Homemade Christmas gifts for Co-Workers

Christmas is fast approaching and it’s about time to plan for the gifts that you can give to your co-workers. You should not spend lots of money without sacrificing the quality of the gift.

Homemade Christmas gifts shows your creativity and at the same time thoughtfulness.

Homemade Brownies and Cookies

Homemade gifts are perfect options if you are searching for inexpensive gift ideas. Aside from spending less money, the gifts would be personalized and you can make lots of thing out of recyclable materials. On the other hand, if your co-worker loves baking, you can give brownie and pancake baking kits. You can add dry ingredients as well as the recipe on a vintage canister. Wooden spoon and batter bowl can be included then decorate it with holiday ribbons. You can also give your homemade cookie dough by wrapping it in wax paper and tie it with ribbon.

Body Scrubs and Herbal Oils

If you know how to make herbal oils, it is also a perfect gift idea for your co-workers. You can look for large container or decorative bottles then put all the herbs on it. Make customized labels and paste it in the bottle. In like manner, you can also make body scrub at home and give it as Christmas gift to your officemate. You can mix jojoba oil, lavender oil or almond oil with other herbs like lavender and rosemary. Include loofah sponge with the body scrub and wrap it creatively.

Personalized MUGS

Personalized mugs are other gift idea that you can give to your co-workers. Choose holiday-themed mugs and engrave the name of the person on the mug. In addition, you can fill the mug with favorite Christmas treats like M&M and candy kisses. You can also buy small candle holders where you can place the homemade scented candles. Scented candles are aromatic gifts that are delightful to give. All you need to do is to look for scent that would best suit the personality of your co-worker.

When giving Christmas gift to your co-worker it does not need to be expensive. The most important thing to keep in mind is the thought of giving. Likewise, in giving gifts make sure that it conveys your thoughtfulness and gratefulness. So, you need not spend lots of money instead you should be creative in making homemade and hand made items. As much as possible, you should think of gifts that can be used either in the office or at home. Do not think for imported items rather choose local items. As long as you personally know the person you are giving, it would be easy to think for perfect gift that fits to the personality.


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