How to Cope With the Health Insurance Blues

Are you tired of the rising health insurance premiums? Then it is time for you to join the bandwagon who hates paying health insurance premiums.

The rates go up every once in a while. For business owners, there are numerous options they can choose from when it comes to providing their employees with insurance.

The downside is the fact that it is much more costly on their part and the decision making is left with the employees. There is a huge impact among those people who pay for their own insurance because small business owners are hard on giving this kind of benefits. However, there are options for you to cope with health insurance madness.

  • Maximize the contribution of your people – The best thing to do is to pass these increasing premiums to your employees. This is actually not a favorite but it is best to pay high than not to have insurance at all.
  • Adjusting payment scheme – This is has been implemented by a lot of companies.
  • Cutting down on the services – For those who would go for gold health insurance, it not just includes doctor’s visits and the basic coverage but also pays for eye care, dental care and whatever add on you can think about. If you try to stick with the policy, then you can save a lot. As they say having reduced coverage is better than nothing.
  • Comparing different insurances – There are companies that charge higher compared to others. There services also differ every year. Don’t think that it is the same all the time. It is advisable to compare which services are the best one including the price and coverage.
  • Thinking about drug coverage plans – Medicines cover the largest part of health care. It is inevitable that their prices also go up. For companies, they are able to respond by picking up a greater portion of the cost of the drugs and getting the policies with larger pays.
  • Considering flexible spending account plan – This can allow employees to be able to pay part of their contributions and medical expenses that are not reimbursed with pretax dollars. The money that is being placed in the FSA plan is not subjected to income tax hence it reduces their tax, for medical care.
  • Getting a plan that is consumer based – These are plans that involve business owners to know establish a certain amount to their employee’s health resources as well as their personal care account. The money that is placed in the plan can be used as an expense out of medical reasons and the employees have the option to roll the money every year when the cost of their medical expenses are less than what has been set aside.
  • Pushing for a new law – This could be an impossible thing to do as you need to contact your Senator or representative. It would also take a while. Whatever kind of law you want to have especially if you are pushing for change; you need to let the world know about it.


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