What is Considered Business Casual

Business casual attire is very important not only to those who are already employed but also to those who are still applying for work. Most especially if what you are applying for is an important position in a recognized firm or company.

And being in proper business attire is one way to impress people, particularly your future employer.

Business Casual Attire Definition

Business casual is one of the most popular dress code to professionals. It is actually one of the dress codes which are always up to date to the current trend. As a matter of fact, almost half of the people in the United States prefer to be in this attire. It is not only because it is required to them with concern to the nature of their work but because it is very fashionable. One looks very distinguished once they are in their business casual attire. Since business casual attires are subject to the fashion trend, it usually changes. In fact, business suits and neckties which were once the fashion trend have been replaced by the current business casual. Business suits and ties are now only worn by most lawyers especially when they are in court. But if you are not one, I suggest you better stick to business casual attires.

Business Casual Attire for Men

First thing that you should bear in mind is that business casual is not a uniform. Actually, there has not been a generally accepted definition of it because it depends on your working place, or should I say your superiors. There are some workplaces that permit the use of jeans of their employees, others disapprove of it. Some even still require the wearing of necktie. Nut normally, for men; the perfect business casual wear is the combination of collared shirts and cotton trousers. Great examples of collared shirts are polo shirt and dress shirt. On the other hand, the best example for cotton trousers are khakis and dress jeans. Consider also putting a belt on that will go well with your shirt. And for your foot wear, try dress shoes like loafers. A blazer or business jacket will complete your dashing look.

Business Casual Attire for Women

On the other hand, business casual wears for women are more meticulous. But generally, a fair length of skirt with a top like polo, dress shirt, or sweater set will do. However, if you are more comfortable in pants, then I recommend a full-length trouser. It must be made of non-jeans materials. Informal dresses with proper length of skirt are also recognized as trendy in business casual attires. It is important to remember that the length of your skirt is not like that of a mini skirt. Revealing outfits are a big no-no in a workplace. These kinds of attire are usually frowned upon by employers and prominent people.

Furthermore, make sure that your clothes are ironed. It adds to a look of neatness on you. All in all, business casual attire actually means having that professional look in a relaxed but neat way. If you are just starting to have this kind of look, then try searching on the internet of pictures showing what a business attire look like and mimic them. Try also watching fashion programs. In the long run, you will have your very own business attire look without the help of those photos or those presented in fashion programs.


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