of life and color to your clothes. You can also add a bit of color to your clothes by adding colorful and unique jewelries. Your shoes should also be in black, but choose different styles to pair with your outfits. You have to remember though that the business casual term is loosely defined, so there is a chance that it could vary from company to company. A sound advice to remember, it’s better to be over-dressed than be under-dressed.

When shopping for business casual, you can choose to go to shops or do your shopping online. Based on online polls, most young professionals who dress the business casual style agree that most of the stuff they wear is from J. Crew, Banana Republic, Eddie Bauer, Ann Taylor and Ann Taylor Loft. They also sometimes use clothes from Nordstroms Point of View. Some people shop at Caslon, Semantiks, Nine West and Macy’s Inc Concepts Brand. For shoes, they go for Kenneth Cole and Dansko for comfortable shoes.

After you have decided where to shop for business clothes, remember to ask for help from the salesperson if you are not sure that you know what you are buying. It is their job to know what you are looking for. If you don’t want to rely on others, take a friend shopping for honest opinions on what to buy. Go to the store when there are fewer shoppers, that way you can choose all you want without the stress of having to do it around so many people. Purchase reasonable priced but quality clothes. Remember to check your size and the company’s return policy in case you make a mistake.


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