Getting a Cyber Insurance for Your Company

Let's face the fact that every business relies on a pc network. Sometimes they don't have enough money to be able to repair and to make out for downtime. This is the fear of most businessmen. This is probably the best time to ask an insurance broker about getting cyber insurance.

This is a policy that covers computer hacking, virus attacks, copyright and other technology related problems.

There are many terms for this insurance including e-commerce insurance, e-business insurance, network security insurance and more. This is quite certainly new for some insurance companies. However there are more and more companies who are filing for claims. There are different policies and claims for cyber insurance. If you have a small business, it would be best to spend time to do research. As we all know most companies put their trust on third parties when it comes to doing their web work. They don’t have control over things including reliability and maintenance. There are three things you need to be aware of about cyber insurance-

  • Cyber insurance coverage – General insurance covers physical property however with cyber insurance it will cover lost data and it could give you reimbursement for downtime. Cyber insurance can clear out confusion. It can cover policies that are directly dealing with technology. You can tailor it depending on your needs.
  • Self evaluation that you need for cyber insurance – This is just like the physical examination that you need for your health benefits. The network security needs to be examined and checked. Never get a policy without a firewall or anti virus protection. If you get a cyber insurance policy, it requires an assessment of the condition of your network. There are large companies that are assessed by third parties and normally they shoulder all the expenses. This includes security configurations, documentation, password management, back up procedures and a lot more. For small business, they do their own self assessment that only covers basic security. It would be best to have a checklist.
  • Always check for redundant coverage – No one on earth can benefit from buying the same insurance policies. Never buy a policy that already got you covered. Approach this like just any other kind of insurance policy. Look at some of your present coverage. Check if your general liability insurance covers physical damage done to computers. Check also if you have computer warranty from manufacturers. Ask your agent about this matter. It is best to get insurance that will cover some things that you would encounter.

Cyber insurance has been around for years. There are companies that don’t want anyone to find out about security breaches. It is hard to get standard cyber insurance pricing. It is also best if you get advice from insurance agent. There are also companies who are after your money. It is best to be protected. Get cyber insurance if you have important document stored online. Insure only the things that you can afford. In this way, you can make a claim right away.


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