Guidelines in Promoting Employees

In choosing key employees in a business, employers should realize that every decision should be objective, fair, and pragmatic to avoid mismanagement and internal disputes.

Meanwhile, occupational psychologists believe that employers should avoid focusing on just competence and skills when promoting someone; instead, they should look at employees as a whole.

One of the most crucial aspects in handling a business is knowing how to choose key employees from all other workers. Furthermore, occupational psychologists believe that promotion can make or break a company so employers should be very careful when deciding.

Guidelines in promoting employees

Consider the weakness of an employee

Many employers hire workers based on their performance and contributions to the company. While such considerations are important, employers should also consider the weaknesses of their employees.

For example, a company owner wants to hire someone to become a supervisor because of his knowledge and skills in handling a business operation. However, this employee lacks social skills and many workers resent him. With this consideration, a company owner should weigh in the ramifications of whatever decision he or she wants to make.

Look at employee as a whole

Competence and work dedication are the two main reasons for promotion. While these characteristics are very important, employers should not only focus on these when hiring someone since handling a higher position requires more than dedication and competence.

According to experts, employers should look at their workers as a whole, focusing not just on their strengths but also on their shortfalls. With these considerations, employers can choose who will they appoint to a certain position that will fit the employee’s characteristics and professional talents.

Respect the decision of an employee who turns down a promotion

Many employers are confused why some workers are willing to turn down a promotion that will give them higher salary and more authority. In addition, some employers have the tendency to force their workers to accept the promotion up to the point that the latter will be forced to do so.

According to occupational psychologists, it is not good to force employees to take promotion as this also includes bigger responsibilities and probably less time with their families.

Tell employees about the reward system

Employers should tell their workers that good performance, competence, and professional skills will be rewarded with promotion, higher salary, and other benefits. By having a reward system, employees will be inspired to excel in their jobs that will allow any company to have a competitive edge in the industry.

According to experts, the worst thing employers can do is not to compensate and recognize the talents and dedication the employees are giving to the company.


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