Tips on Encouraging Suggestive Behavior

The behavior of humans can be easily altered, encouraged, and influenced. A great factor that can significantly change the behavior of individuals is society. In the society, individuals can be influenced by ethics, values, attitudes, and most especially, the people.

If you want to encourage suggestive behavior, you need to be coercive, persuasive, and authoritative.

What You Must Do

There are times when you want to change the behavior of others – probably a family, member, colleague, or a friend. Before you make a move, you must first determine what you want to alter. Picture it inside your mind so that you will stay focused and not get confused. You also need to be honest with the concerned individual that you’re planning to encourage suggestive behavior. You must be able to do this positively and reveal the reason why you want to do it.

You need to take things personally and since you want encourage suggestive behavior you also need to correlate the situation with your own experience. If you want to succeed, you have to enforce your plans. Make sure that you establish good communication continuously and don’t forget to emphasize the reason why you want to change a certain behavior. Encouragement can be difficult at first but if you’re determined to achieve your goals, you will not have any problem in staying focused.

Monitoring Progress

You also need to assess your progress. You can set a time frame for this. For instance, you can assess the situation every week, 2 weeks, or a month. This will depend on the behavior that you want to alter. Even if you strongly believe that you can change the behavior of an individual, you need to have another plan of action just in case your efforts don’t produce the desired results. You will need to monitor the person’s behavior and it’s also a good idea to investigate. You can even intervene when there is a need to do it. Encouraging suggestive behavior takes a lot of work but it’s a rewarding activity. You will surely feel great once you’re able to influence the behavior of someone.

If you experience resistance from the other person, don’t get discouraged easily. You see, you can’t expect everyone to accept your ideas and suggestions. There are times when others will resent you from doing such things but you need to see this as a challenge. You need to be coercive, persuasive, and authoritative in order to persuade someone to change. And of course, you need to be a good example. For instance, if you want to change someone who exhibits uncontrollable temper, you should not show any signs of losing control of your temper. Otherwise, the individual will not follow your suggestion because you also possess such behavior. Set a good example, stay focused, and you can achieve your goals.


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