How To Become A Political Marketing Consultant

Are you a political junkie? Would you rather watch presidential debates over the Super Bowl or the NBA Finals? You might be wondering how you can turn that interest into a career as a political marketing consultant.

This article will guide you how to step into this glamorous world of political marketing.

Political marketing is a new industry that emerged in the political arena. The successful presidential bid of a junior senator Barack Obama into the White House has showcased how political marketing can catapult one’s political career.

What is Political Marketing?

Political marketing is not just about wearing buttons, pasting posters and bumper stickers, electoral speeches and political advertising. It is not only confined to Political Communication or Advertising, but also involve market intelligence research and other marketing methodologies.

Politicians use political marketing strategy to effectively attain their objectives, mainly to retain their public post or political power.

Looking at politics in the marketing sense, we can say that the politicians are the salesmen, people as the customers, political party / government as the brand, the politician’s promises, policy, philosophy, project or program as the product and the flyers, buttons, bumper stickers, TV debates, rallies, advertising and other campaign activities as the promotion plan.

When the government or a politician is pushing for a certain political product or policy to the people, market intelligence research is used to identify the public’s reaction or preference. The research findings help the government or the politician to devise strategies that will help achieve its goal.

The findings, which will become the blueprint for the strategy, do not necessarily dictate the decisions that the government or the politician makes. Of course, we all know that other factors affect the decision-making process such as the politician personal interest, as well as his party’s interest.

How do you get started in political marketing?

Consider getting a degree in political science, government studies or marketing and communications to give you an advantage in finding your future client or employer. A college degree is not a prerequisite to becoming a political marketing consultant but it will set up your credentials on solid ground.

Research is one of the important aspects of political marketing. It pays to know the current events, issues affecting your community and the country, the political figures (both incumbent politicians and those running for office) and their positions on these issues. Read the newspapers and news websites, and watch the local and national news.

Expose yourself and gain experience. Find a candidate, a cause or an advocacy group you strongly believe in by volunteering your time. This is a good venue for you to learn firsthand how it feels like to be part of a campaign or a cause and how it works.

Start building on your network. A key to your success in becoming a political marketing consultant is the people you know. Join events like rallies and fundraisers where you can meet and socialize with influential people. You can also join The American Association of Political Consultants to network with other political professionals.


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