What is a Business Reference

A business reference has always been asked by an employer before they hire someone. Generally, it is more like a background check. This is to ensure that the people they are hiring are trustworthy and reliable. Hence, the main idea here is to write a business reference containing the good sides of the person applying for a job.

But make sure that what you write is true. Otherwise, you might be subject to a lawsuit.

Business Reference in General

A business reference is in a form of letter which contains detailed explanation of a person’s job performance in a business setting. If a friend or a former workmate ask you to write this kind of letter that is probably because he or she trusts that you are only going to tell their good sides. Another reason is that you have witness firsthand their working routine. Now, in writing a business reference, there are several factors that you should take into account and include in it. The following is a guideline as well as tips for you to consider in writing a business letter.

Contents of Your Business Reference

First is your salutation to the receiver of the letter, in this case, the employer. You must make it courteous and simple. This is one way of earning attention as well as respect. You can use the person’s occupation or their name if you have met them. This is to make your letter more personal. Second, on your first paragraph, you should introduce yourself and state how you are related to the applicant. A sentence or two will do. Making it brief but professional will probably impress the reader. Aside from that, most people especially those who are busy are easily irritated if you make your introduction long. Remember that these people treasure their time. For them, every single minute counts. Go direct to your point, which will be your next paragraph.

Your succeeding paragraphs will be the highlight of your letter. This is the part where you praise your friend who asked you to write a business reference. You must include in here the qualities of that person, their performance while you were together on your work. Include also the duration of how long you have known the person. You have to write the most memorable things that they have contributed while you were working with him in a company. State that they will be an asset to their business and that your company regrets the loss of such competent employee. Please bear in mind that what you say in your letter is what the real situation is. You must be honest.

Furthermore, you must be assertive in your letter. You have to use the type of statement that is subject-first. Surely, your letter will be loaded with adjectives. However, you must be careful and deliberate even in the usage of these words. You must avoid using adjectives which can be generally applied to any person. Examples of these adjectives are good, responsible, and great. As an alternative, you can give examples of how the person which is the subject of your letter characterize the qualities you have mentioned. It is more believable than loads of adjective words.


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