How to Start a Air Freight Business

If you are contemplating starting a freight forwarding business, there are two ways you can take: a commercial cargo carrier or freight forwarder.

Learn from our basic guide what is in common with both businesses as well as what are the specific needs for each type of air cargo business.

Starting an air freight business is not for the faint of heart or the would-be businessman. The fact that it is an air business means it is high-tech, expensive and complicated big time. There are two ways one can enter the air freight business – as a commercial cargo carrier or as a freight forwarder.

How to Own an Air Freight Business

If you want to be a cargo carrier, what you need most is a plane or fleet of planes to carry cargo from destination to another. You will not need to own a plane if you are a freight forwarder, but you will have to use a commercial carrier, just the same. For both, you will need to have existing contacts in other states or countries, a network of offices, agents or partners to facilitate the movement of cargo from one place to another, extensive knowledge on international air transport rules, and sharp business acumen.

Air Transport Business Processes

The transport of packages by air involves these major steps: the procurement of the papers to allow transport of goods, the carrying of the goods by air from the point of origin to a major city with an airport, and the transportation of the goods from the airport to the specific point of destination either by boat, car, motorcycle, truck or another smaller plane.

Air Freight Business Must-have

To accomplish these processes you will need facilities, people, contracts and software. For the facilities, you will need a warehouse or an office for the in-between storage of goods and merchandise. You might also need trucks, or delivery vans to carry the shipment by land. Or you will have to secure a contract with smaller trucking delivery services. And it is a must that you have an efficient tracking system to monitor shipment. And to man your operation, you need able personnel that are trained especially to handle the special working conditions of an air freight business. Expect to meet sensitive, explosive and highly wound situations.

If you are a smaller operator, the best way to succeed is to find a specific market to serve, specific goods to transport or specific destination (one that doesn’t have an air forwarder yet). Some freight forwarders specialize in carrying military cargo, or medical-related goods. Make a carefully researched business plan before starting.

For additional help and for trainings, visit the websites of the International Air Transport Association, Airforwarders Association , and International Federation of Freight Forwarders Association.


  • Saeed Bandas said on October 2, 2011
    Planing to apply for a new air cargo company and obtain an air operator certificate in Africa. Therefore, required to provide a business plan along with an application letter. Sincerely, Saeed
  • Michael Adkins said on January 29, 2012
    I am very interested in starting my own airfreight business mainly FROM USA TO AFRICA,EUROPE AND THE MIDDLE EAST.I WANT TO START BY PURCHASING A SMALL AIRPLANE AND THAN BUYING A 747 CARGO
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    I have a shipping company for Fedex, post office and usps. I want to start an air cargo to Africa and South America. What license do I need and how do I go about starting. Am based in PA
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    Our City is Dubai and I am planing to start logistics business in United Areab Emirates
  • steve said on November 18, 2012
    I would like to start an aircargo business between south Africa, Kenya an China. How do I get a license and what other requirements needs to be met?
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    Already registered, but need further advice in becoming a successful Shipper and Freight Forwarder. Am located in Portsmouth, Virginia. Interested in servicing the US, and African markets.
  • Ntsoaki Motlhako said on March 7, 2013
    Hi there, I am South African establishing business in DRC and would like to get a cargo airline business, kindly advise how does one acquire the license and all legal documentations. Based in Johannesburg
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    i want to start an airfreight consolidation business mainly from china to Ghana, what do i need as a new entrant into this business.
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