Drafting a Business Plan

Every successful businessman knows that there are things to consider when creating a business plan to make sure that this framework can start a certain profit-making venture.

According to consultants, a business plan should include the basic provisions, description of a company, development plan, exit strategies, and ways to compete with other rival companies.

In any profit-making venture, drafting a business plan is the first thing entrepreneurs should do before they can execute their plans. In this essence, people should consider these following entries to create a comprehensive and clear business plan:

Basic provisions

These are the skeletal framework of a business plan. These include the time period a business plan should be executed; the coverage of the plan including its operation and management system; a list of objectives; and the financial goals.

Business description

By clearly describing a business, it would be easier to know the target-market, location of business, and marketable products and services.

Competing with rival companies

With a free-trade economy, it is almost impossible to monopolize a certain market, unless in some special situations. With this consideration, it is important for entrepreneurs to have a game plan that aims to outwit their rival companies.

This game plan should include improving a product or service, offering better deals (or price), tapping the right market, and using the right advertisement that will get the attention of consumers.

Development plan

Since the business climate is constantly changing and the needs and wants of people are continuously evolving, entrepreneurs should anticipate and be ready for changes that may affect their businesses.

To have an effective development plan, it should include sources of additional funding for expansion; alternative route in case that a product or service failed to attract consumers; and hiring of key employees for a smoother and more effective operation.

The potential of a business

Any business has its own potential in terms of profitability. For example, many people nowadays are web-centric consumers. With this trend, many establishments especially restaurants and cafes have a Wi-Fi signal that allows their customers to do web browsing.

Exit strategies

Most business consultants would advise that if a person cannot take losses, then a business is not good for him/her. This means that bona fide businessmen are well-prepared with their exit strategies—a list of plans that will be handy in case that the business is not doing good or an entrepreneur decides to retire.

These entries are just the basic of business planning. The list does not include some specific needs that are required in a certain business.

With this consideration, entrepreneurs can seek a professional advice from a business consultant who knows the nitty-gritty of business planning.



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