Selecting an Adult Day Care Center

Everyone wants to be independent, make more money and keep growing in his or her career, hence creates a problem for adults who are waiting for their near and dear to care them. There only adult day care centers started and provided different facilities for the prices paid. We have some tips on choosing an adult day care.

With today’s work-oriented society, people are having difficulties balancing home life and career. An adult day care center helps families go about their daily life while alleviating the stress that comes from taking care of an elderly loved-one who cannot look after himself or herself anymore.

An adult day care center is a business establishment that assists the elderly with their daily routines. The average age of adult day care center patrons is 70 years old. For a given period of time, the center will house, entertain, and provide nourishment and medication for its patrons. Choosing a center for our elderly loved ones needs time and research. Not all adult day care centers can cater to your loved one’s needs. It is best to scout around for the most seemingly appropriate center by comparing prices, availability, and services offered.

For example, if you work on weekends, you may want to find an adult day care center that is open during those hours. Some centers are closed during the weekends, some even close just before dinner time. There are some centers that offer a full day’s service and weekends; some of their patrons may even sleep over for one night if they wish.

To help you find a good and efficient adult day care center, you must remember that there are mandatory laws concerning the business. So here is a basic checklist of what you should look out for.

Administrators of the facility will usually assess if they can take care of your loved-ones. Some facilities might take in elderly patrons with Alzheimer’s, and then some might not. Facilities who accept patrons while disregarding personal assessment and the patron’s medical history might not be such a good idea. Such a center may be offering cheaper rates, but cheaper rates will not give your loved ones his / her medications on time or help him / her with basic human functions.

Good facilities are open to visitors. You can check the place out before committing your loved ones. You can note then if the place looks clean and if it has a first aid station with its own trained personnel. See if the center provides in-house services like catering, recreational activities, rehabilitation programs, and social programs. You can also see if it is duly licensed by the state and is approved by the NADSA or the National Adult Day Services Association.

See also if the facility seems crowded. Too many patrons in one place can only mean that the staff is overextended. The center may be taking in far too many patrons than its staff can handle.

Other small adult day care centers are just a little more than a house converted to a place of business. If so, the service should be more on a one-on-one basis. You can always ask to see the center’s business license, and their facilities. Ask what food is served during your loved one’s stay and who will prepare it. If an emergency happens, who is trained in first aid remedies? Etc.

Try to choose an adult day care center which is near your home or place of work. It might make picking up your loved-ones easier after a long day in work. Or, should there be an emergency, you can be at your loved one’s side in an instant. You can check out adult day care center listings in the local telephone directory or ask your neighborhood senior citizen center for help.


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